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Thursday, 03 April 2008


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Oh no! That's awful! I can't believe they'd just flat-out lie to you like that. Wring their scrawny necks when they come. After they've turned on your service, that is.


Dude, get a new provider, then start a blog called, "BT SUCKS".

And make sure you list all the names of all the chief executives, do you know these egomaniacs google their own names every single day?


It's like being stranded on an island! (minus the sun and palm tree!)


That is so incredibly frustrating. I hope it's fixed soon.


That must be so frustrating! Hope you are back online soon...

Lut C.

I thing Pob is sabotaging the connection. With only 3 weeks left, she wants you all to herself!

Girl Detective

When my sister lived in Germany, she called DT Deutsche F'in Telecom. She said it took her months to get service, and every time she tried to complain, the responsible person was on vacation.


I think all the companies are the same, Thalia.
Orange has done exactly the same thing to me - twice.
It took me over two weeks to get back on line both times.
the thing i find most frustrating is that the employers at the Indian call centres have clearly been given some kind of 'politeness' training.
So whatever you do or whatever has gone wrong they say very moderately: "We are very sorry for the inconvenience" and then tell you to unplug your wire box even when you have already established that the problem is at their end with their server or line or whatever.
I think their mantra is be polite - but never ever except responsiblity
(I once asked for a refund after being down for three weeks - and I was told 'yes' and given....£3. I was also told I could have my calls to customer services refunded - over ten pounds - but only if the bill was itemised. Which it wasn't. So I couldn't).
Go to a nearby internet cafe with pob in a pram and enjoy a take out cup of tea and a doughnut...


No internet? But what a lovely distraction you do have.


No internet at home?? The horror! I had the same problem due to the incompetence of another telco when I last moved house. It did my head in.



eek, that's pretty hidious Thalia. Hang in there, I'd be a twitching heaving mess by now....


Oy, BT, you lying gits, we miss our Thalia! Give her back!


Jeez, you poor thing. I hope you aren't tearing out your hair by now. I miss you!

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