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Thursday, 06 March 2008


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Happy blogaversary!



and to think i've been reading for 3 years and 3 days!!! na i havn't but i have enjoyed your posts, the good the bad and the snarky ones. congrats on your blogiversary


Happy bloggiversary!


Interested to know if you STILL feel like you need it as much as before you had Pob?
Happy Bloggiversary anyway - I am not sure I even know when mine is - November 05 I think I started, but haven't written NEARLY as much - I think I am probably still at the learning to write stage!


Happy blogiversary, sweetie :) Thank you for being here for *us*. xx


Happy Blogiversary!

I miss mine every year without fail. Oh well.


Happy belated bloggiversary!


Happy Blogiversary! I have to say I find blogging very therapeutic as well, really boggles the mind how writing it all out can help. I love your blog myself, I hope you keep it up!


Happy bloggiversary, my dear! How far you've come, eh?


Happy Bloggiversary, Thalia. I feel lucky to have found your blog a few years ago. You are such an incredible source of support for the IF community. Here's to many more years of blogging.

Betty M

And thank you too. Your blog was my window into the IF blog world. Happy bloggiversary.


Happy Blogiversary! You are a huge part of what makes this community so wonderful. I hope you stay around for a long time to come.


Happy Blogaversary dear T! x


I think I came in on your story about halfway through or so, so I missed that early phase. I think it takes everyone a while to find their voice, no?

I'm glad you're here.

Happy belated Blogiversary!


Happy blogiversary!


Happy Blogiversary! Thanks for just being you and sticking with the rest of us.

waiting line

Belated happy blogiversary!


And thank you to you too, for sharing the Making of Pob with us. Your blog has been very important to me, even if I am a rotten-bad commentator (everybody else says whatever it was I was going to say, and so much better!).

(Going back to read all your early entries now - heh heh heh).


Happy Blogiversary!!


Happy bloggiversary Thalia! I always forget mine, twas in January sometime... Your blog has always been great, honest and thorough and consistent. It has been a great joy to read your journey especially with the blessing of Pob. So thankyou!

Have a cupcake!


Happy blogaversary to you!

For what it's worth, I've been blogging for more than a year so I must've forgotten mine at some point too,



No, thank you. I don't think I would have gotten through all the IVF crap if it hadn't been for this blog. Happy Bloggiversary!


Now I need to go back and read your initial entries.


Happy Blogaversary! Glad you are here with us. You were one of my first reads as a new blogger and you've been one of my favorites throughout. The science you post about, the emotional aspect of it all...everything you've written has been helpful to me. Getting to meet you in D.C. last year (was it last year?) was gravy on top of it all. So really, thank you.


Pamela Jeanne

I hope I'm not tooooo late for the party! I don't comment often, but you're one of the early bloggers I found and still rely on -- we who have experienced such a challenging life experience share something deeply in common no matter the outcome of our infertility. I'm raising a glass to you.

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