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Wednesday, 05 March 2008


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The sleep thing is so hard. So, so hard. Hang in there.


Thalia - you sound just like me. I am up pretty much from 3 or 4 am onwards and my daughter is slightly older than yours.
What I wouldn't give for more than a few hours of sleep at a time.


Hon, have you thought about moving your pumping time to 5:00 am? I mean, as long as it's matching when she gets up, then you are up anyway, so it's not so bad.

And it's definitely good to have H. being the one to resettle her. As long as you are doing it, then she knows the milk machine is right there! So it's not much of an incentive to sleep. But Daddy can do all the comforts of mommy without the milk connection and so she may just find it pointless to stay up.

One other idea that just occurred to me...is there any early morning light that can get in her room? I swear I used to curse the sliver of dawn that crept past the blinds and seemed to go right in the crib at 5 am. I never realized it until I was there one day, and we immediately got out the tin foil and sealed up the darn window edges. In summer, I sealed up the entire window with barbeque foil. Problem solved, babies slept until 8 am.


Good luck, hon. I really hope you get some sleep tonight!


Our friends pediatrician once said that they baby will never sleep through the night if they are in the same room as the parents(they shared a room with a baby since they lived in a 1 bedroom apartment) b/c they can smell you and they want attentions-especially as they get older. He suggested moving the baby in the hallway-which of course my friends thought was just insane. But after they moved and had her in a different room, the sleeping conditions improved. Hang in there.



I know how bittersweet this night's rest will be. But I honestly do think it's for the best. We moved Turtle out of our room when I realized that *I* was waking *him* up, bolting out of bed to check if his little snores and snorts were really cries of distress. It was hard to let go, but we all sleep better in separate rooms. Good luck!


I realised soon after the birth of P how valuable a commodity sleep can be. NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE RESTORATIVE VALUE OF SLEEP! Ahem.

I hope moving Pob to her own room helps, and that you gain some much needed sleep tonight. I have my fingers crossed that by the time you read this, you have had a restful night's sleep. Or at least a big block of uninterrupted sleep. Says the woman awake at 3am who will be jealous if you attain this. Heh.


Ah, she's growing up already. I guess this is one of many little steps to independence.



Strange that being a mother seems to be all about letting go... Sleep well T!

Lettuce Hater

i never slept well with a baby in the room and for various reasons, our two went more or less straight into their own room (not that i told the health visitor this!)

we all slept better separately

they do say that they can smell your milk in you're close by so they know it's always available

but when they're on their own, i guess they can just get on with the business of sleeping (hopefully!)

understand the sense of loss, though...i feel a little sad each time my two move on to a new stage


I am currently in my 2ww and i googled 8dp2dt and came to your blog from 2006. I had to fast forward after reading what you went through and i am so happy to know that things worked out for you. This has been a long 4 years for us but knowing that so many people keep persevering and get results makes it all worthwhile.

Lettuce Hater

one other thought...have you started giving her solid food yet? sometimes babies who were happily sleeping for long stretches start waking again because they're ready for solid food/need more to fill their tummies

(sorry, can't remember if you said you've already started her on solids)


OOOH. I fought letting mine out of my room. I didn't want them to go. They were in with me until seven months. And then one night I just was so tired of all the shuffling and waking and crying that I put them in their nursery - and we all had such a good sleep. It was better for everyone. Now when they wake and snuffle I don't have to tune into every little noises - only the ones that matter. And it's such a joy to go in in the morning and find them standing up in their cots all excited and thumping and shrieking to see me. Cord cut - yes - but believe it or not - it really does get better!


Oh, the sleep stuff is so, so hard and just draining and exhausting and mind numbing. We're still not perfect after 18 months, but it has improved, and I hope it does for you soon as well.

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