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Sunday, 23 March 2008


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She sounds lovely. I'm so glad you are enjoying each other. Six months is a wonderful age. :-)

My 2 year old still loves the Mozart cube. That thing is indestructable!


What a great post...she sounds like a total sweetheart.


Wow 6 months! She sounds lovely.


So happy for you, H, and Pob, friend. Sending lots of love and good wishes for the next six months and beyond. xx


Wow, that was quick! Happy six month birthday Pob!

Country Chicken

She sounds so lovely - I am happy for you, and sad that I won't get to experience this lovely stage with mine - I have to baby-proof before he arrives!
(Excuse my name change)


It always amazes me how quickly they grow and develop. Pob sounds divine, I hope mine are just as charming :)



We too, have a Mozart Cube and it is the Prawn's most favorite toy. She just sits in the middle of the room, pressing the buttons and bouncing like a yogic flier to the tunes. My only complaint is the fact that it is inevitably the last toy left out at night and I will kick it just as I'm putting her to bed, setting off a jolly sound and light show that she wants to watch. Hope Pob is just as entranced!


Go Pob! She'll be crawling any minute and you will be driven nuts in a whole new way.

She sounds like the most splendid little person. Of course, she has a splendid Mummy, so naturally had to turn out pretty well...


I'm definitely going to check out the Mozart cube now! Pob sounds like a little honey, how much you love her oozes out of this entire post.


What a beautiful post. How lovely to hear about all Pob is doing, and how happy you all sound.


What a great post...this is such a fun age and it goes by way too quickly!!!


Happy Half Year Birthday Little POB!


Time flies! I'm so glad everything is going so well for the three of you...hugs and happy half birthday, Pob!


What a lovely read! So glad you are enjoying Pob's babyhood.

One eerie note - my daughter and Pob were born on the same day and Rachel also decided, last Thursday, that, having turned 6 months old, she would sit up by herself. She's quite proud of this, of course, although she still tips over on occasion, but it's great fun to watch her sitting there, with a big smile, reaching for her toys and shoving doll faces into her mouth. I'm so glad you're enjoying the same wonderful show that we are!


What a lovely update! Isn't this such a wonderful age?


I'm happy for you.


De-lurking to thank you for such a wonderful post. Loving without being maudlin, proud without conceit.

I've followed your story for a while, and I'm so glad so see you so happy after all your heartache. Wishing you and your family all the best.


Lovely, wonderful and amazing. I'm happy that you have this. It's so great to hear about it!


Pob sounds like such a delightful little girl. What a great post to remember how she was at this time in her life. May the happy memories continue.

Lut C.

Lovely post!

Hetty Fauxvert

"Sneaky cuddle time"... oh, yes, indeed! Our boys are 13 mos now and I am constantly looking for SNT since they are busy fellows and have little time for that cuddle stuff anymore. Lovely to read about Pob at this stage. What a darling little independent she sounds like.

Stopping breastfeeding is hard, or at least it was for me. Not physically, but you are giving them something they can't ever get anywhere else. Still, you did a great job (against significant odds) for a long time! Never forget that. You gave little Pob a terrific start.

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