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Thursday, 21 February 2008


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I'm so, so happy for you & Pob. That post made me grin :)

(I never thought you were bananas.)


So glad for you . . . :-)


I'm really glad for both you and POB. This is good to hear.


Congratulations! I'm so happy to hear that you're happy with how things are going in the boob department. Sounds like things will be a lot easier now and maybe you could stop pumping soon if she's emptying the breast so well? I felt like burning my breastpump when I was done with it.


So very happy to read this post... and I understand probably more than most what a triumph it is to feel as if you finally got to the point where breastfeeding is the way you imagined it would be... such a good feeling. Hang in there and glad that POB is starting to suck better - boy is that always a good day!


I'm so very glad you got what you wanted in the end. Sort of like IF, the journey can be hell, but the end is very sweet.


I'm so happy for you--what a sweet post. Glad it has all been worth it!


Thalia, I've commented before but just had to chime in and say how amazed I am that you stuck with it and succeeded, but I guess infertility makes you determined like that, eh? I was rooting (get it? rooting? heee?) for you but didn't hold out much hope you'd get to where you are today, and I'm so happy to be reading that you managed to achieve the breastfeeding relationship you wanted with Pob.


Oh I love the popping off the boob to smile thing. Once he learned to clap his hands, Z used to give me applause when he was done. :)
So glad that it has worked out for you!!!

B. Mare

Ach, going out of the house is overrated anyway. You'll have years to do that- I am so glad you have had a chance to savour this time with your darling baby. It passes so quickly, doesn't it?


It's so wonderful to read this post. I'm glad you went with what was right for you and were able to get to this point.

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