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Monday, 28 January 2008


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That was one of the first movies I watched after the twins were born and I remember being similarly affected. A few others that "got" me, when I wouldn't have guessed they would, were "The Island," with Scarlett Johansson and Ewan McGregor, and "Aeon Flux," with Charlize Theron, just as a warning, if you haven't seen them, yet. Three Sci-Fi movies, and that's not even "my" favorite genre.

As an aside, have you seen "This is England?" Wow. That was hard. I think your whole perspective on movies changes, when you have children. Of course infertility fleshes out that perspective...

I'm sorry I haven't been commenting more...nap transitioning here, and free time is at a premium. But I still read! Hugs and kisses to Pob!


I haven't seen the film, but protecting the environment and our planet in a way that leaves them suitable for humans to thrive and reproduce has taken on a whole new gut meaning for me since my son was born -- I agree.


I can't see CoM. Just can't go there.

This Is England was another hard, but really good, watch. And, I'd have to say that Clive Owen's silly movie, Shoot 'Em Up, although ridiculous, also has a tough beginning...I won't even talk about Pan's Labyrinth...


Yeah, that scene had me sobbing too. We watched that movie about 4 weeks after Z was born and I was a mess.


I don't think I can see it. I'm finding myself in a very introspective mood these days (in part because of recent tragedies in blogland) and I think that would send me over the edge.


This movie has been on my list of movies to see for awhile, but I haven't been able to get myself to see it.

After reading your post, I think it won't hurt to put it off a little longer.


We have it. I haven't watched it ... and now, I don't think that I will.


I thought the film was tought but worthwhile--so thought provoking and visually stunning that those overrode the depressing bits, like MIchael Caine's and Julianne Moore's fates. The walk you describe was a stunning piece for me, both visually and emotionally. What struck me was more the reaction to motherhood and the mother/child image rather than the presence of the child. The respect and awe shown to motherhood by all those manly men was a hopeful image to me.


I think a lot about the environment, too, esp. in respect to our childrens' future. It's really important, and I believe if we all tried to do a little better it would make a big difference.


Interesting movie - you definitely have to be in the right mood for it.
Had to jump in the other day when Mr. S was talking about it with our friends going thru IVF!


I felt the same way. I could barely watch it, and the fact that that baby NEVER ATE made me CRAZY. I think the only two things I said during the course of that movie were, "This movie makes me feel HORRIBLE, just AWFUL," as well as, "FEED THAT DAMN BABY ALREADY!"

Definitely was heavier and more thought-provoking than I thought it would be. Can anyone recommend the book? Is it much better/more powerful than the movie?


A bit slow to respond but I'd like to comment on your swaddeling issue. Me and the bubs all three loved swaddeling! I treasure my memory of waking up next to my little eskimo babies, wrapped up in two swaddles each, a large brushed cotton nappy on the inside and a white hand knitted one on the outside (it was cold, winter).

After a while some very wise older women told me it would be good to take them out of there as they said it would restrict their growth. Silly me I believed it! The babies were quite upset for a while! We moved on to little sleeping bags and from there to big sleeping bags. Now they are 20 months and very very attached to their sleeping bags. As soon as they see them they go all sleepy and calm. (Pavlov!)

A few weeks ago the bags were not dry in time after a wash and it was very hot so I had the very bad idea to put them to bed without them. They were besides themselves! The only thing that finally helped to put them to sleep was wrapping them in a little blanket. It is very hot summer weather but they prefer to be hot than being without their baggies... My boy now knows how to upzip so when he gets hot he can air out his feet.

I guess every change in a babies life will always cause some upset. When your baby starts to upwrap herself or wants to turn around and sleep on her tummy a sleeping bag might be a good replacement for the swaddle.


Saw it while I was pregnant - not a good idea. Hug POB.


Dear Thalia,
Hope you and your family are doing great. I am sorry because i guess this is not the proper place to ask this but i truly think i could use some help. I had two miscarriages in the last eight month and i am really upset about it. now i want a baby more than ever but really scared to try again. Can someone tell me how can i find blogs of women who are going through same misery. My language is not English but when i read these blogs i feel a lot better and feel that i am not the only one. Could anyone kindly tell me how can i search for blogs online on any specific topic. Once again i apologize for asking. take care all of you and best of luck with everything you do.


I have also found that since having a child, everything is different. Even watching movies, or trying to read books (I used to love mysteries but now get upset that "it" might happen to my daughter), or even watching movies you have seen before take on a whole new perspective with "mommy eyes" and emotions.


I've yet to watch that movie, and reading your experience, I don't think I will.


Ellen K.

D. and I watched this movie a few months ago and felt completely ravaged, especially by the scene you described of the child being carried out into a horrible world, and the immediate aftermath.


I am so sensitised to anything that hints at a horrible future, it's making me really insular and turtle like.
I have hope in common decency and love and human survival and i guess I have some notion of faith.

Thalia, off topic but i wanted to let you know I am awarding you and Excellent badge on my blog. I don't know if Typepad lets you stick those things on (or if you would even want to) but regardless, I just wanted you to know how tops I think your writing is and how much I enjoy reading your thoughts and words.

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