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Sunday, 23 December 2007


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We noticed that BG was favoring her right side pretty early on (I think it was residual from the cramped conditions in utero) but we weren't as insistent about repositioning as we probably should have been. She didn't resist being turned to the left (although in retrospect, it may have contributed to why she rejected the right breast more than the left) and she started rolling over and holding her head up so early that I wasn't worried like I would have been if she'd spent all her time on her back...but by 6 months she did have some noticeable flattening. It's not severe enough to warrant helmet therapy (both my husband and the pediatrician say they can barely notice it--the ped says it will be totally unnoticeable once she gets more hair) but it does bother me a little.

All that to say...good for you for being proactive about it now! I'm sure all will be fine for Pob.

Lettuce Hater

oh yesssssssss, been there!

my ds had a rhomboid head (probably from 15 weeks in special care) and we freaked out about it for months at about the six month point

i called a harley street specialist who was proposing a helmet (which is a bigger thing in america, i'm told) and posted all over the internet

it seems to be very common and i then spoke to two paediatricians who both said that it usually corrects itself as the baby grows and sits more etc.


if i look closely, i can still see some asymmetry but no-one else can and now he has a full head of hair, you would never see it

but boy did we stress about it - worried we were consigning our ds to a life of freakiness/lack of girlfriends etc.

my american friend had this too with her dd and found a great product over there: basically two triangles of sponge with a piece of extendable material attaching them (hard to describe!) but you used it to wedge them into a sleeping position so they could sleep on their non-favoured side as much as possible


Sounds like torticollis. Babies are treated early on for it here in the US, but the NHS is a very different story. Find a good private PT. As for the helmet, they only help with head shape, and not neck stiffness. Good luck!!


Yeah, we went through all of this with the Mini and honestly, his head is still not perfect, but they don't recommend cranial therapy and at this point, I don't know how much it would help. No one notices, except for us obviously. He's developing fine and his head has gotten much better on its own. But we did the same thing. Fed him on the opposite side, tried turning him (which was unsuccessful, not to mention exhausting). I'd say that if you don't see a difference by about 5 months, to voice your concern if it's bothering you. Our CA ped told us no one would fit him before 6 months. Our neurologist at CHOP said that was on the late side. I don't know that I'll ever get over it.


My DS had a pretty difficult birth which resulted in some neck stiffness. We noticed that he would always lie with his head in the same position, so went at 3 weeks to a cranial osteo. We *were* warned about the getting worse thing, so kept going. The neck responded fairly quickly, but he also had some stomach issues relating to a hernia, and they took longer to resolve. I think we went in total 12 times, and they normally expect 6 sessions (or thereabouts) to work on a young baby.

Definitely worth it though, his head is a lovely shape and he has no side preference at all when lying down or playing now.

And, as a bonus, we found that he'd sleep 12 hrs straight after each visit! Marvellous...

Good luck with Pob - hope she has similar success!


I'm so glad you posted about this! I think I've mentioned to you that I am a big believer in osteopathic manipulation and it seems ideal for babies because it is so gentle. BTW, is it possible that she refused the breast the other day b/c it hurt her neck to be in that position?

Keep us posted on how this is going :) xx


Mr. DD's niece's boy favored one side over the other and they did nothing. He's now 15 mos old and it's obvious. The poor kid will never be able to wear a pair of sunglasses without having one of the arms shortened because of it.

And that's not a story to scare you as you are being proactive. They did not b/c they thought it would take care of itself. Kids will always favor one side over another. Even by turning their head while they are sleeping helps a ton.


We were told to alternate which end of the crib bub sleeps at. They often turn their head toward the direction of the room Mum or Dad enters from.


Good choice. We were told the same thing. I was the one enforcing the bootcamp... quickly learning that waking up your child because she is sleeping on the "wrong" side is NOT a good idea. I relaxed, she relaxed and it all ended up fine with a nice round-ish head.


I'm glad you caught this early! Wish we had. It does sound like the lovely Miss Pob has a touch of torticollis -- which is not so much stiffness of the neck, as a muscular imbalance. In the case of our boys, the muscles on one side of the neck were actually less developed than those on the other side, probably from their having been squished in together in utero. We saw big benefits from actually doing neck stretches with the boys (shown to us by our physical therapist). I recommend you look into how to do neck stretches with Pob, if you are not already. Offering toys etc. on the less-favored side is good, but babies are canny and will only crane their little necks so far. The stretches *make* them do it(which sounds awful, I guess, but so is a permanently odd-looking head!). Good luck!


The twins were born with severe torticollis and plagiocephaly. They were evaluated at 2 months and began physical therapy at 3 months. They both wore cranial orthotic bands (helmets). They started occupational therapy at 6 months. I'm very pleased to say they are both doing very well. Developmentally they are on target and the shape of their heads is great.

Try to get physical therapy immediately. If you don't work on the torticollis it will affect her developmentally. Believe me it does work. It will be hard in the beginning but it is worth it. They should teach you exercises you can do at home with her to strengthen her neck muscles. Do lots of tummy time to help with strengthening. If she favors one side you have to manipulate her to the other. Try changing positions on the crib and if possible feed her where she has to turn to the opposite side...I know easier said then done. Good luck.


hi, we all went to the cranial osteopath as both babies had torqued heads - twin one only slept with her head twisted to the right. she was entirely lopsided. the osteopath was great - it's the one in EC1 the childrens osteopathic centre, greatly reccoend it - but i think partly they girlsjust grew out of it. at nine months twin ones seems more or less straightened out. also at four months she began sleeping on her stomach (she just flipped over - whatever i did to stop it) and that stopped the advancement of the flat head. i really don't notice it any more - she isn't very flat at all. i do remember at the time it seemed like high drama though.
can hear little babbles... got to go and feed.
Happy New Year Thalia. So glad you got your dream!

Ms. C

Sounds like you're doing just what any concerned mama wold do.
Good luck with the boot camp.


SO interesting! Our girls both have rhomboid heads, Julia more than Katy. I didn't notice it until the ped pointed it out but now I am wondering if there is anything I can do. Our ped said that they could even themselves out and that when their hair grows it won't be that noticeable - so I assume it's not detrimental??


It's so great that you're being proactive about this now, while POB is still little, little, little. We did have the helmets to correct this problem, but I don't think that we would have needed them if we took action sooner and maybe not have needed them still. I think that they basically did what nature would have done anyway, but, of course, faster.


Here's to left side boot camp working it's charm!

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