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Wednesday, 21 November 2007


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I'm very glad to hear that you're doing a little better. Ugh... this is hard... I'm dealing with more of a sleeping/fussing issue instead of an eating issue, but it is really hard some days, so I can empathize with all you've been writing about lately. Pob is very cute and doesn't look too small to me! (so no more looking at the web-site of the under-nurished baby!)


She's so beautiful! Glad to hear you're getting on a bit better. It's really rough until they start sleeping a bit longer though the night, but you're doing great!


Aren't the smiles great?
I didn't start with the thank-you notes until after the baby hit 3 months. That's about when I was able to think about more than feeding and sleeping.
Our 4-month checkup was at 4 1/2 months, and our 6-month appointment will be at almost 7 months, so it's not only NHS.


I've just gotten the lasr of my thank you notes out, almost six months later! POB is beautiful!


Thanlia - she's absolutely beautiful and I'm so glad that things are going a lot better for you (well, except for the whole sleep issue).
Sometimes I think the care of a newborn can be so overwhelming that we become a little irrational. So kudos for figuring out the whole nursing/ bottles/ pumping/ formula thing.


She is so gorgeous! I held BG up to the screen to "look at the cute baby!" and she squealed and smiled. :)

Jo in Utah

Every ounce of breastmilk counts and more than many babies would get in the same circumstances. I applaud your committment to your daughter's health with the difficulties you have had. She is really, really beautiful.


She's just beautiful and you're sounding so peaceful and happy. I'm just thrilled for you to have this after so long, Thalia! On the sleep/schedule issue, I'd say let it slide for another month or so before worrying about getting yourself up for an earlier start to the day. She'll start to go to bed for the night earlier and earlier and that shifts everything anyway, so don't put too much effort into figuring it all out based on what she's doing now.


Oh I'm glad to hear that you are doing better! I've been thinking of you. I'm sooo glad you have set aside the thank you notes. Good policy.

The sleep will come. Can you get a nap while she sleeps during the day? Or go to bed earlier? It won't be consecutive sleep for a while, but it just might make you feel better. I know, it's kind of a slothful feeling to sleep in and sleep during the day.

But if you need it, well, heck why not? I certainly won't judge you, hon.

Take care, and kiss that beautiful girl for all of us.


Oddly, I was just thinking that I wanted you to post some photos, and voila!

I can't believe Pob is 2 months already. She is beyond gorgeous, and P. approves of her playmat as she had the same one.


You sound more at peace with things. It's great to see! And so are the pix of your beautiful POB!


ah, she is gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing your schedule as well. It sounds like you are doing great!!


She's grown so much!


Glad to hear you're all doing well. Loved the pics - what a perfect little face she has. Totally adorable!


She is so beautiful!


Ok...all I want to do is kiss my monitor since she is SO cute! Glad all is going well.


How is it possible that Pob is two months old already? She's beautiful.


She is lovely, lovely, lovely. Happy two months, Pob :)


She is so beautiful Thalia. I feel so sorry for her about the jabs - life can bite you when you did NOTHING to deserve it. Shame we all get to learn that.


She is stunning. And I am so glad that you have found a system that is working for you.


Oh, I'm so glad you are doing better. The pics, and Pob, look great!


...and I forgot to mention we have the same play gym. Grabbing of the monkey legs and the giraffe legs is always a big hit.
And during a recent tummy time, my little one just discovered the flat animals on the mat are fun to stare at too. An interest in the crunchy elephant ear will probably come soon, I think. Cool toy.
Plus, I hear you on that look of terror with the shots. It made me a bit sick to my stomach with A's four month shots. Now I know parents' "it hurts me way more than it hurts you" means.


Thalia, you're clearly doing a fantastic job with Pob. She's gorgeous, plump, and obviously contented.

It's a lot of work now with pumping and all (I posted about the same thing just before coming over here, not knowing you had done the same), but keep in mind that it's temporary. In the scope of her lifetime, six months to a year of this is a small sacrifice with huge rewards. Taking it in small steps is the way to go. You've already completed two months of the hardest part of it all after all.

Motel Manager

She is SO gorgeous, and it is great to hear you are feeling better, if still sleep-deprived. She is a gem!


I can't believe she's two months already. Time flies.


She's so beautiful! It must be hard not to stop everything and stare at her all day long. She is just so lovely. You did a fantastic job!

Lut C.

Wow, 4 out of 6 feeds breastmilk alone is fabulous!

I was doing the 90minute feeding routine every 3 to 5 hours as well for the past couple of weeks, in an attempt to get milk supply up. It wasn't working that well.
For the past few days, I've been using the Supplemental Nursing System (I quite like it and so does Linnea) and am not pumping.
I have no idea what this is doing for my supply, but I'm taking a much needed break.
The lactation consultant reckons it ought to remain stable at least. I'm going to test this theory in a day or so.

Anna H.

your daughter is beautiful, thalia.


I have not checked on you for ages and just discovered those great pictures. She is absolutely gorgeous.


I have not checked on you for ages and just discovered those great pictures. She is absolutely gorgeous.


hey watson had her babies. details on my blog. ; )

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