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Sunday, 07 October 2007


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Hooray! You're doing great. I tried a supplemental nursing system and could never quite it it right without having someone help so we did a lot of finger feeds with the tube attached to our finger and let them suck that way. It helps them not get nipple confusion (wasn't an issue for William but it was for Nick, he would forget how to latch after he had a pacifier or a bottle) but it doesn't help build your supply.

I know it took about 10 days for my milk to come in at all and quite a bit longer to really have a good supply.


She is completely gorgeous...and so much hair!


Suz stole my comment. Hrmph.

She is indeed beautiful, and I'm jealous of all of her lovely hair. P was almost bald except for a fringe of hair at the bottom of her head. We always admired babies with magnificent heads of hair. Still do!


What a gorgeous girl. I'm very glad to hear the nursing is improving. Hooray!


What a great report...and my goodness she is a beautiful baby. Good job!!!


She is utterly lovely.


Such a cutie! I'm glad to hear about your progress. Hope all continues to go well.


I'm glad things seem to be better :) She's a gorgeous little girl :) Hang in there. You're doing a great job.


Dear Thalia, I'm so glad that things are going better now, and that your production is increasing. How wonderful that all that hard work is paying off!

She's adorable. What a beautiful mouth!

Mary Scarlet

You're not kidding, she is gorgeous. Glad to hear feeding is going better.


Thalia, it's wonderful that your persistence is being rewarded. Yay! Your little girl is adorable -- you are lucky indeed.


so glad things are improving!!! and she is such a cutie. She is absolutely adorable. At some point I tried the Mother's Milk, which is some type of organic tea to boost production. I can't be 100% positive it worked, but my boobs seemed huge on the first day I tried it.


I'm so glad things are looking up.


Oh so pretty! She reminds me of my Julia at that age. Precious! Glad the BFing is getting better...Go Thalia!

Betty M

Sounds like things are on the way up - your post definitely sounds much happier. She is adorable!


She's beautiful, Thalia! I can definitely see you in her eyes.

I'm glad things are looking up for you...here's hoping things just get better and better.


Oh my goodness, what a BEAUTIFUL baby! She's just stunning, T. And I'm thrilled for you that the breastfeeding is improving and your hard work is paying off. 36 hours without formula is a huge win!


OMG, she is beautiful. Just looking at that picture gives me hope.

And I'm so glad the nursing is paying off. Thank God for domperidone. It really really is perfectly safe, and I know lots of women who used it for months and months. Don't try to taper it off until you really are established with nursing and don't need any extra pumping or nipple shields.

Really why bother?

I'm so glad this worked out so well!


Such a perfectly sweet baby. SO pretty. I'm glad things are looking up.


She is beautiful! Absolutely.


I'm so glad you're all getting the hang of this nursing thing.

Pob is just adorable.

And I'm glad that she sleeps well - that makes a big difference to sanity!

Jo in Utah

It sounds like you are doing so very well. You have hung in there and kept trying even though things have been really, really hard. I am always amazed at what some moms are willing to do for their children. What a mom! It shouldn't be too hard to wean her off the shields. Once she has a good latch on, you can try taking the shield off and then seeing if you can get her to go back on that side. I am really wondering about inverted nipples in your case... it just sounds very similar to my d in law and the beginning was so hard, but they are doing great now.
The baby? Oh my, I want to eat her with a spoon, or barring that, perhaps just rock with her on my chest and breathe her in. Yikes I miss tiny babies. Great job once again! You are a trooper!


She is so so beautiful. I'm glad things are going better. I knew they would. Keep up the good work and enjoy her.


Go you! Working through BF issues can be tiring and frustrating, but generally worth it (I'm biased, of course, probably b/c it worked out for me eventually via shields and pumping). Kudos to you for hanging in there and getting to this milestone. She is so adorable and perfect!


Congratulations Thalia. Pob is beautiful and I'm glad things are improving with breastfeeding. I am very happy for you.

My Reality

She is beautiful!


She is without a doubt utterly stunning :) glad the milk supply is going well, I'll keep in mind that drug should I ever get there myself one day :) X


Great job Thalia! I'm so glad that all of your hard work is yielding such great results. I hope that things continue to improve, and soon it can just be you, the boob, and pob.

She is radiant, btw.


Great job Thalia! I'm so glad that all of your hard work is yielding such great results. I hope that things continue to improve, and soon it can just be you, the boob, and pob.

She is radiant, btw.

Sunny Jenny

Hooray for the shields!

Thalia, she is beautiful!


Thalia, she is gorgeous and very lucky to have you as her mother!


Oh she is just gorgeous! And kudos to you keeping up the hard work of breastfeeding! I'm glad you're gianing some ground. hope things continue to improve as you all get settled in together! :)


Thanks for the update -- so, so glad things are getting better :) Great job!

And Pob is just so beautiful. Many thanks for sharing her photo! xx

fisher queen

I'm so glad it's going better. I think it's all about finding what works best for you and gorgeous little Pob.

Lut C.

I'm glad to hear you're seeing marked progress on the BF front. :-)

She's beautiful.


She's absolutely beautiful! So glad to hear things are going so well.


Chiming in late to offer my congratulations on the birth of your beautiful daughter! She is just lovely. Sounds like the breast feeding is taking a turn for the better too. Congrats again, Thalia. Enjoy every second :)

Motel Manager

You are doing so well! That is awesome news about the increase in supply and the satisfied baby.

She is totally, utterly beautiful!


Hugs- keep on keeping on, mama!! You're doing great and she is beautiful.



She's beautiful, and I'm so thrilled that things are getting better and easier for you, Thalia.


she really just takes my breath away, what a gorgeous gorgeous baby. it sounds like you're handling the challenges so well. congratulations on the small victories!


Yeah, mine aren't so keen on the changing of nappies or undressing either, it makes for ear-splitting moments.

Pob is gorgeous. What a lovely head of hair, too!


Oh, she's a beauty. I'm glad things are going better for you!

Nora Calleros

Felicidadez Thalia!! Tu bebe esta preciosa! Pero eso ya lo sabiamos desde antes ke naciera, con una mama` tan hermosa como tu y un papa` tan guapo como Tommy era de esperarse :) Estoy segura ke esta` linda bendicion ke Dios les ha mandado les traira mucha dicha y felicidad. Te quiero y te admiro mucho!!


Wow, she's gorgeous. I'm glad to hear that things are coming together with the nursing. She really is a beautiful gift.


She's gorgeous. I remember the cute puzzled look of a newborn, it all must be overwhelming to them, cold bright world, lol. One day at a time with the nursing. It will get better, once she gets a little bigger and has better neck control.


Did I mention how gorgeous Pob is?

Glad things are moving along well - you must be a fantastic mummy!

Ellen K.

She is so sweet. The thought of her crying is sad, but the image of her tiny trembling chin and wet eyelashes is lovely.


You're doing great and she is beautiful. Congratulations!!

Ms. Planner

OMG. She is gorgeous. What a lovely complexion and so very sweet.

Thank you kindly for the good wishes on my blog. I have already begun re-reading your entries from your early days in your first trimester with Pob. I am mostly terrified but sometimes have moments where I believe that everything will work out.

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