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Tuesday, 23 October 2007


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Look at all that hair! She's beautiful!


She's such a little angel...and BTW, the sleeping gets better, I'm happy to report.


Gorgeous! You are doing a fabulous job, mum and dad.


She indeed is gorgeous and "reading already"? Wow, amazing. Maybe she reads the wrong kinds of books (thrillers) that give her nightmares so that she wants to be close to you when sleeping, to fight the demons? Ok, maybe not...anyways, I hope the sleeping part gets better for you soon. What kind of sling do you use?


She's gorgeous.

And yes, ditto Nina's sling question?


Gorgeous daughter you have there! She'll be reading the classics in no time--One Fish, Two Fish...Goodnight Moon...all the good ones.

Slings are miraculous, aren't they? Glad that you've had nice weather for your jaunts from the house!


Okay, now I'M going to have to google the lyrics to Joseph and the Amazing etc. because I have "Jacob, Jacob and sons" stuck in my head. Thanks a lot. :)

She is really beautiful. Be proud, mama.


What a beautiful, bright little girl! Of course with her mum & dad, she couldn't be anything else. Hang in there - you're doing a fanastic job!


Oh, those cheeks! And that chin! Yummy!

MissM was the same with the nursing - wanted to live her live attached to my nipple so she could have a casual sip every now and then. She still goes through those phases at night sometimes. The sleep will get better - eventually she'll deign to be rocked to sleep and then put down, and someday before she's in high school - and probably a heck of a lot sooner - she'll fall asleep all by her self.

So glad you could share this sort of thing too - I know the BFing has been all-consuming, and it's nice to remember that that's not all there is.

Thinking of you, hon.


Definitely advanced, brilliant child, I can tell just by looking at her! She has that sort of wise old baby look that says, "I know I'm in charge, and sooner or later these grown up people will simply accept it."

Take care. Kiss her for me.


Wow- she's just gorgeous!

The sleeping on the boob/being carried/outdoors / in the sling was the same for Zebediah. It has gotten better. At four months, he does one, sometimes 2 naps on his own. (on the other hand, walking out the door no longer guarantees he'll fall asleep).

20minutes on her own on the playmat sounds way more advanced than we were at 1 month!

May everthing get better and better for you !


What a sweet, precious little girl. As for the napping only on/near the boob--my little dude was the same way. The good news: he now naps happily in his crib & is super-affectionate the rest of the time. Enjoy your little lovebug!


Awwww, look at her solemn little face. She's so lovely.

My Mum used to sit me in among the sofa cushions with a large book propped open in front of me to keep me quiet and entertained while she did house-work. And oopsie, I became a librarian. I obviously think 'surrounded by books' is a ground-state of being. Just saying...

Looking forward to the next amazing installment of the Amazing Birth Story.

tree town gal

Ah, just the fix I needed. Simply divine, she is... My little one had a similar opinion of the sling, but eventually (by month 2.5) she loved sling-time IN the house (and while I was cooking, of all things)... it does get easier but hope you continue to enjoy these precious days.


She's so cute :)


She's just beautiful! And yes, I can see just how advanced she is.
As for the sleep - I feel your pain. The lengths we went to get Nate to sleep! I can happily say that now he is a great sleeper (oh, please don't let me be jinxed for saying that). If you would have suggested that he'd be a good sleeper at any point within the first 4 months, I would have thought you were absolutely nuts. So it does get better - and for your sake - I hope much, much better.


A very touching post. Glad there are things to take joy in.



Beautiful and smart! Why am I not surprised?


Wow what lovely hair! She sounds so much like my girl, I could have written your post. One month already, it goes so quickly! Enjoy

fisher queen

Sweet, sweet, sweet.

I had an entire repertoire of things to sing or chant to the Bear to get him to sleep or stay awake at the boob. Hand movements helped to keep him up to nurse. It also helped to keep him a little chilly while he nursed- if he was too comfortable he fell right asleep. So there we were at 3 am, stripping the baby, stripping me, singing the milk song and making hand movements. The whole routine would take about an hour. And then up again at 5 or six. It does get easier!

As for the not sleeping unless she is on you, look at it as an opportunity to snuggle with your sweetie. Eventually she will fall asleep more easily on her own. We trained the Bear to sleep on his own by putting him in the swing and turning on its wave machine until he went down. Then I would sneak him into his bassinet. After that I would only use the swing to get him sleepy, and put him down when he was still alert but relaxed. Eventually he would got to sleep with just the sound of the waves. I miss him sleeping on me though! Albeit not at 3 am.

It sounds like evrything is just as it should be. You are doing a wonderful job mom!

fisher queen

Oh- one other trick: try tickling her feet to keep her awake.


Lovely! Thank you for the update, I'm glad that things are settling in and that you are figuring each other out. xx

Betty M

Ohh I love the snuggling and sleeping on you phase. She is so very cute.

Overwhelmed With Joy!

Ah, she is so precious! What a beautiful little girl. I'm glad you're all doing well.


Reading already? Lucky you...Pob is both beautiful and a genius!


She is TOTALLY gifted already!

and beautiful, too!

Jo in Utah

Ah, the drawbacks of having a brilliant child. They accept NO substitutes. They know what they want and when they want it. She is not just smart, she is also very beautiful. How do you stop yourself from just gobbling her up?


Look at her adorable little chin! It can be hard to appreciate the velcro baby phase, but I am glad you have ways to comfort her. She is such a sweet precious girl! Hang in there, mum.


wonderful! thanks for reminding us of the good stuff! what brand sling do you love?


Truly Beautiful! Plus there is nothing better than a girl with a feisty personality!


What an amazingly gorgeous little girl!

Finn was the same way about sleeping. We referred to the bassinet we bought for him as the BFH because he was guaranteed to scream bloody murder whenever we approached it. I won't tell you that sleep hasn't gotten ant better. We've mostly learned to accept it, though.

Mary Ellen

Absolutely beautiful Thalia!


She is just the most beautiful baby.
Really, really beautiful to look at.



Glad you are doing well -- thought you'd be interested in this article. Your little one is so precious.


I've been away too long. congrats on your beautiful girl! I'm glad for the small victories, we have to enjoy those these days. I hope the breastfeeding gets easier. Everyone told me that the first month was really hard but after that it got easier. Pumping is a chore, but that's getting easier too.

I've thought about getting a sling - seems like it might be useful when a baby just wants to be held.


Oh my goodness gracious Agnes. WHAT a little doll!

As for screaming ... the only thing I know to do is swaddle them (but tight swaddling did work like a charm on both my boys; they'd shut right up). Might be worth a try if you haven't already.

What a gorgeous little girl you have! :)

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