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Tuesday, 04 September 2007


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Bleech on the Tube strike. I probably would have spent may day's salary on a cab. And VERY annoying about the Thursday conference. At least you do have an excuse if you want to blow them off.

Wow. 37 weeks. You and I may just become mothers on the same day.


Very irritating stuff. But mostly I'm excited for you, how close you are now!


I'd kick them all in the parts they don't want to be kicked in if I could lift my leg high enough to go for the "balls". So, even I am in my own way quite unhelpful. Really exciting though that the little one is coming out so soon. Wow.


Ye gods, woman! Why are you not on matty leave yet??? You are not in the US now ;)


Oh, *definitely* blow off the conference. It would serve them right and I don't think any reasonable person would fault you for it.

And preaching to the choir about feeling annoyed at the universe at the moment. Thank goodness you are really in home stretch :)

Urban Chick

screw work, is what i say

in a few weeks' time, this episode will appear fantastically unimportant


(can't believe you're almost 37 weeks!!)

My Reality

I vote for starting your maternity leave - you ARE 37 weeks!


I'm with My Reality--start the leave now. Screw the conference. And give yourself some credit; it's really hard to be 37 weeks at any time of year, much less at end of summer. Stay hydrated, and take intermittent rest as you can.

I feel like my comments are always so bossy. Sorry for being bossy.


Oh my goodness... 37 weeks?! Motherhood is riiiiiight around the corner... v excited for you and H. Stock up on sleep now. (I know you can't really, but I'm just saying...)


Warning: this comment is exasperated because I have come to care for your wellbeing and I think you push yourself too hard. It also says a lot more about me than it does about you (I also pushed myself ridiculously hard). Here goes:

Thalia, stop being superwoman. What are you thinking, using public transport during a partial strike in your condition? You're 37 weeks, and even if you hadn't so nearly not been blessed with your darling girl, it would still be crazy behaviour.

No one but yourself is going to absolve you from your inappropriately high sense of duty to your work. Don't wait for someone from your work to tell you "you know what, Thalia, we're asking too much of you, I think you should stop work now." The only person who is going to take that decision - for the physical and psychological serenity of you, H and your daughter, is yourself. What is stopping you? Whose opinion (or rather, what you think their opinion is - can be very different) is so important that you are pushing yourself through such stress and discomfort at this vital time?

Dear heart, I think you need to grow a pair.


I was still working at 37 weeks as well, although my commute was no more than a mile up the road and I DEFINITELY didn't have to deal with public transportation in London! I think you'd be completely entitled to blow of not only the conference, but your job as well for the remainder of your pregnancy!


Ditto Alchemilla.

And you will definitely NOT feel like working after the poking and prodding Thursday. Don't even know if you wold be allowed, to be honest?

Take care dear heart, and face it, no one blackberries during labour. You have to stop at some point!


Um, I was emailing my office while in labor because I was trying to work up to my due date. Also, my dentist's office called to remind me of my appt, which we said I wouldn't make, and we had to reschedule our refinancing of the mortgage.

And my contractions were much less frequent while I was busy doing those things. It certainly didn't help my labor.


Oh, and I forgot. The day before I went into labor, I took a bus to a manicure, took the wrong one and had to get off and walk forever in 90 degree heat, then my water broke that night at midnight. Coincidence? I think not. Feel free to learn from my mistakes. It was not a comfort that all the nurses and midwives complimented my toes while in labor.



please get straight. you are overdoing it!! Rest up for pob. I should have done - seriously.

and it won't be long now!! best luck tomorrow at the visit!


I feel your public transportation pain. Literally. I was 37 weeks, stuck on Muni here in San Fran, and the train suddenly stopped underground for 30 minutes. As the time passed, I became more and more frantic that I was going to lose bladder control. Finally, the train came out of the tunnel and I waddled as fast as I could to the nearest bathroom so that I could continue the rest of the way home without incident.
Gah. The last few weeks suck so much. But dude, you are so close!!! YAY!

Motel Manager

I know everyone keeps saying it, but you are so close! It really is amazing how fast other people's pregnancies go by. :)

Good luck on the version, if you do one. Turn, little gal, turn!


I feel so nervous for you and DH. I'm sorry that the decision of a natural birth has been taken away from you but you sound in very safe hands. I hope from now and until your precious bundle arrives it is fast and joyous. Much love xoxo Almamay

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