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Saturday, 15 September 2007


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I don't know what others will say, but the bone-level weariness of the last few weeks of pregnancy was, in some ways, more difficult than the first few weeks of sleep deprivation.

Yay on the low blood pressure!

And those paintings are divine.


I started out with a practical diaper bag but my MIL ended up getting me lovely one I'd had my eye on for my first Mother's Day. I was really delighted. J refuses to carry it.
I'm so glad your blood pressure isn't giving you any problems. And it's so incredibly nice to hear of your baby preparations. I'm so very happy for you and H.


The sleep deprivation kicked my butt in the first couple of weeks (or maybe it was a combination of that and another surgery) but it was still a much happier tired than when I was pregnant because I got to stare at my son!


Hey, how'd you do that Bloglines download thing? I do all mine by hand and it's a PAIN! I'd love to know for next time.

Have a great last week. Enjoy yourself.


You are so close!! Wow. It seems like just yesterday you were shocked to be pregnant. Isn't it funny how other people's pregnancies seem to pass so quickly and your own seems to take forever?
I'm convinced that women are designed to adjust to sleep deprivation. My body seems to have just prioritized its functions. Sadly, my brain is the most affected, I can't spell worth a damn anymore. Truly, I'm amazed at how little sleep I need these days.
So excited for you. YAY!

Mary Scarlet

Oh last week ... so exciting Thalia. I like that diaper bag, though, I'd pick it.

Erika Jurney, Plain Jane Mom

First of all, I'm immensely honored that you put plainjanemom.com on your blogroll, but let's just say it is an understatement that "Didn't need to go there" isn't precisely the right category :)

I hope everything goes smooth and just the way you want it to in the home stretch! And remember, you may just be able to get the hang of the whole 'nap when the baby sleeps' thing. I mean... someone has to be able to do it, why not you?


We liked Timbuk2 bags for diaper bags--they were better quality, and more utilitarian, and either of us could use them.

don't fret about the sleep. it's this weird thing of being so excited, and so tired, that they often cancel each other out.


"There's a lot of kit involved in this baby thing, no?"

On behalf of those of us with dozens of boxes of kit that was barely used before it was grown out of...yah, you might say that. :)

And it gets LOTS worse. When you realize one day that you own 3 different strollers, and 4 different baby carriers, and that you have needed them all quite critically at different points in the kids life, call me.

We can have a nice laugh about our formerly simple lives. hehe


Wow I can't believe it's almost time. Enjoy! and the sleep deprivation doesn't last forever, it just seems like it does! :)

B. Mare

Best tip I receieved from someone for things to take to the hospital which I now pass on to you- little bottle of hand sanitiser. Very handy for if you are changing the baby by your bed and don't want to keep trucking over the loo to wash your hands afterward. Also, LOTS of pads. Lots. I kept running out and sending E. for more. Heh.


Wow, Thalia. I had no idea you were so close - time has just gotten away from me... though I'm sure it's going incredibly slowly for you.

Definitely get the nursing pads. Even with all my dramas with supply, they were STILL essential in the first few weeks.


Thalia, I am So very excited for you and so absolutely thankful that you have had such a "perfect" pregnancy. My prayers will be with you for a fast delivery so you can finally give that beloved baby of yours tons of kisses.

I can't wait to hear your birth story!


I agree with Suz - you're so concerned(and ecstatic) about the baby, the sleep deprivation doesn't even register for a bit.

Woo hoo - next week!

I want to hear about the bloglines download too - I haven't updated mine in years.

Lut C.

You're a fountain of knowledge here too. :-)

I'm glad you got something out of the antenatal classes (just not from the instructor).


Thinking of you during this last week and wishing you lots of rest and a smooth delivery.


Paintings? They look like photographs! That guy works in quite some detail.

As for the impending newborn-induced sleep deprivation, it will be worth it. I found the first couple of months of motherhood to be a bit foggy as a result, but it's quite temporary, and soon enough your little girl will be cavorting through flower-filled pastures and you'll be wondering where those newborn days went.


The countdown is surreal.
I can't imagine how you feel! It's been such a journey....the anticipation is knocking me over!


Your last week! How exciting! Can't wait to read the birth story....


it is so exciting you are getting close! I just wanted to add that you do need the nursing pads. Even you don't leak much, everybody seems to leak during the first days. I use the Lansinoh ones and I am amazed at how much milk they retain. Incredible. Do get newborn size diapers because they are impossible to find when you desperately need them. And changing the baby on the floor... mhhh, during the first 2 weeks, I had horrible cramps because of the uterus contracting. I could hardly get up and seat down. I am glad I had a changing table.
Oh, and a nice nursing chair is great. Does not have to be fancy but you need something that supports the back and shoulders. And bottles of water everywhere in the house because nursing makes you so thirsty! Can't wait for you to give birth. Good luck with everything!


Only four more days! I hope you and H have had a nice, relaxing weekend so you'll be able to really enjoy the home stretch :) Love to you both xx

Betty M

What did you do about a buggy/stroller I wonder? The sleep deprivation is very different after the birth - for one you have the reason for it snuggled up to you and it makes it so much more bearable and for two people are rushing to get you cups of tea/ water etc rather than just being bored of you still being pregnant and grouchy. I hope you both have had a great weekend in this lovely weather and that it holds until the big day.


those are paintings?! WOW!!

happy last week. i hope you find some wonderful ways to celebrate and enjoy it.


We have the diaper dude (same bag, manly colors) and a Coach diaper bag. I love love LOVE my Coach, but I will admit that the dude (diva) is much easier to navigate, with all the pockets and such, whereas my Coach is nothing but a black hole of baby gear. I do recommend this for your Diva though: http://www.diapeesandwipees.com/

I can't live without mine. It holds 3-4 diapers and wipes. Great when you're out and about and don't feel like lugging your entire diaper bag into the rest room.

I can't believe you're only a week away. Most of the time other womens pregnancies go fast. I feel like you've been pregnant forever (and you may kick me for that, because I'm sure it seems like a long time to you too)


Please don't stress about the diaper bag thing- so trivial. You have NO idea on what you are about to embark-good luck. It's a wild ride!


Enjoy this week and sneak in a few quiet moments for yourself, if you can.

Good luck with everything!


Opps it ate my comment (or else I'll end up posting two!)

Sneak in a few quiet moments for yourself if you can! Good luck with everything!

Pregnancy Discharge

I realize you have already had your baby but these pregnancy posts are terrific, hope everyone is healthy and happy.

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