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Monday, 17 September 2007


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Quite a flurry of activity. I only wish I lives close enough to drop by.

Rachel Inbar

Sounds great, kind of therapeutic :-) I can't wait to have some time to do similar things myself.

Betty M

That's one delicious sounding nest. The bookshelf problem is never ending - I spent a fortune in our new house on walls and walls of Vitsoe shelving. Did loads of calculations to ensure there would be free shelves - huh - no chance - books seem to multiply themselves to overflow any available book case.


You are nesting! Glad you are finding so much energy!

Sunny Jenny

Sounds like a lovely home. Yes, I would say you're nesting! I am excited for the little one to make its big entrance!


Dear Thalia, you describe my general approach to tidiness pretty exactly. It's uncanny. But you are definitely nesting more than I am right now -- then again, I've got a whole extra day, right? ;)

Your muffins sound delicious. I'd be over there in a flash if I could...


Oh yeah, nesting quite a lot there are we?

Think about moving the books much higher or pack them away at some point. In about six months you'll be kiddie-proofing and all those books will be lots and lots of fun to pull off the shelf and drool on.

And the paper piles to rip and metal clothes rack to knock over? Yes, much fun for little hands. My husband left his precious stereo speakers on the floor, and Kaz punched a hole in the woofer when he was only a year old. I'm not sure who cried more, the baby or the husband. After all this time, we're finally buying wireless ones to put on the walls and ceiling.

The nice thing about all this is that you have time to think about it and there are services you can hire that will do this stuff for you while you rock the baby.

I'm so excited for you!!!


As I was reading this post, I was thinking that you were doing some heavy duty nesting so, yes, POB is not far away!!

Lut C.

So this nesting business is not a myth!
It better not kick in here before I quit working, because it's too much as it is. And the house is a big mess.

Good to hear you still have the energy to keep doing all sorts of things.


Totally nesting!

How I wish I lived close by, I'd kill for one (or 3) of those muffins... x

My Reality

I am also a pack rat. I like my stuff!

It does sound like you are nesting. You guys are so on top of the food situation, there won't be anything that people can bring you!


Packrats unite! Although now I'm hungry...


wow, sounds wonderful! thanks for the great ideas on what to do when i'm going insane in the last few weeks with feeling sooo ready!

Mary Ellen

Sounds lovely.


You have the same cleaning method as me! Mr Bea is also the tidy one, although he also has his blind spots, and for some reason even though he NEEDS to have the coffee table clear he is happy to let the toilet build up muck for... I dunno... months possibly - I've never really tested the outer limits.



Nesting is not a bad way to expend some of that anticipatory energy, right? And that baking, my oh my it must smell delightful in your house!

My husband is the same way - neat freak but oblivious to the various piles he manages to make for himself (mostly magazines)


Laughing about how H doesn't see his own mess, but sees yours without a problem -- it is the same in our house!

All the baking sounds delicious! Oatmeal is supposed to be good for milk production, so those cookies will be great for you to snack on too ;)


Oh yes... we lead parallel lives here in our state-of-the-home.

I am amazed at how considerate you are to prepare for your guests. Maybe we're just a bunch of self-absorbed folk over here in the U.S., but I find usually we are secretly hoping for others to bring US food when we are home-bound with a newborn.

I have a fondness for nesting-related baking. I HAD to bake a batch of chocolate chip banana muffins (never made them before or since) the night I went into labor with my girl. Even went to two grocery stores to get what I needed to accomplish this. ;-) All hail pre-Pob baking!

Drowned Girl

You've made me smile. I'm amazed you have the energy to do all that, at this point in the proceedings!


Drowned Girl

PS Dr Kargs crackers - very yummy, very proteinacious!


Oh god, tell me you didn't get rid of the stickers. No!!

Ms. Planner

Yum.... all of your cooking sounds divine. I cannot believe her due date is almost here. I am so excited for you. Please post a picture of her when the time comes. I would love to see it.


Oh, I love it! Ah, the nesting, yes, it sounds like you're firmly in its grip and that is just lovely.

Freezing lots of food beforehand will be a huge help. I made sure to do that myself and I cannnot stress enough how incredible helpful it was for us. You have even taken it a step farther and thought about what to feed others who may stop by--sweet lady!

Can't wait to hear news of Pob's blessed arrival, with mum and baby both healthy and happy :-)

And yes, it is rather surreal knowing in advance your baby's birth date. We were induced early with #1 so it was somewhat of a surprise given that it was 3 weeks early while for the second go'round we were given an induction date in advance. It was strange to walk around the day before knowing that the following day was "D-day"--but still v v exciting!

Sending you good thoughts and a virtual hug :-)

chee chee

I love baking . . . cleaning I could skip. Glad the pregnancy is progressing well. Good luck to you, Thalia. Given all you've been through - you deserve only good things.


Nesting what a wonderful thing! Take care


ooh yeah! Nesting like a crazy woman! And you'll be grateful for every one of those muffins I bet! Thinking of you as it gets so close...much lovexx

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