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Thursday, 30 August 2007


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I can only imagine how you must feel with a real baby being so close, since even I am having trouble grasping the concept. Where did the time go, eh?


Getting pretty close now!



Hey - wow! That is fantastic. Even though I know it hasn't been, it seems to have gone so quickly.

I'm still 8 weeks away and I thought it might become more real as time went on, but it seems not ...

We're in a far different place than we were 12 months ago. Amazing really.


I feel like your pregnancy has flown by! I'm sure that's because I'm not the one with the baby stuck in my ribs, as you so aptly described it. :-)


you are getting so close now!! So exciting!


I can't believe how close you're getting! And I also had early morning insomnia in my pregnancy-- it was thoroughly annoying to lay there in bed desperately wanting to enjoy what I knew were my last months of "uninterrupted" sleep and not being able to. Anyway, I'm so excited for you as the big day draws nearer.


sooo exciting! It is getting so close.


I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who is having that feeling of wanting a massive cleaning, but no energy to do so. Your cleaning service sounds marvelous... my mom is coming this weekend and I hope/pray that she'll put to rest some of this dust and debris. Sorry to hear your Pob likes to rest her head under your ribs... mine does too - little stinkers. Apparently both of them didn't receive their eviction notice. Time certainly has flown and I am so glad to have been with you on your journey.


Did I miss it, or have you said when you will stop working? I'm so sorry about the insomnia, but glad you are taking a nice long weekend in any case :)

And you really *are* close now! Should we start a pool as to Pob's actual arrival date...?


I can't believe that you it is almost here. Don't worry about the house, it will just work out. When I had B, we were suppose to have the carpet changed the next day...obviously that didn't happen since he showed up 1 month early. The house was a mess since we had to move all the furniture--but it all worked out!!


Wow. Exciting! It seems like you just tested! FYI, I'm sure the early wake up time towards the end of pregnancy is nature's way of preparing you. Of course you've been told this before. I kind of blew that info off, and yet I'm still being awakened between 4 and 6:00 a.m. and technically they are "sleeping through the night," when you consider they go down at 6:00 p.m. I don't think I'll ever sleep in again...and it took me 6 months post-partum to finally file those boxes of papers and file our tax return. (not to mention cleaning up the construction and moving debris at our house) The nursery was literally finished the day my water broke. The last thing I remember doing was hot-glue-gunning flowers to their lampshade. My advice: try to do it now, if you can. Then again, is it really that important in the grand scheme of things? I had to do it to organize the taxes, and that was only after my mom watched them a couple of days for me. Good luck!


Dear Thalia, your insomnia sounds draining indeed. I hope it gets better. Mine is less regular, but it's still really irritating.

Wow, we're so close now. So close! I'm sorry that Pob has crammed her head under your rib cage, but lemme tell you that a butt jammed up against your ribs isn't too much fun either. It's been surprisingly painful lately...

Our place, too, is nowhere near ready, but I'm sorry you've got all those added complications. I hope your cleaning service works miracles...


Oh my - 29 days!! it's gone by so fast... good luck with the organising.


It will be fine in the end, that's what matters. Wow, forty weeks pass so much more quickly when it's someone else's 40 weeks!


Wow it won't be much longer. Take care


I'm glad you get to rest a bit these next couple of days. You can't bank it up, but it sure is nice while it lasts.

I had to go back and re-read, because I was quite worried when you said the baby hadn't moved, but then I saw that no one else seemed concerned. Am I interpreting correctly that she hasn't changed position? (Paranoid me thought it meant you're not feeling movements.)

Hope you get some rest, and I'm excited for you to get to meet your baby pretty soon now!

Lut C.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who's house looks like tornado hit. We don't have cleaning help, though I plan to get some in the near future.

One way or another, the house will fall into place.

Still stuck in transverse, that sounds very uncomfortable!


Oh it's coming so soon!

I hear you about the disarray. Because of our own room shuffle, I've experienced something similar, though I've had a recent burst of energy that has helped me get a lot sorted out.

Betty M

It is so exciting to see that POB is going to be here soon. Maybe you will get one of those "nesting" energy bursts to deal with all the papers - didn't happen to me but I have seen it happen to others. Or perhaps you can get one of those Life Laundry types in to deal with the paperwork or indulge in a big throwing away session? Oh and turn POB turn!

Jo in Utah

Try eating some protein when you wake up and can't get back to sleep. A boiled egg, a yogurt, some beef jerky, a piece of cheese, something like that. It will probably take care of it. Your poor stomach is so squished, you don't feel hungry, but you are most likely not getting enough to eat. Good luck with the nesting!


Wow is the only suitable word.


Not being able to sleep at the end of pregnancy is a cruel joke. Sorry that the insomnia has hit, it is a bugger.


Time flies doesn't it! Hope it flies until D day :)

Motel Manager

You're getting so close - wow!

The head in the ribs is indeed no fun. I couldn't bend forward by the end, either, even though I felt pretty mobile overall, all things considered.

I'm sorry about your insomnia - it's tough to sleep when you've got such a big, hard, and GOOD change ahead of you.

29 days. Wow!


Wow indeed! Don't worry about the house. Even if it gets clean, it'll just get dirty again. At least that's what I keep telling myself.

29 days. Amazing!


Ah, yes, I remember the head under the ribs. Very uncomfortable bordering on noticeably painful.

The good news is once your bub is here you will look at that lovely little head and think how much discomfort it caused you yet how adorable it and its owner are...at least, that's how I feel about the head that was once torturing my ribcage.

waiting line

Just around the corner now! I am so very excited for you... enjoy (if possible) the last month of your pregnancy.


You are getting close! I am feeling SO similar to you right now - expect without the baby in the ribs thing - looking around and saying "Right. That is just not going to get done before babies come home." I think it is a good, healthy attitude.


Where has the time gone? Wow. 29 (less!) days to go. I remember those sleepless nights late in the 3rd trimester. It's a complete cliche, but get all the sleep, including naps, that you can right now, because if your little girl is anything like mine, you're going to be looking at a lot of sleepless nights, especially in the early days.

Will you post a picture of her once she's here? I hope so!

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