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Tuesday, 14 August 2007


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Cat, Galloping

Ha! At that to the list of "if you'd just relax..."

Actually I have never been a coffee drinker, but while I was pregnant I was so extremely exhausted that I had a cup several times/week. Bad coffee from the office cafeteria, usually. Totally backwards... :)

Betty M

Ahh the wonders of Has Bean - pity they always deliver when we are out so I trailed to the Post Office yet again this morning. The sorting office did smell great though. I can't be doing wiithout a real cappuccino made by G from freshly ground beans in his semi pro machine in the morning. The kids seem to have coped fine with a constant diet of at least one proper coffee a day - during treatment, pregnancy (past 12 w) and b/feeding. Happy ma, happy babe I say.


Well, I was able to quit caffeine while pregnant with the exception of chocolate. But after the baby is born? The first time I realized the afternoon nap wasn't happening if I had a morning cappucino---it was easy to quit. Tiny amounts like the kind in chocolate or a small regular coffee never seemed to be a problem, but a Starbucks grande, or anything really strong while breastfeeding and my babes got colic, stayed up late, had interrupted sleep, etc, etc.

I think it's all about proportion. Like when you were drinking coffee late at night? Was the passenger up all night kicking you mercilessly? If, so that's a problem, if not, then, eh, have a little.

Mary Ellen

I can completely relate. When I first started this journey I gave up everything. Now I figure I can't stop living my life and enjoying the little things (like a glass of wine or 3) just because of infertility. IF has taken enough from me already. I won't let it have my morning coffee too.


While pg with my first, my husband, without my knowledge, began subbing decaf for caf in my morning cappuccino because of the study of increased caffeine/increased miscarriage. He revealed his ruse once I was on 100% decaf. I was both pissed and pleased that it was a done deal. But after the baby was born, and didn't sleep ever, no matter what, I went right back to full test. And when our semi-automatic Saeco broke, I sent my husband out to get a replacement espresso maker that day.

I drank 2 caffeinated cups during and after pg with our 2nd. For me, there was no connection between sleeping, waking and my caffeine consumption, so like Betty M said, I decided to go the "happy ma" route. #2 slept and sleeps way better than #1 ever did, so I still don't see a connection to caffeine consumption in my kids.

Lut C.

I've been enjoying some coffee in moderate amounts too. Didn't you link to a Danish study which concluded moderate amounts of coffee do no harm?


oh Thalia...can I relate!! I gave up coffee just like--for some whacked up reason I thought that if I quit coffee I will miraculously get pregnant!! Well, we all know that was a joke. Funny thing is that after the pain of quitting, I managed to stop drinking caffeinated coffee! I still drink coffee but only decaf this time! I think everything in moderation is okay...except raw food of course(I had a harder time giving up sushi!!!)


My husband has been on decaf with me every time I've been pregnant. He's always thrilled to go back to the high test once the baby is born, though he is willing to wean us both back onto it by mixing it with the remaining decaf until the decaf is gone. He has mentioned heart palpitations after going to Starbucks when I've been pregnant, so I'm sure on some level he knows the gradual route is good for him (and me). As for baby, we've never had an issue with me breasfeeding and giving the kid enough caffeine to disrupt his sleep


You know, I'm so glad you wrote this. FET#5 was the first cycle I said, "Fuck it," and whilst we didn't get an exactly stella result, we did get further than ever before. I'm also quite fussy with coffee (I recently had an argument with my sister because she claimed 20mins was enough time to get a coffee. I mean!) but with me, this has the effect that I tend to drink only a cup - maybe two - a week, if at all. So fuck it, right?

But the last few days, I've been wondering if I shouldn't cut it out altogether. Hearing about you drinking *Moroccan* coffee, no less, has given me a new lease of confidence. I will enjoy my next cup all the more.



You know I am glad that someone is talking about this. I feel like I have given up parts of me for 3 years. I like you don't have a problem with alcohol and can take or leave it. But sugar? I love my sugar! Fish? I love fish and chips yet feel guilty when I eat it. I think sometimes we just have to say what is best for me. If I have a headache I am going to take some type of medicine and if I am not feeling good a Root beer Float is a "ok" with me :)


You know I am glad that someone is talking about this. I feel like I have given up parts of me for 3 years. I like you don't have a problem with alcohol and can take or leave it. But sugar? I love my sugar! Fish? I love fish and chips yet feel guilty when I eat it. I think sometimes we just have to say what is best for me. If I have a headache I am going to take some type of medicine and if I am not feeling good a Root beer Float is a "ok" with me :)


You have seen the study that babies who mom's ate chocolate when pregnant are happier?

I gave up a lot of stuff for a while but it never helped. My RE in South Africa feels that moderate consumption is fine, just fine.

We have a new tv show here in the States this summer called Mad Men. It's set in the 60s and it's jarring to watching all the smoking and drinking. Even by pregnant women. My how times have changed.


You know, it took me a year to get pregnant the first time, after 4 chemical pregnancies/early miscarriages. I abstained from all that is evil during that time. The month I actually got pregnant, I was on vacation when I found out - drinking margaritas and chugging freshly-ground coffee (fully caffeinated). The next time I got pregnant was the first month we were trying (how embarassing!) and I had been chugging the coffee and wine all month, we were literally in the middle of moving houses, plus, I was once again on vacation when I found out. Sadly, that pregnancy ended at 8.5 weeks, but it appears that my embryos like a little bit of the good life as well!


Hey, I could have written the first part of your post (including the part about being so fed up with the privation that I let caffeine creep back into my life.)

So it was with great joy I read about a new study of pregnant women and coffee that came out early this year. Posted about it here: http://corporatepoetry.typepad.com/pregnant_hightech_way/2007/02/coffee.html

I say, ENJOY!


It won't be too long until you'll be able to drink as much coffee as you wish ;-)

Thanks a lot for your comments on my Blog.


I never drank coffee until I was pregnant with my son, 14 years ago. It was the only thing that kept me upright at work. I have cut back to a cup or two a day with this pregnancy and I find that is really all I want, or that the baby wants, if I try to drink more then that I get nauseous. My doctor recommended just a cup or two a day, not having to cut it off completely and so far all is well with the baby.
Good luck and I don't know if I ever commented on your blog before or not, but I have been following your story for 2 years now and am so very happy for you!


Oh amen and then some-I felt like my caffeine habit has been my guilty little secret, especially after I was taken to task by my Dad for having my daily diet pepsi. I love coffee in certain instances (usually with a VERY sweet doughnut or other nibbly) but for the most part, I need my caffeine to be carbonated.

I really didn't notice much of an effect when breastfeeding either. I stuck to 12 oz a day (usually morning or lunch) and didn't have any sleep issues with prince charming.

As in all things, moderation. Enjoy what you can-it's been too long of a road to not!


Funny. I gave it all up too. Then in South Africa, we were going to winieries and drinking a few glasses of wine every night, coffee in the morning, while looking at the ocean. Well, you know how that cycle turned out. Ironically, my first symptom was being turned off to the smell of coffee, two days after we got home. And I had been craving my little Nespresso capsules the whole time. As soon as I gave birth, while still in the hospital, I wanted the coffee back. Who knows what to think anymore. A little moderation goes a long way.

Ms. Planner

I haven't had a drop of coffee (decaf included) since last June, but the other day someone had a lovely-smelling cup of joe and I could practically taste its goodness from afar. The fragrance was so warm and inviting... I live in the land of hard core coffee drinkers - Pacific Northwest of the US. Most of my pregnant friends drink 1-2 cups a week with no problems and very mellow kids.


Switched my two cups a day to decaf when we started the IF/IUI treatments. After that didn't work, went back to half decaf, half regular cafe lattes/coffees. Don't have the problem with Stick-It because the nausea I have means the coffee wouldn't stay down anyway... Plan on rejoining the caffeine ranks once I am wheeled from Labor & Delivery!


Oh how I miss coffee. It's at the top of my list of the things I resent giving up because of infertility, and the first thing that I reach for (even before alcohol!) after a failed cycle or a pregnancy ambush. Like you, I drink it black, although I'm not at all picky about its origins.

I don't think there's anything wrong with continuing the occasional cup if it makes you happy (I accidentally typed "yappy" which is what coffee makes me) as long as you make sure to stay hydrated otherwise.

Less than 44 days to go!!


Boo. I had a cup of tea after reading this.
Tea sucks.

Urban Chick

drink the coffee!

savour the coffee!

i can't even remember whether i abstained or not during pregnancy - even if i did, as soon as my two made their (early) appearance, they were injected with caffeine every day in special care! (to get their lung function up, i think...)


I stopped drinking even decaf because it was driving the baby crazy while I was pregnant. I have no idea why. I never stopped chocolate, since I see it as a mood stabilizer. Interestingly, caffeine is used in the NICU for preemies who suffer from apnea. How crazy is that?


Lola here at 14 months is absolutely crazy about coffee. She ate a freshly roasted bead off the floor the other day. And I cannot get her hands off my latte nor my glass of red wine. I don't think I drank lots when I was pregnant. So it must be in her genes.


Oh yes coffee is a hard thing to give up. I too was very strict on myself through the creation process (and wasn't it a long process). I drank the odd decaffinated coffee throughout my pregnancy. Now however I just have coffee when I feel like coffee. It doesn't seem to worry the wee one and if I just stick to one a day then I have satisfied my urge. One really good coffee! Yum. You can relax! Enjoy your coffee (moderation is the key)!


God I can SO relate. When I am lying in bed in the morning not wanting to get up, I think "at least I can have some yummy coffee" and that always makes it OK to face the day. I just crave the stuff. And Tim makes it with a percolator and it turns out so thick and strong you can practically eat it with a knife and fork. And it is bliss. Seriously, at this stage of the game you are fine for coffee. Enjoy it!


Thanks for stopping by my blog and supporting me- even if you don't agree ;) And the info about 'abortion' can't the medical feild come up with a different term than means the same thing? However, due to your explanation I don't hate it quite as much :)

Ahhh... the coffee addiction. I have the very same problem. Throughout my pregnancies (and I have done many things in my many pregnancies) I go with the 'moderate' pace. Why make myself completly miserable and unhappy? That can't make things 'better', right? I get the decaf mocha (casue it still has some caffine but a lot less) and a tall when pregnant- not the grande.

I am glad to see that you have come so far in your journey!


I'm not abstaining, but moderating myself, but then I'm more of a latte kinda girl ...


I'm a firm believer in "some things in moderation" ... including coffee. I have continued to drink one cup (sometimes two, depending how knackered I am) a day, despite the MTHFR, miscarriages, etc.

What can I say? I'm a terrible role model :)


My mother never gave up coffee during any of her pregnancies. Her excuse was "We're Colombian. We're expected to have coffee, even in the womb."

I guess we were weaned from the caffeine addiction during the transition from breast to bottle...

We always had cafe con leche for breakfast as children. I loved dunking my buttery toast into my milk coffee.


oooh, abstemious...fancy!

pregnancy is hard enough. a little coffee treat now and then is not the end of the world.

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