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Tuesday, 21 August 2007


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Thanks for the update and also the book recommendation, I've added it to my wishlist on Amazon.

Drowned Girl

Enjoy your break x


Oh, how exciting. You are so close!


Good God, Thalia, 5 weeks! How... it's just fucking gorgeous, is the only way I can adequately put it. Absolutely gorgeous.


So interesting that she's transverse like that - exactly the same position Ant was in. Also that version rarely works on transverse babies, my doc didn't tell me that! and clearly it didn't work. hmph. I do still hope she turns on her own!

Enjoy these last five-ish weeks.


She will be here before you know it!! How exciting! I can totally relate about the breathing and sleeping--sleeping was an issue starting at 30 weeks!!


Have a wonderful time! And I started getting really crazy dreams at 30 weeks, too.


Have a lovely holiday! (And *flood*?? Oh dear.)


You sound so happy (except for the dream). Just think, you're already past the point at which I delivered the twins. Enjoy these last few weeks. I'm sure they'll fly by! And take a few more 2 hour naps! I haven't had a nap or a full night's sleep in over 7 months and wish I'd taken more. At least I'd be able to fondly remember them! Also, the heartburn, will magically disappear immediately.


Enjoy your holiday! Rest up for the Pob's arrival. Five weeks . . . WOW!


Enjoy your time away. Sounds uncomfy right now, I think that's just so we don't want to keep them inside longer!

Enjoy the rest of your PB and I hope she turns for you so you don't have to make any decisions.


An eggshell foam mattress pad can help a little with the hip pain. My PT said that some experiments with u/s have been successful too, so next time you have a scan maybe you can ask them to breeze by your hips (ha!)

I really enjoyed Intuition, and thought of you and our other friends who were lab denizens. But the POV switches were often so abrupt that I felt narrative whiplash.

Completely non-scientific, but I found my heartburn got better when I ate foods from the "eat right for your type" diet.

Have you had parents you know telling you to enjoy yourself, and intoning darkly that "everything changes"?


So glad you've been able to get away - it sounds like you've really needed the time off. I know what you mean about missing the bump - I'm 2 weeks behind you, and I've been spending a lot of time focusing on the bump because I will definitely miss feeling and seeing it move around. It's so nice knowing that the baby is always with me, without my having to think about it - we'll never be this close again!! Soon I'll get impatient to meet the belly dweller (not least because we don't know what version we're getting yet), but I'm trying to remember to savor the parts of pregnancy that I love. I hope your holiday affords you the same luxury - and that everything keeps going smoothly!


Interesting about the POB moving around again! I am glad they are giving you a chance at trying to move it and give birth vaginally though.

Honestly, I think you might be surprised, she just might move again. And again, and again. And yes, sleeping can be difficult, I highly recommend getting a few pregnancy massages and some extra padding for the bed, whether foam or extra pillows to prop yourself more comfortably.

Have a good holiday, and tie up your work sweetie, you never know what might happen!


Glad things are all going well, and I hope she decides to start molding herself a nice little conehead soon. (It would be nice for you to have the option of a vag birth, if that's what you want.) Hope you have a stellar break!

Ms. Planner

I am so happy to hear your update, although the dream, ugh, that sounds so scary. Your story is truly an inspiration to me.


How amazing to go from five weeks pregnant, worrying if it will last, to five weeks to go wondering about the delivery. Very cool!

As for ECV, I've heard that even in many cases where they can turn the baby, the baby often moves back to where it wants to be -- it's only really effective if done during labour. I've also heard it's painful too. Hopefully your Pob moves on her own!

Lut C.

I had hoped to read she's in head down position. Transverse does sound rather uncomfortable.

I can relate with the hip pain. I've been wondering if I should look into what they use to prevent bed sores, gel pads I think. Maybe that would help.

Enjoy your time off!


Its amazing how quickly you forget the discomfort. Its only as you say this and looking through my own archives, that I remember the heartburn and the aching if I lay too long on one side, etc.
What a horrible dream! As stressful as newborn twins is right now, I'm grateful not to be consumed by DBTs like I was during pregnancy.
Hang in there- not too much longer til you meet your baby girl.


I had exactly the same experience Nico did, except mine did flip when turned -- but I, too, wasn't told his being transverse made it less likely -- how odd! Anyway, I do know exactly that feeling of head-under-right-ribs that you are experiencing and, ouch! I found leisurely swimming helped, though only temporarily (for me) by (I guess) loosening up my abdomen and allowing him to drop -- some. I was uncomfortable enough until they got him turned that even a few hours of relief was, well, huge (er, rather as I was).

So sorry about your bad dream, but delighted the Pob's arrival is not too far off and also that you are getting a vacation.


Wonderful about the holiday! Last one w/o the passenger being out. Hopefully she will start to descend a bit in a couple of weeks and the breathing and heartburn will improve. Oh, I am just so glad everything is good!


Dear Thalia, I'm so glad your're finally getting that richly deserved holiday. I hope all your negative memories get overwritten -- including that awful dream. That must have been horrifying. As for the oblique transverse lie, it sounds tricky indeed -- and super-uncomfortable. Seems that Pob was trying to turn but got held up en route. I hope she is able to find a more accommodating position soon.

Yes, these last weeks are quite something, aren't they? You expressed the feelings so well...

Anyway, enjoy the rest of your break, and know thst you and Pob and H are in my thoughts.


yay not long now. I must say after so many years of infertility and an easy pregnancy and labour, I still look at my sleeping baby and think "Where did he come from?", "whose child is this?" and "how did we go from infertile to this amazing little man?" I consider myself very lucky too. Incredibly miraculously lucky. wishing you all the good vibes in the world for the next 5 weeks and the arrival of your POB.


Trying to remember, but transverse is just sideways right? My last one was sideways across the uterus and the external version did work, but I also had lots of extra fluid which helped. Hang in htere, hope your bambino goes head down.


I'm so excited for you that you are so close. Sending you Pob and DH all the best from another HH girl


Thanks for the book rec. I'm off to the library tomorrow to get it. I'm a science geek at heart. Although I work in advertising, my degree is in chemistry.

These last weeks of preg just keep getting more and more uncomfortable that it makes you look forward to labor! I can't believe how close you are to meeting her. Very exciting!!


wow, 5 weeks! i'm sure time will practically stand still as the final wait sets in, but how very exciting!!

got any leftover roast chicken? a homemade dinner like that sounds SOOO good!


So close! Those dreams are horrible t but I guess it's all part of the process... same with the difficulty breathing, moving, sleeping! Come on pob! Get yourself in the right place and come on down.


Have a great holiday! I hope the pob decides to flip along the way, to give you a shot at a vag birth.


Pob will be a very very lucky lady to meet her mommy. It's so good to see that this is finally coming your way, after waiting for so long.

Overwhelmed With Joy!

5 more weeks, that's not long at all! I'm sorry you're feeling so uncomfortable at the moment. Hang in there! I can't wait to see pictures of Pob when she arrives! :)

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