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Wednesday, 11 July 2007


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Yes, Thalia, please DO find a Doctor to take a quick look. It may be nothing but after all this effort? Please don't take the chance.

And if you can manage to do some more work with your feet up, good. I started swelling up in my feet first and kept going...I didn't realize my body was slowly swelling as well until my doctor saw me.

Let us know how you are doing.


I became an advocate of slowing down when my midwives (! who are generally viewed in America as being much more practical than doctors) never could explain my recurrent round ligament pain, and urged me to keep up power yoga, the exertion from which was likely causing the pain. I did 90 min of power yoga the day before I went into labor; bad idea.

Listen to your body in addition to your medical provider. They can give the big picture, which is that most women can exercise and work through the 40 weeks. But your body and the passenger are better indexes of what's right for you.


The median length of first pregnancies is 40+8, so she make give you considerably more time than 40 weeks!

Glad everythings pottering along well.


40+8 sounds frightening to me. 40 is enough.

I'm glad you're going to take it easy. Good luck!!


While 40 + 8 would be great in terms of getting everything ready, in my experience I found that you can't count on anything! I had to be induced 9 days early due to onset of pre-eclampsia. We were planning on going to the store the next day to get everything we still needed... Ah, the plans of mice and men...

I'm glad you're well, and yes - definitely check in with a doctor. I'm so excited for you! Your little one is almost here!


Yes, keeping your feet elevated (as much as possible, not just an hour) should help. Also, lots of fluids especially after a flight, but you are probably doing that already. Definitely go to the doctor immediately if your hands start to swell, or if you start to get a really bad headache.

To me, the big reason to slow down is just to savor the experience. So glad to hear that you and H will be going on holidays in a few weeks, too :)

Keep us posted on how you're doing...


You should get it checked out, but it might simply be the flight and the heat. I found that Decleor circulagel did wonder for my legs (excellent for cramps and pain). I have a uni-canckle and my physical therapist said it was because of the weight of the belly, pushing me to compensate. Experience has shown that my ankles get bigger with heat and uncomfortable shoes. I am not ready to wear comfy shoes though... Also the advice I read is that the baby's room should be ready a month before due date, with everything opened up and ready to run, so that if the baby comes early, there is no need to panic. That's what I am aiming for. Good luck with everything


I agree - just have a doctor check you out.
Things that have worked for me in the past (I couldn't wear shoes at the end of my first pregnancy) - get in a pool, shoulder-depth if possible, and just walk back and forth. The pressure from the water will force the fluid through your kidneys and out (and now you all know why you have to pee when you're in a pool!). Another thing, if you can find some, is asparagus - nature's diuretic. Try to eat a serving or two and see if it helps. My DH uses these two when he travels due to swelling of his feet and ankles; his heart condition makes it more risky for him to swell like that.


Oh...that swelling of the ankles was the only true complaint I had during my pregnancy (yes, I was lucky). I don't think first timers go early that frequently if you are having a normal, healthy pregnancy! I delivered on my exact due date. Oh the science of IF...they sure know what they are doing! :)


Dear Thalia, the same thing happened to me when I returned from Munich by train yesterday! (One day early -- long story.) My ankles were uncomfortably swollen -- and this is the second time it's happened for me too, with both times happening after a train trip. It took several hours to make the swelling go down again, but a bath with my feet up really helped.

If this persists and you do go see a doctor, chances are they'll speak passable English. If not, swelling is "Schwellung", ankles are "Knöchel".

Your plans to slow down and stop traveling sound good. Just see how you feel...


Ouch, swelling is painful--that was what made me look at my belly at 37 weeks and say "You're 'full term' now, so come on out!" P obliged 5 days later, which was a bit of a surprise to me as I had a major experiment (grad school) planned for the day he was born. I'd had a feeling I would go early, but everyone told me about 8 days late being average for a first-time mom. So I'd started to buy into that mentality, although I'd planned to slow down at 38 weeks. Babies have their own ideas of when to come!

If you're comfortable, I might get one or two things ahead of time. However, if you're breastfeeding, all you'll need are a carseat, a place for the baby to sleep (if you're co-sleeping, you won't need anything), some basic clothes, and some diapers. Don't feel pressured to buy everything all at once. You can wait until your baby is home safely and then do some shopping. We took P out clothes shopping at 3 days old because we needed to buy preemie-sized clothes, and it was no big deal (although other people thought we were mad). I felt fine and we could have done a lot of shopping if we'd needed to.


I swelled up like a balloon last time around, both ankles and hands. This time I've tried to watch the salt intake a little more and I've gotten more exercise (something my acupuncturist recommended last time but I DIDN"T LISTEN TO). Don't know if those things are the reason why I am so much less swollen this time. But if they are, totally worth it.

Hope you feel better soon.

Lut C.

All the travelling sounds exhausting, good thing your doctor is putting a halt to it. :-)

Urban Chick

ooh, please get checked out, chickadee - just to be on the safe side



I had horrible ankle swelling from 25w+ with both my pregnancies. It got more severe as the weeks got on and was just disgusting to see. Besides trying to keep them elevated as much as possible, my acupuncturist had me drink cornsilk tea. It wasn't total relief, but it helped relieve enough pressure to ease the pain. I normally drink parsley tea for water retention, but she said cornsilk was preferable in pregnancy if you can find it.


GO TO HOSPITAL NOW - could be a DVT. You have multiple risk factors - pregnant, age >35, recent air travel... I would advise go to an emergency room straight away (I am a doc who works in a pregnancy-related thrombosis clinic btw). JUST GO NOW! Thrombosis is the leading cause of maternal death in pregnancy.... TRue fact check out Confidential Enquiry into Maternal and Child Health.

publication why mothers die
Royal College of OBs and GObs guidelines.



If the swelling becomes habitual, I did find that compression pantyhose helped make me a bit more comfortable, although it was quite difficult to get them on!

waiting line

oh Thalia, sorry to hear about the swelling. It happens to me every day now. Even my wedding ring has to come off - my hands aren't noticeably swollen but that ring is too damn tight!

...my only assvice: drink plenty of water, keep your feet up for as long as possible (hard to do when you have a day job, I know), and do discuss with the doctor just to be on the safe side.

Ms. Planner

As you are currently in a ski town, you are probably at a high altitude, which may be compounding the swelling. My suggestion is the visit a doc quickly, esp. if you have headaches and trouble sleeping, too (indicators - with swelling - of high altitude sickness, which will generally disipate when you return to a lower altitude).


Hope all is ok Thalia, some of the comments above are a little scary.

I just wanted to say...slow down YES and also, I was banking on the baby coming at 40 weeks, there was no way I'd get all the baby preparations done plus finish my work deadlines otherwise.
He was nearly 4 weeks early.
And there has been NO SLOW DOWN TIME ever since.



I'd vote for 37. That slowing down between 36 and 38 weeks? Tried it, doesn't work, too many last-minute stuff.

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