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Sunday, 08 July 2007


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I have the good fortune of being up in the Hebrides with my stepkids when the Potter book is released. We're going to grab 2 (my stepdaughter is also a fan) and read it while we're up there. There's little TV, no internet, and no one to blow the ending for us!


My school year finished two weeks before I gave birth and keeping busy helped the time go by quicker. In fact, I went insane those last two weeks waiting. My best advice is to try to make sure that you do rest/sleep as much as possible towards the end. I had to pull an allnight in labor (seems to be the typical) and I am still waiting to catch up (a year later!)

I am going to do my damndest to avoid learning who dies in HP. This will be hard as I am sharing the book with my brother and have to wait until he is done! I will definitely NOT be clicking on any internet links about it. Damn...maybe I will have to buy my own copy!


Is this your last business trip? Although I am a proponent of keeping busy, that shouldn't include travels far afield of one's home and doctor in my book. I read somewhere that everyone who buys the last HP book has to swear they won't reveal any salient points to anyone else. How in the world are they going to police that?


I'll be doing the Midnight Opening thing up here in Edinburgh with friends, so I won't be spoiled :) And no, I don't think Harry will die. For the non-midnighters, abstaining from radio, TV and Internet until the postman delivers or they manage to get to the bookshop should do the trick, I think.

Re maternity: I only took 1 week, and then spent half that week mopping up bits that still had to be done (But you PROMISED ... it's URGENT...) As a result, the last lazy lounging week spent nesting and relaxing? Was one day and the weekend, more or less.

Make sure you can enjoy your last weeks without a baby outside - they're precious!


Oh, I used to be perceval, but now have a Blog :)


Yeah, maternity leave...I'm still bitter about that. I left work on a Friday and went into labour on Tuesday. Thanks, kid.

I hope you have more time to relax and do fun, idle-like things. I'm sure you could manage!

Betty M

HP 7 - I got bored around HP4 when JK got too successful to be edited properly. Totally agree re Madonna and to dance in those shoes was very impressive. The Spice Girls is a reunion too far for me. Take That on the other hand should have come back sooner.

As to not working it is easy when you try it. I abandoned a high pressure job in the City for 13 months of yoga, swimming, reading, shopping and cooking with the greatest of ease - but couldn't have done muich more even if I had had the funds. Annoyingly with the girl I worked up to the wire and had only enough time for a hair cut and a wax before I was induced with pre-eclampsia. 2nd time I took a month off and the boy came early anyway.


It WILL drive me crazy if we hear any spoilers before we can read to the end of the HP book. I've actually pre-bought two because I can't read over my older son's shoulder and I can't stand waiting for him to finish before I get to read it.

Anyway, if you are working, do try to get some proper sleep and at least work with your feet up. I never had a problem working until the end, brain wise, it was physical exertion that got me. Too much, especially in the heat, and I swelled up and became insanely tired. Air conditioning and limiting stairs, yadda yadda, and I was fine.

I'm sure your Doc has given orders as far as flying? And grounded you at some point? A nice teleconference should keep them quiet in the end....how long will you get to take at home for mat leave with the baby? How does it work in the UK?


I can't imagine people spoiling HP7, certainly not so soon. I have friends who STILL haven't read HP6, so I really need to hold my tongue around them. Hubs and I will be at a conference and I ordered the book (for me) and audio CDs (for him) so we can read /listen on the 21st when we'll be traveling on planes homeward bound. Enjoy the last book without interference!

PiquantMolly (AKA Mollywogger)

Oh, Madonna.

You owe your plastic surgeon big time, girl.


We've ordered two copies (one for me, one for my husband) of HP7 and are instituting a media blackout in our house until we've both finished it. The last two books I literally did not move from the couch until I finished reading, and so it was easy to avoid spoilers. Obviously won't be able to do that with baby in the house, so it's going to be a struggle maintaining the blackout for the week or two it'll take for me to read in dribs and drabs.

How long are you taking maternity leave, anyway? (I mean total, pre- and post-baby arrival?)


My first came five days pre due date, and I was emailing work whilst having contractions. My second arrived 2 weeks pre due date, the same day the washer/dryer were due, and just before our new sink was to be installed.

I can't say this strongly enough: REST. SOON! Quit work sooner than later, at least 2 weeks prior to due date. And make your yoga easier, and less frequent, as you progress. In fact, make all things easier and less frequent as you progress. I regretted it, twice, when I didn't.


Slowing down is overrated. I'm from the U.S. That's what they teach us here. :)
Hope you can slow down if you want to, or stay on pace if you'd rather. Just glad things are carrying on as usual.


I was at work on my due date and right up until my induction. Since I work for my FIL, it wasn't terribly strenuous, but I wish I had had a chance to rest. Definitely go sooner rather than later!

As unnatural as it will feel, I will try to steer clear of the internet until I've finished HP. You know just KNOW that some ridiculous muppets are going to turn straight to the end and it up on-line by 12.02am. So if I feel like I want to resume my normal web-heavy existence, I'm going to have to read fast!


So glad you're doing so well!

I figure Neville is the real "Harry" and one of the trio is going to bite it, maybe with a Weasley or two.

But I hope not.

Take it easy on you.

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