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Thursday, 12 July 2007


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Well, I'm glad you are doing okay and the doc has you all checked out.

Soooo, if you aren't going to buy much yet, have you at least set up a baby registry? I'm just thinking that that way if you can't pick up stuff, your husband and friends will at least be able to get things you like?


glad to hear all is well!


I'm so glad everything's ok!


So glad to hear you and the passenger are okay!


What a relief :) Glad everything checked out ok!


glad all well.
My ankles swelled up in the last few months of pregnancy - and only went down about eight weeks after birth.
I didn't find it hurt that much, except towards the very, very end, but I did find that reflexology and foot massage in general really, really helped (if you want the name and number of a good reflexologist in central london e-me...).
Also slender ankles are one of my few good points, so it was mildly sad to see them go (but also amazing to see my whole foot puff up).
So glad all going generally well...


Glad everyone's ok! And yes - I agree with going to the hospital rather than sitting around with a concern, no matter how minor.


Jo in Utah

Whew, thanks for going in. I am sure you did that just to make the rest of us feel better. Are you drinking plenty of water? Getting enough salt? Protein?


I had two pair of shoes that were my later pregnancy shoes. They were about one size larger than my pre-pg size. They weren't attractive, but they did the job on days that my ankles and feel were ballooned, which was aggravated by the hot summer weather. One was Mephisto, the other was Rockport.


Good girl! Glad to hear it.

Ms. Planner

Thalia, am so glad to hear it was just the altitude (combined with general swelling from being pregnant). Even when I am not pregnant and go to high altitudes, which I do a lot for my job, my hands swell something fierce. Cheers, Ms. Planner


Glad to see that you went in for a check anyway - and that all is well. Better safe than sorry!

Lut C.

Good to hear you got the all clear. I hope the discomfort subsides soon.

Betty M

Phew. Glad all was ok. If we ever get any summer weather expect your swelling to get worse - my ankles were never my strong point to start with and at 7 months pregnant, after a day at work and in a heatwave - elephants came to mind (and that was in the pg w/out pre-e.


Oh, I'm so sorry you are having such unpleasant symptoms. There's no sugar-coating it, the latter part of pregnancy really, really sucks.
Hang in there!!

waiting line

Good - glad everything is perfectly fine!

And, yes, what shoes work for you these days? I'm down to one last pair - and even those are starting to pinch. Crap! Time to go shoe shopping!


I'm happy that things are still looking good.

I had lots of edema late in my pregnancy with our son, and while the docs kept checking my BP and looking for protein in my urine (there was none) all I had was a whole lot of water retention. It felt awful and for that reason alone, I was anxious for the baby to be delivered (I was eventually induced at 41w). Hopefully yours doesn't get worse, as the only way to really make it go away is to have the baby.


Dear Thalia, I'm so glad you had it checked. It's so good to have that reassurance. I'm glad, too, that the ER experience was a good one. Resort towns to tend to have pretty good care...

My feet, too, out of some deep feeling of sympathy for yours, have been swelling up these past two days... but my doctor, too, said it was normal, as my BP and everything else was just fine.


swelling, I was told, was totally normal, even the really uncomfortable kind that made your skin feel like it was a sausage casing. But I was glad when I went in, as you did, to be checked when it got kind of extreme. (My BP was pretty high too) It's worth the piece of mind. Glad everything is ok!

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