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Thursday, 19 July 2007


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Ms. Planner

OMG! Too funny. Hey, you look hot in that picture :)

I am ashamed to admit that Celebrity Baby is my worst vice - ever. I discovered it on another IF blogger's site. But made a deal with myself that I do not visit it during the 2WW.


"Or because the gifts will be so much better at that one and she doesn't want to embarrass anyone?"

i laughed so loud i scared my dog.


Well I think it would be only fair of her, all things considered.

Thanks for your encouragement over at my blog...it means so much. (Also, strawberry custard is just strawberry ice cream that's really thick. Hope that sounds more appetizing. :-))




Oh, I used to see her in a telenovela when I was in Mexico!


I discovered this one time when I couldn't find your bookmark and googled Thalia, and lo and behold! Weee...I never knew you were so zexxxy! chuckle


You definitely want some gay baby shower loot. Absolutely.


She actually looks a bit like Mariah Carey - a little wierd if you ask me.


She should definitely share the loot -- email and ask her about the gay loot! :)

Lut C.

So is that a discriminatory shower or a positive action one?


Forget the gifts. Give me that dress (but in my size).

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