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Sunday, 10 June 2007


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Dear Thalia, I'm so sorry you've been so ill. It sounds miserable indeed, and I'm glad you're feeling better now.

I know what you mean about blogging -- I've never been that regular a poster, but the same thing has been happening to me lately too.

It's good to hear that the passenger is doing so well. Getting off the clexane must be scary, but it's good to know you're in such good, knowledgeable hands, and that you'll be monitored so regularly.

Twenty-fifth week. I still can't believe it.


Good to hear an update. Glad you're feeling better. Glad the passenger is doing so well!


Glad to hear you and the passenger are doing so well!


thank god that horrible cold is finally over, and congrats on the clexane graduation. i will remember the life savers thing if i ever need a little reassuring movement!


Thalia - congratulations on reaching the "point of viability"! (...such an awful, awful expression...)


Magical 24 weeks! Congrats.

Isn't it funny that a pound and a half of babe can kick so hard? Nice to feel the presence.

Mary Scarlet

Glad you're feeling better, I had one of those colds this year and couldn't have imagined how bad a cold could make me feel beforehand. I was looking into sinus irrigation and all kinds of homeopathic remedies, not to mention massive doses of ny.qu!l. 24 weeks. hurrah! One less needle per day sounds like a good thing, glad they're willing to monitor as often as you like.


I'm stunned that you are 24 weeks "already". I hate saying that to people, I really do, but time does fly for the ones that aren't carrying a baby.

Glad to hear you're feeling better.


I had "that cold" when I was about 12w. I actually have it again now. It's a mutant bastard of a thing and I know EXACTLY how bad it must have made you feel, but glad to hear the the Passenger is happy and kicking!


How is it possible that I'm getting over the same cold? It sure gets around. Glad to hear it's on the way out, finally. And extra glad to hear all is well with the passenger. (And likely the food thing does have an effect - when people aren't feeling as much motion as usual they're told to drink orange juice, so I guess the blood sugar makes its way to the baby?) Thanks for the update!

Jo in Utah

Every single one of your blog posts is still miraculous to me. Amazing, you are pg and the baby is kicking. Wow.


Glad to hear you're both doing well.


I think I feel very similarly to how you did. Awful that it took you three lousy weeks to get over it!

I am so please to hear that everything is well with the passenger. And that you're feeling good about things too.

I really miss those baby kicks!


I often hear of pregnant ladies getting colds that take a long time to go away, I guess that makes sense, all of your inner workings are busy keeping that baby safe and happy, there must not be much left for poor mama. Glad to hear all is (still) well!

Betty M

Glad to have you back posting. Any chance your work will let you slack a bit over the summer? Also good to see that the placental blood flows all looked good. In case it is of use a recent U of Sydney study in the Lancet found that low dose aspirin seemed to reduce the incidence of pre-eclampsia so perhaps it is more than just "might help"? Apec.org.uk have good practioner info on what to look for re pre-e (in particular the PRECOG guidelines). And sweet food definitely works to get them dancing - and ice cold water.


Good to hear from you, so sorry to hear that you had a cold. It really is no fun to feel even more crappy when you are pregnant and no cold meds, either. I'm so glad the little one is doing well, though! I loved the feeling of the little squirming around in there. It really is the best feeling in the world, isn't it?? Very happy for you!!


Glad to hear all is well with your girl. I understand the lack of posting... i struggle as to what to write. I'm torn - thankfully the pups generally give me something to write about when I feel that way. As for the lovenox - congrats on coming off. Lucky duck tha tyou are getting to have u/s every couple of weeks. :) I hope that a) you continue to feel good, b) that the girl keeps behaving herself and the placenta as well, and c) that all just keeps on going well and no preeclampsia for you.

Hang in there - and look at that - you've reached that critical time period 24 weeks! Congratulations!


I've been quiet but I'm here, lurking. I'm so glad things are still going well. That comment about lifesavers made me cry and laugh at the same time.



I'm glad you're feeling better and that your little wee one is thriving!

I know what you mean about stopping meds; they are a kind of crutch. I was only on baby aspirin until 36 weeks and felt wierd discontinuing it; a couple of weeks later I developed pre-eclampsia (as I was 38w5d, they just induced and all was well).

Just can't believe you're in your 25th week. How very wonderful for you and H! So glad all is well. Fingers still crossed. Sending hugs and positive energy. :)


So very glad to see an update from you. 24 weeks!! Wow. Just wow.


So many what ifs. Sometimes you feel caught between the Devil and the deep blue sea. Thanks for the update. It does sound like things are going well and doc knows best.


Lady In Waiting

That cold really stuck around. It's amazing how a common virus can be so stubborn!

Sounds like you are making all of the right decisions...hang in there!


So glad you're finally getting over the cold! And even more glad that things continue to go well with your pregnancy :) Yay!


Glad to hear all is well and that you are slowly recovering from the cold.
My peri said he'll humor me with the lovenox until 35 weeks- I have about 7 more syringes left (at 33w4d) and am nervous about coming off, even though there appears to be little clinical reason to stay on. And he warned me about the bone thinning too- which is why I also take 1500 mg of calcium a day. But I have to say I'm looking forward to no more lumps and bruises.
24 weeks- wow!


Whenever Bat Girl was quiet for a few hours, I'd have some chocolate ice cream and that would wake her up right quick. So I think there is a physiological component to it.

Congratulations on 24 weeks! More than halfway there now!


Sorry to hear that you were so "under the weather" (another term that is silly, I mean we are always under some kind of weather, right?) (Unless we're on an airplane, where we might be over the weather.)

Glad to hear that all is well with your lifesaver loving passenger girl!

Matthew M. F. Miller

Argh! I've been sick, too. My grandfather told me to start taking a shot of Jim Beam every day, to ward off my recurrent bronchitis. That has at least made the days more interesting.

Get well, Thalia!


I don't know if you'll find this reassuring but I have osteoporosis as you know, and you can regain bone density. Between calcium and Vit D and medications like Foso.max if needed someday, a little LMW heparin isn't so bad.

If the doppler's start to look less rosy and you want to go back on it, I know Motherisk has studied regular heparin vs. LMW heparin and they believe the LMW version poses no risk to bones. If you ever want to see it, I can find it and email it.


I so hear you on the blogging is like gym thing.

Glad to know all is well with you and the passenger!


Glad things are going so well and the cold is finally gone!


The lack of consensus regarding appropriate treatment for MTHFR pregnancy-related issues is extremely frustrating. The "experts" literally are all over the board with their recommendations. During my twin pregnancy I was told not only to stay on the Lovenox for the duration, but to continue it six weeks post-partum. I was told that the issue isn't only one for the babies, but for me as well; pregnancy increases the risk of blood clots to begin with.

I did tons of research, including conversations with a relative/cardiologist that prescribes LMW heparin on a daily basis, but I never found much in the way of concrete answers. I did end up staying on the Lovenox as I was recommended but have no idea if it was necessary. All those shots sucked, though, I'll say that.

Glad to hear the pregnancy is progressing so well, hope that's the last cold for a long time to come!


Hope you're feeling better by now. 85 over 50 is on the low side if your measurements are in mmHG as ours are. I tend to low blood pressure, so perhaps you do as well.

Odd. I've always used the word temperature in the same context (ie, of having a RAISED temperature) and I'm not British, but my family hails from New England.

I guess we must have stolen away with the phrase?


Re the Clexane, I have a feeling that Aliza at Babyfruit stayed on it almost to the end of her pregnancy - perhaps it would help you to go and check over at her blog? Though, obviously, they do things differently over there! As I remember the only risk they considered was the possibility of bleeding during the birth.

Personally I think UK doctors tend to be a little more cautious, but from what you say you are definitely making the right decision. When they were talking of giving me Clexane it was only ever for the first 3 months. (As I never made it that far it's hard to say if that would have been right either).

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