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Saturday, 23 June 2007


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Betty M

Oohh - the Apple store on Regent Street isn't too far from Villandry - that would definitely do a mac and then food quite nicely! Hope the irritation goes soon.


Very important to treat yourself to all sorts of wonderful food that H hates this weekend. And watch all the movies he hates too. ENJOY!


Have a lovely. leisurely weekend!


Ooooh, buy the Mac. I double dog dare you.


I vote for the Mac! Hope the rest of your weekend is peaceful, sweetie. xx


All I can say is that you might be down, but boy do you have some Blackberry skills! It would have probably taken me an hour to type a message that long on mine - take care and we'll hopefully hear from you soon!


Yes, ease up on the travel please and try to find some more downtime. Otherwise, we'll have to worry about you...

And bad H. I know he's usually a pretty good guy, but dirty dishes in the sink, no food in the house, and laundry in the washer for his pregnant wife to deal with. Hope he makes it up to you when he gets home.


Dear Thalia, what a bother! I hope you get a bit of relaxation in this weekend, even if it is forced (if you disregard the computer frustration, the work pressure, the cleaning pressure and the grocery pressure...) I hope things ease up for you soon. And if you are hankering after a Mac anyway, hey, now's as good a time as any!


Huh. H has some 'splainin' to do - if not to you, then to US! He, he.

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