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Friday, 29 June 2007


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Here's hoping the next three months are as uneventful and calm for you as most of this pregnancy has been!


...as you should be :-) (I'm finishing up your post with my comment, if that makes sense)


here's to more good luck!

Betty M

Much more luck, happiness and excitement to come too I hope.


It is nice to be in a position to be thankful. You deserve it, and I'm even happier to see that you recognize it. :-)


UK blood sugar should be 4 to 7, and you multiply by, er, either 14 or 18 to get US units. Can't remember which.


Hooray for feeling lucky and excited! A great way to go into the home stretch :) xx


That's wonderful, Thalia. May everything continue to go so beautifully for you!


Yay! May your good luck never cease! Have a wonderful weekend. :)


I find it amazing that after all of the struggle and heartache of getting here, you can feel "lucky." And, yet, I felt lucky too when it finally happened. Isn't it the most wonderful feeling to be reassured that everything is going well and that that little "passenger" will soon be riding around outside with you?!

I think that part of the loss of infertility and miscarriages is that when one finally is pregnant, it's hard to celebrate because of the attendant fears. We're all congratulating you, but you just aren't ready to celebrate. So, as your pregnancy progresses, I'll just keep congratulating you again and again as the goodness sinks in. So, congrats!


You deserve it.

Revel in that joy.


I'm so glad your luck continues on, and I'm so glad things are going well. I completely understand feeling unbelievably lucky. I feel that way, too.


Yay -- happy to hear you don't have to go on that sucky diet. And that all is well (although Wednesday's appointment sounded a little . . . um, stressful.)

But I am thrilled to read you feel hopeful and excited. :)


That is very exciting for you. Good luck on your journey!!!! I think you are blessed!

Mary Ellen

That's awesome Thalia! I hope that everything continues to go smoothly for you.


I am right there with you on feeling so very, very lucky. I hope that the rest of your pg is as uneventful as the first part has been, and that you get to really enjoy the last three months. And then all of the subsequent years!


So glad all is going so well. And I hear you. I've been so obsessed with all that could go wrong, yet really its gone amazingly well. Of course, why do I feel like I just jinxed myself for saying that? Oh well, I guess the paranoia never really ends.


I, like all the others, think you deserve every moment of luckiness, happiness and excitement you are feeling. Actually, you probably deserve more of those moments!

So, happy to see this post from you, Thalia.


Lucky is one of the best feelngs in the world. I'm glad you are embracing it.

My Reality

Glad all is well and you are enjoying this.


While the paranoia may never end (and no one would say boo about it) enjoy this moment where you can say - things so far are going smoothly. Hang in there. :)


I'm so glad to hear you happy and excited - it will be great in years to come to be able to look back and smile despite all that you've endured....


So bad luck doesn't have to last forever? That is good news. In all sorts of ways.



And why not. Everyone deserves at least one break :) Glad to read happy tidings from you X

Urban Chick

enjoy, enjoy, enjoy

you sooooo deserve to


Lut C.

Lucky, happy, excited - that's how it should be and how I hope it stays.


You deserve to feel lucky. I think it is good to be appreciative of things. Glad to hear passenger is doing well.


What a great post! I'm so glad you seem to be enjoying it - very important! Yay!


Absolutely. Yay!


That's great T. And yes,great to be enjoying it at last.


It's so lovely to hear that everything is going so very well!


Congratulations on your pregnancy! I visited your site after seeing your link on Kristi's blog. I hope that everything will continue to go well for you!


You deserve it.


lucky? ha! you have EARNED this bliss.
So effing glad that test results were as they should be and that you are feeling so well.


Yep I know what you mean. I am quietly feeling very lucky too that this pregnancy has gone so well. yes I have had GD (or D?) from 10 weeks and been injecting insulin from 12 weeks - yes my pelvis has probably separated a little too much so it is a touch painful to walk, and my iron levels have been a bit low, Oh and it is hard to sleep and even harder to roll over, but I still feel very lucky to get this far and still loving every second of this experience. (oh did I mention my fingers are puffy so I had to remove my wedding ring? hhe). it's all good. Glad you are enjoying the ride!


Isn't it nice when something goes right for a change? Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy. I hope that it stays happy and uneventful.


So glad all is well with the test results, cheers to the good luck continuing!


lucky, indeed. So glad things are still going so well for you. It makes me smile reading your posts.


Dear Thalia,
You deserve for things to go well for you! I am so very happy for you.


Wow, 3rd trimester starts tomorrow! You very much deserve for things to go well. I look forward to reading your updates :)

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