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Monday, 14 May 2007


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Betty M

Your last post about your son was v.moving and definitely deserved separate billing. Yey to the movement and also to the fact that the trip to L&D was so reassuring. I think bold florals on speculums would be quite fun and perhaps they could be gently warmed before use rather than freezing?

(Think this may end up being posted twice - sorry)


So glad everything turned out okay. I had the same pains which I went to the ER to have checked out. Sharp stabbing vaginal pains - they were awful. But I only felt them over the course of a few short weeks.
And yes, I'm a big advocate of calling for any concerns and letting the doctors sort out if they are normal or not. Oh the things I called for...


Dear Thalia, somehow "if you feel something like a knife, stabbing through your vagina, that's perfectly normal and nothing to worry about" strikes me as an odd thing to say... But I am so very glad you had it checked out and that everything was fine. It's not good to second-guess and to worry.

And I'm so glad you're feeling movement!!!


I love a happy ending.

Matthew M. F. Miller

Could you ask for a better gift than feeling your child move?

Well, maybe feeling your child move when suddenly and without warning, $10 million drops from the sky.

But really, I'm so happy for you.

Jo in Utah

I am sure you are now the proud possesser of that Mona Lisa smile. The one that says, you don't know it, but I can feel my baby moving, and maybe I am supposed to be paying attention to what you are saying/doing, but no go, my baby is moving! Sweet moments, forever treasured. You did the right thing, crampy feelings should never be ignored and UTI's are the #1 cause of premature labor, so drink, drink, drink and pee, pee, pee!

Ms. Planner

Hi Thalia - I have been lurking on your blog for a few weeks now. I find your posts very comforting and your medical-related posts very informative. I have had 2 miscarriages in the past 8 months as well and, well, I just think your fertility story is very cool and inspiring.

Kind regards, Ms. Planner


What a relief! I am so glad that everyone took such good care of you and took it all so seriously. And how wonderful and amazing you can feel the baby move.


Ahh.. thank goodness that story had a happy ending. I have been warned so many times that dehydration can bring on pre-term labour, I worry if I drink anything less than 3-4 litres of water these days.

Isn't those movements amazing. It makes me smile every time, even now!


So glad that everything checked out fine :) I think that in the US many hospitals don't go out of their way to help unless the pregnancy has hit the 24 week mark, so it's great that they were so thorough with you.

Congratulations again on feeling the baby move! Just magical :)


I am so happy for you. I'm thrilled that you've gotten to this point and your feeling the little wee one move! What a remarkable sensation! My suggesion is to take video shots when the movements become more evident. I really wish I had.

I'm glad you're okay - enjoy your day (and happy Mother's Day!)


Yay to feeling the baby move!! And yay that nothing was wrong. Not so yay on the stabbing pain in the vagina. At least you know that your pubic symphysis opening up, which sounds lovely and official and utterly normal. :)

Mary Ellen

I am so happy that everything turned out okay, and how exciting that you are feeling the baby move!


What a relief that everything is "normal". I am glad that the hospital did not blow you off.

*swoon* on feeling the baby move...it is something I miss dearly.


I'm so glad to hear that everything is just fine with your passenger. And those first movements are something you'll never forget. They're just amazing...


hi T. good medical care!! i also had those vaginal or cervix stabby pains. was told that if they come & go and are not acute, not to worry. as for the movements - isn't it fun? just wait until you can feel body parts poking! hugs...


It doesn't seem that there is ever a time to stop worrying, huh?
I'm glad it's all ok. Feeling the baby move, now that has to be the best thing.


Wow, I always thought that the excessive peeing during pregnancy was bladder-related and baby-pushing-on-bladder, but it is actually from excessive water drinking. ;-)

Good to know that everything is okay with you and the baby!

As for the speculums, how about gold?


wow, what a great story. so glad you were so well cared for at the hospital. makes all the difference in being able to relax and enjoy it, doesn't it?


I had those very same pains and boy oh boy are they ever worrying. I'm glad they were nothing just like mine were.

And holy that link to pubic symphysis, the first section of course is normal, just like you explained, but eeek, the second section was so freaky I've crossed my legs. I remember hearing about that concept a while back and shuddering. You are a brave woman to read that in pregnancy my dear!


Hi Thalia, So nice you can feel your baby moving now, once she's out you'll miss that forever!

waiting line

Stabbing pains = ok? What a relief but OUCH!


Your last sentence left me with a peaceful, happy feeling. Those little kicks are so hugely reassuring!

My Reality

Congrats on the movement, how very exciting!


That's got to be the best thing in the world. I'm so glad you've reached that point! I don't think any IF patients will ever have a calm and easy PG, esp. if there are previous losses on the pages.

You're doing everything right, and that little bean is responding! Hugs and belly pats! :)


So glad that all is well.

Lady In Waiting

Honestly, I would be hurt and angry if medical professionals made me feel badly for seeking tests given the type of pain you were having! How else could they expect someone to feel?

I am SO glad that everything is fine and that you felt the baby move. How wonderful!

Lut C.

Good to hear you were well treated at L&D and that you got good news. :-)

How wonderful to have felt the baby move! It sounds magical. :-)

Pamela Jeanne

I must be making progress because while I felt a familiar twinge of envy reading your description of what it felt like to sense your baby move for the first time, the feeling quickly transformed from envy to being genuinely happy for you. I'm going to experience your pregnancy vicariously...


I'm glad to hear the happy ending of the L&D story, and also that you can feel movements now.


Huzzah to that L&D staff for being so thoroughly competent and compassionate! Your OB sounds great, too. I am very glad you went in, and I'm excited that you're feeling your baby girl moving.

(I feel bad that I pestered you about this-- I totally understand wanting to keep it separate from your previous post.)


That's really nice.

Perhaps they should make something like this:



I'm so glad everything's okay and that you were able to be seen so quickly. I love your description of feeling the baby...I'm jealous and happy for you at the same time. (More happy than jealous...just realize how bitchy that sounded!)


The movements are the best. That was the one thing that didn't get old. Even toward the end when it got a little painful (the little bugger would curl his toes against my insides, and I actually looked forward to that).


That's good news Thalia, and what a wonderful moment. Of course you will always remember...It was during a waxing that I first felt you move...


Whew! Good to read the pain was normal. I do remember getting loads of pains with LaLa, throughout the nine months. They are worrying though!

X Artblog

Overwhelmed With Joy!

I'm so glad everything is still okay. I couldn't be happier for you!

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