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Monday, 07 May 2007


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welcome back. Glad to hear you had a good trip, but I'm sure it's good to be home. I am very jealous about your in-home yoga teaching - I would love that!

Portia P

Glad you're home safe and sound and that your cargo is too.

Mr G and were discussing how nervous i'd be if (when?) i'm carrying our child. I said i'd be cool, but I think he and I both know i'd be worrying about every twinge. Well done for your doppler-free week.

Hope you get to relax and enjoy your bump - there are plenty of great clothes around for your to dress it in at the moment!


Matthew M. F. Miller

Thanks for commenting on my blog, Thalia: your guidance and support is a real boon to us newbies.

Congrats on a good trip, and all you have to look forward to (way jealous of the in-home yoga). I'll be checking in on you frequently.

Lut C.

Welcome back!

Wow, a personal yoga trainer! I tried a course of yoga once, but could barely understand the instructor. That didn't go too well.


It's lovely that you're enjoying having a bump.
Personal yoga instructor! That sounds intensive. How can you skive when she's not looking. Hmmm my attitude to exercise could be better.


That sound is the sweetest indeed. I was so attached to my doppler that I used it up to the day I went into labor.
Private yoga sounds delightful and I'm glad you're indulging - the body takes a beating.
Enjoy that bump!!


I can't wait to get a bump.


Welcome home.

I love yoga, and one of my favorite teachers from the past couple of years also teaches prenatal yoga, so I have happily switched to those classes. Before the switch, my yoga teachers were the first people besides those who already knew I was doing ivf that I told about my pregnancy.


The yoga sounds good and well done for coping without the doppler.


Sooo jealous! I want an in-home yoga teacher!

I'm more happy though that the little one is thriving!


Glad you're back and all is well!


Was wondering where you were. Glad all is well.


Glad to hear that all is well. About the cramping: I, too, had that and I was *convinced* that it was my cervix getting ready to give up the ghost. Turns out it was just round ligament pain, but it drove me crazy with worry for most of the pregnancy!


I don't think I said congrats on your girl :-) Very cool. Your yoga instructor sounds fantastic.

It's so great that you have a bump now. I'm sure it looks adorable, despite all your fears. Any chance we'll get to see it at any point?


I have a litle one stamping on my cervix these days...since about 31 weeks. Glad you are doing well! Keep up the in home yoga!! xxmoo


I've vowed to go back to yoga this week - make sure you don't overstretch, though I expect the teacher warned you about it.

We have Tivo (one of the few people in the UK to have it - same idea as Sky+ if you don't know it) and it is so good to come home and find all those nice episodes recorded...


Welcome back. Yoga at home sounds positively divine. Enjoy the relaxing and the tv.

Dead Bug

Mmmmm, home yoga--sounds invigorating and relaxing all at once.

As for that stomping-on-the-cervix feeling, I have it all the time, and had it with the last pregnancy as well. Always freaks me out a little, but maybe it's normal?

My mediocre bump and I are right there with you, regardless!



Dear Thalia, welcome back! I'm glad you and your passenger got back safe and sound. And yoga sounds lovely, just the thing after a tiring flight.

I'm beginning (ha! little lie there) to see your point about the Doppler. Getting instant reassurance without prior snarkiness from husbands must be super. I take it you'll be traveling with it from now on? And it's nice to know you're noticing your belly growing day by day -- such an amazing feeling.


Welcome back!
I always meant to take yoga while pregnant, but never got around to it. I'm glad you're finding it so beneficial. And congrats on that growing "bump"!


Welcome back old girl. It is so good to hear that you, H and she-bump are thriving, gorging away on guinea fowl. Yum. What an utterly divine husband you have - mine is divine too but not in the kitchen: if he didn't cook it at uni he can't cook it now.

I'm still struggling with the concept that taking a doppler with you is pathetic - um, pathetic in a bad way?

Love the widget btw.


Welcome back, and yes, sometimes those cramps can be ligament pain, and not cramps. Maybe the yoga will help?

Regardless, I'm glad to hear that you and the passenger are doing well!


Welcome back! So glad to hear that all is well :)

Mary Ellen

Welcome back Thalia! Wow in home yoga training! How very cool. I am so glad that all is well.


Glad to read only good news.

Any chance of a belly pic? Or is that too cheesy? :)


Ms. C

Welcome home. I'm glad to hear that all is well. The yoga sounds sublime!


I'm so glad you and the baby are doing so well -- thank Goodness you're both back safe and sound :-)


Welcome home! I'm beyond jealous about the home yoga. You are lucky indeed!


That's awesome news about the bump getting bigger! I'm sure it was tense for you not being able to listen to her heart for the week you were gone, but I'm glad you found her right away when you got home!

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