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Wednesday, 21 March 2007


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God, you need to catch a break. If anyone ever deserved a nice, borning pregnancy, it's you. I have my fingers crossed that everything is just fine. Hang in there.


ugh- hopefully its nothing, but it does all you make you crazy, doesn't it?


I hereby take back my last comment.

Lut C.

I'm so thrilled to read the results of the scan and blood test were so good.
I'm equally spooked by the bleeding. I really, really hope it turns out to be nothing. Hang in there!


Well, damn. The wee fetus just won't cut you a break, will s/he? You mentioned the edge of the placenta a few posts back. Did they check on the location? I'm sure they did. I had a marginal placenta previa (placenta attached over the edge of the cervix)during my first pregnancy that caused some bleeding at around 14-16 weeks, sometimes brown and sometimes red. Maybe that's where it's coming from?


Well fuck...

Good for you for not totally freaking out (I know how hard that is - I did not manage it). Hopefully it is nothing. I had brown old blood first and then red blood 2 weeks later and it turned out to be nothing. But I didn't have a lot either time.

Please lord, let this be nothing.


I hope you can get in to see the OB, and I really, really hope everything's ok.


I'm sorry you have to have such a scary development so soon after your good scan. Try to hang in there as best you can and don't forget to keep breathing.


Everything was fine. Everything is fine. Let's go with that. That's what I'm going to believe for you, stubbornly. This pg is going to work. You've made it this far with all good news.

Uggggggh. Why does this all have to be so hard?


Hope it's nothing and this is the worst scare you have for this pregnancy. Keep us posted!


Glad you're going to get everything checked out, scared, too, about the bleeding. I'm keeping everything crossed for you and just want everything to work out. It's always something, isn't it? I'm so sorry you're being frightened like this... hang in there. We're all rooting for you.


Hoping all is well.


Ugh - all of this is just so scary! Hoping it's nothing and keeping you in my thoughts.


I know this is mind-numbingly frightening for you. I'm so sorry. Is it possible that the cervix is just feeling a bit irritated from scanning, hence the bleeding? I know it's small consolation, I have no doubt you feel round the bend with worry, but don't hold back from heading to A&E to see what's wrong-peace of mind is worth that.

Brooklyn Girl

Hang in there!


Oh boy,

Let's remember, today you are pregnant with a healthy lovely baby.

Tomorrow will take care of tomorrow, but right now...at this exact moment, stay calm and remember that great heartbeat sound, those lovely pictures, just focus on that.

I'll be thinking good thoughts for you until then. XX

Mary Ellen

Ugh! How frustrating! I so hope that it is nothing. Sending you a hug.

Mary Ellen

Ugh! How frustrating! I so hope that it is nothing. Sending you a hug.


Holding my breath over here. God, I hope everything's OK.


I'm so sorry. It's such a mindf*ck, isn't it?

Like Lindy, I too had a low-lying placenta which caused scary red bleeding at about 16 weeks. Terrifying, but everything ended up okay. Hoping the same is true for you!

Drowned Girl

Oh sweetheart, how frightening.

For what it's worth, at your stage of pregnancy, bleeding really is not a sig of miscarriage as it might be in the very early days, but more likely an irritated cervix or a problem with the placenta. I have known several women who bled, and I can honestly say that they all went on OK with their pregnancies.


Betty M

Hoping this is nothing at all. Could it be some sort of haematoma - I know others who have had them and sailed on to healthy babies after bleeding on and off for much of their pregnancies. The scan clinic will see you again at v. short notice too if the OB is not around.


Oh heavens. I'm so sorry this is such a roller-coaster ride for you!


One is only ever as good as one's last scan. Everyone rubbished wee shortie Cruise when he bought an ultrasound to monitor his wife's pregnancy, but I *so* sympathised. I'd have bought one myself if I could have afforded it/knew where to get one/wasn't so freaked about doing it wrong.

Thalia I am really sorry that you're having such a tough time - it just sucks. Thinking of you.


I was going to ask about whether an internal U/S was done, too -- as this can definitely cause bleeding.

Hang in there, Thalia. I had some bleeding with my son's pregnancy (although I think I was a bit further along than you are at this point) and of course, it was nothing. That is probably NO CONSOLATION to you, I know but I feel this need to tell you something, anything that could help.

Thinking of you!


I wish it could be straightforward for just a while for you as well. Thinking of you.


Fantastic news with the nuchal test.
Hoping everything stays straight forward - I can only imagine how stressful the bleeding is - but some women are sensitive and bleed. Maybe you're one of them, hoping that's all it is.

My Reality

Thinking of you, Thalia.


Rats!! I know its no consolation but I bled (red) like a stuck pig for weeks and weeks. Gotseveral scans and the md always said it was an irritated placenta. (More like irritating placenta!) Sounds like you could have same issue. Fucking scary, regardless. Thinking of you!!

Jo in Utah

Okay, I have stopped breathing again. Dang.


Scary scary. Oh so frightening. I've said it before and I'll say it again. I was never more nervous, anxious and scared than in the early phases of my pregnancy. Good luck. I'm thinking of you!


Like other posters my babes placenta was in a strange place for awhile and it caused red bleeding at 12w and 14w. Since I wasn't crampy docs weren't concerned but still had u/s to check things out. Scary though. Hoping the doc gets you in and all is well with your babe.


Oh Gawd, I don't know about you but I can't cope with the stress!!

Seriously though, I'm heartened that your scan was so good and hope that this new development is nothing. x

the fisher queen

Hang tough sweetie. Update us when you can.


Ugh - why, oh why, can't you catch a break?

Hang in there hon - I'll be crossing my fingers and holding my breath for you.


You know you don't have to do this just to keep us interested, don't you? You're right - the recent scan sounded very good so there's probably nothing to see. Hopefully this is one of those needless scares we're always hearing so much about.



I had a red bleed at 15w2d. Went to the ER and all was fine. Spotting continued for a few weeks. It was red, then brown then red again. It stopped after 2 or 3 weeks.

The doc said it could have been a small bit of detached placenta, a cervical polyp (in which case the bleeding would continue but not be dangerous), or leftover blood from the CVS. They never figured it out, but every check of the baby was fine.

The advice was to sit around, take it easy, be catered to.

YOU should take this advice now.

Thinking about you, and sending good thoughts for a happy resolution to this.


Thinking of you, Thalia, and telling the G*ds to cut you a freaking break here already!


One and a half year ago you were leaving messages after I had a bleeding scare. Now I'm thnking about you. It's awful, it's very scary, but it's good to know the baby is fine. Trust your body won't just let it go. Oh and don't forget to breathe!


I'm sick with nerves... *toes crossed* and I'm sorry I've not been here in awhile... but really- am thinking most positive stuff...


Thinking of you Thalia. I hope everything is ok.


Thinking of you and hoping your mind is eased w/ an u/s tomorrow...


Oh fuck!


I can relate here to. Same thing happened to me first it was red, but light then that night I woke up soaked in blood, but no cramping or pain. I thought I had urinating on my self until I saw that the cold wet feeling was bright red. I went to the ER and they said it was nothing, but the placenta again and the baby was fine. This was almost a month ago and I'm still pregnant. Sounds like you're having the same problem as me and I hope it's nothing wrong.

Honestly it's nice to have someone to relate to...Good luck.

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