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Thursday, 22 March 2007


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T - that is wonderful news. I will pray that you and your hubby have peace of mind in the coming days. Sounds like you're in wonderful and caring hands at your OB.

All the best,

Betty M

Great news Thalia. Glad the OB and his office are being calm, kind and generally helpful. Now you are grounded you can enjoy your meal at the great restaurant on Saturday!


So glad you got some reassurance!


So glad you got some reassurance - it's tough - no doubt about that. I'll be hoping for no blood at least through the 5th.

fisher queen

I'm so glad the OB seconded everyone else. I just wish it weren't all so scary.


So glad to hear that the OB is responsive, but not too alarmist. It is important to continue communicating with him, even if it turns out to be nothing every time. I hope you are able to relax soon.


Phew! What a great doctor.


So glad to read this post. I know it is impossible not to worry while you still have the spotting. I so hope it stops soon so you can go back to the happiness.

Good Luck Thalia!

Brooklyn Girl

I love your doctor. Hope you get to relax soon.


I'm so glad to read the very relieving news! Your OB sounds lovely, and I'm glad you're in good hands. I, too, and voting for relaxation and happiness. You're doing great!


I'm glad he was reassuring. I never understood the whole brown blood is ok thing either.

another karen

Well, I have to confess: I'm not sure I actually "relaxed" after the bleeding stopped, but at least I DID stop freaking out every time I went to the bathroom! :0)

Wishing you nothing but continued good news and amazing little heartbeats....



Thalia- I am glad to hear that your Doc gave you a little reassurance at least. Fingers tightly crossed that the bleeding stops soon, though, so you can breathe a little easier.



What a good OB, I have to admit, I am glad you are grounded, but yes otherwise everything sounds lovely.

As for stopping the progesterone, do they recommend getting a blood test to check your P4 level after a few days off? Just because it was something mine did, almost as a reassurance that yes, my placenta really was taking over. I don't think you need it, but I am curious?

Urban Chick

a great doc, by the sounds of it

glad you are grounded too! my friend had some bleeding later in her pregnancy which she realised was exacerbated by flying, so keep your feet on terra firma for now!



It sounds like you are in good hands with this OB. I'm glad he told you not to get on a plane though - that's just one extra layer of stress that you don't need.


I'm so glad you have a sensible OB who's also responsive and reassuring. He's not brushing off your concerns but still offering you good information while understanding how scared you are and where you're coming from. He sounds like just the perfect fit for you.

tree town gal

Good... love your OB. Glad you are grounded...


Glad he was able to reassure you. I hope it is just irritation from the suppositories and that it goes away (for peace of mind more than anything.)


So glad that you got some reassurance and that your doctors have been great about giving you lots of peace of mind. Hang in there, sweetie. xx

Drowned Girl

That's good news.


Lut C.

Wow 24/7 service!

I really hope things ease up for you soon. So far, the boring PG hasn't worked out too well, but it's never too late to start.


Dear Thalia, what a shock to come back to reports of bleeding! I'm so sorry about that, and so very glad you've had some great reassurance in the meantime. And your test results made me happier than I can possibly say, my dear.

I've been thinking about you so much. Take good care of yourself. The best kind of pampering care imaginable.


Whew...So glad to hear such reassuring words from your doctor. He really sounds great, by the way. So glad he is helping you to feel positive and hopeful (as well you should!).


Glad you got some good news!


I heart your OB, and his staff. Hope the bleeding disappears for good! Enjoy your meal on Saturday - can't wait to hear the details.


Oh good. And add me to your doctor's fan club.

julie B

isn't it unfair that infertiles don't get a break if they do finally get pregnant. I had very scary bleeding at 10 weeks and again at 13 weeks - no obvious reason. But it meant that I did mid-nightly checks until 30 weeks, wore panty liners round the clock and didn't relax and enjoy the pregnancy until the last 12 weeks or so. but boy did i enjoy it then.


I keep checking your blog everyday. Don't you dare let yoursef down. You bear my hope too!!
If you see this post and have time enough,can you please answer a simple question? I've been told that I stim so quickly which is bad (ready to retrieval in 10 days time since first day of cycle, 6-7 day stim). The say that it's because my age (FSH 5.0, E2 really low on day 3) Do you have any knowledge about this? Thanks anyway, dear. And enjoy your pregnancy, somehow I know everything is going to be fine.


Found you here at long last! Relieved to read this post! Will check on you here from now on. X


I'm glad all is well, Thalia. The bleeding can be so damned scary, can't it?

Truly Tested

glad you are in good hands and are less worried!

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