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Sunday, 25 March 2007


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Urban Chick


hope you are ok...


Ditto Urban Chick. Hoping everything is fine hon...




hi Thalia,
hope everything is okay...


Oh God...

Mary Scarlet

Hope you're doing OK Thalia, and this was a slip of the finger or something.


Oh noooo


That menu sounds fantastic!

I'm so glad everything is going well...


Ohhhh...I thought that I had dinner at good restaurants, but nothing, nothing, nothing ever like this.


I am glad everything is ok, wonderful even. This post made me very hungry...I am off to (a far inferior) lunch.

Lut C.

Good to hear you're feeling a bit better and the baby is doing fine.

The menu sounds divine! How lovely that they were happy to take your restrictions into account.

My Reality

You lunch sounds divine. I know know where I am going to eat if I ever make it to London.

I am glad to hear you are doing well!


Ohhh, fabulous menu. I've done tasting menus in a few places. Susur in Toronto was heaven on earth and managed to deal with my lactose intolerance issues & make me a fabulous meal. Other places...mmmm not so much.

For those kinds of 'once in an age' eating experiences, you really hope they'll come through. I'm glad yours did!

Mary Ellen

Sounds like a wonderful meal. I am so glad that you are feeling better and all is well with the baby.


Wow, that is some meal. I am salivating at the thought...

(I am a semi-bad jew, in that I keep my kitchen strictly kosher and make my own gefilte fish from scratch, but when I'm not in my house I order my Sunday-brunch bacon extra crispy and I must have a good lobster at least once each summer. It makes my husband laugh.)



I am glad to hear that all is well in your world... and what a fantastic, out of this world meal you had!

I too know where I'd like to eat when I make it to the UK.

Pamela Jeanne

Wow. Now I'm really hungry, and since it's lunch time here in California, I'm going to take care of the cravings. Just dropping by to say hello since you were kind enough to visit me. Will add you to my regular visits. All the best...


Oh Good G*d in Heaven, that lunch sounds positively DIVINE! Where did you go? If I ever manage to get myself to the UK before I die, I need to know where to have my last meal.

Urban Chick

phew - glad that was a technical glitch and nothing else!

ooh, the fat duck: now, that's somewhere i'd like to go sometime

lucky you...


That lunch sounds positively fabulous. And I am so glad to hear that baby is doing well.




My word. The Fat Duck? I am so, so, SO jealous. I am pea-green.


How exceedingly cool.


Far out the Fat Duck - what an experience!


How utterly bizarre, we were at the Waterside Inn (in the same tiny village which I shall not name), on Friday evening through to Saturday afternoon. I balked at the fat duck because I'm a bit wary of adventure cuisine after some horse-sashimi trauma in NYC...

sounds amazing though!


I loves me a good strong HB on the doppler. Glad to hear the spotting has all but stopped. Wonderful news...and that meal, so glad you could enjoy :-)


Ohhhhhh. Sounds like a lovely experience, and so glad you got marvellously crafted alternatives of your own.


Oh this food post... is killing me slowly... sooooo goooooood sounding.

You might like this blog:

I am doing a happy dance to hear your good news re bleeding stopped. I love your baby countdown widget. Cheering you on!


Dear Thalia, I'm so glad your bleeding has stopped. Maybe it was that progesterone!

Your lunch sounds divine. Your description reminds me of what I've heard about El Bulli in Barcelona, very avant-garde. What a great gift for H!


What a wonderful lunch; I loved your description of the entire meal! I always felt food should should be experienced and not merely eaten (whenever possible). I'm glad they were able to accomodate your pregnancy restrictions.

Also thrilled that the bleeding has stopped! Still keeping everything crossed, and feel free to post pregnancy related posts anytime. I think you've earned it...


The meal sounds absolutely exquisite! What a wonderful way to celebrate H :) And how wonderful of the restaurant to make the substitutions for you!

Glad to hear that the spotting has almost stopped and the hb continues to be good and strong :)


I love the sound of the wine tastings but the menu itself, not so much. However, it matters not a whit as long as you and H had a fabulous time. Just don't take me to that place when I visit you ;)

Betty M

Sounds fantastic if a bit odd - much like the chef himself from what I saw of his tv series. I can relate to the odd interpretation of food rules. Pork was a no for us at home but bacon & ham for some reason were regarded as not really pork! I still stick to that division of OK and not OK.

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