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Tuesday, 27 March 2007


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Oh, Thalia, you poor thing. I wish I could rush over there, bundle you into a car, take you home to your couch and ply you with tea and sandwiches and mindless but good movies. You need a break.

You know that the baby is most probably just fine. But for your peace of mind, it might be a good idea to become a tree sloth (like me) for the next few weeks. And as for flying, it's not that the flights themselves are bad -- it's the being away from your familiar home and medical environment. In stress situations, it's really best to be within safe couch distance.

Hope it clears up right now, and never comes back. Thinking of you and sending you all my best calming and affectionate thoughts.


Oh Thalia... Hugs and calm thoughts coming your way. I wouldn't fly either, but I don't like to anyway ;-)

I know that no matter what anyone says, you won't stop worrying. Do whatever you need to to reassure yourself, put your feet up, and get ready for the waves of good wishes and love headed your way!


My job involves a lot of travel as well and I don't know whether travel early in a pregnancy has ill effects on the fetus, but I do know that it's not great on you. Bleeding at home is hard, but bleeding on the road is ten times worse. I think that you're making a good decision here.


My job involves a lot of travel as well and I don't know whether travel early in a pregnancy has ill effects on the fetus, but I do know that it's not great on you. Bleeding at home is hard, but bleeding on the road is ten times worse. I think that you're making a good decision here.

Plain Jane Mom

Ugh, this just keeps getting better, doesn't it? I'm sorry fear keeps visiting you. I too have heard of people who bled for their whole pg and everything was fine, so fingers crossed.


Not flying certainly can't hurt. I'm sorry you're having to deal with this - I wish you a nice, uneventful pregnancy, but I'll take full term with a live little wee one a the end. I like Kath's idea of tea, sandwiches and movies. Hang in there and enjoy H's birthday today. Sending nurturing and positive thoughts your way. (((Hugs, too))).


There's nothing quite so soul-destroying as the brown bleeding, that's for sure.

I'm thinking of you, in case that helps.

And also? Can I make a suggestion? Seeing as it's a birthday and all, can I...um...recommend a little action in the "non-action" category. We also had a recent celebration during a brown bleed for me, so seeing as no loving was even remotely an idea for me, we...um...shook hands (emphasis on the "hand" part). It helped him, it made me feel like I was a part of something, and it's an acceptable alternate.

(God I'm so sorry if that's TMI, I just know how you feel and wanted to volunteer some assvice).

Urban Chick

oh jeez - dastardly brown stuff - why can't it leave you alone?




Argggh! I'm so sorry to hear about the latest round of spotting :(

I agree with the commenters above about taking it easy for awhile and not exercising or standing for long periods. I also agree with you about not traveling. Staying in town and putting your feet up can't hurt, and it might help.

And happy happy birthday to H!


I'm sorry to hear about the brown stuff, can your Dr. check on the state of your placenta? Is it possible there is a subchorionic bleed still going?

And that glass in your foot? Sounds painful, are you taking antibiotics?

Lady In Waiting

I don't have any experience with this, but I imagine that it is a constant mental battle over what to do/not to do. Maybe this pregnancy will be completely fine but involve harmless bleeding Hang in there!


Sorry it's back Thalia. Glad that you are taking it in stride (or the best that you can). I am sure the doppler will help to reassure you once you get home.


I hope its nothing, let us know when you use the Doppler. I think its wise a wise to stay grounded for the moment, you never know. x


Stupid bleeding!! Go away!! So sorry you're still dealing with this. It probably isn't anything you're doing, by the way - standing, walking, etc. It would be so much easier if there could just be an answer so you would know how to make it stop! Glad to hear you're staying on the ground - good decision. Happy birthday to H.


Crap. I'm so sorry that you are still dealing with this. Thank God for that doppler...


Argh- how stressful. I don't think there's anything you did or didn't do that "caused" the bleeding. I think its just something in your body working itself out. I don't know if it helps, but my mantra my whole first trimester was "nothing short of falling off a horse can 'cause' a miscarriage" and I tried to repeat that to myself whenever I found my mind racing out of control. But yeah, don't travel anywhere. Even if it doesn't "cause" anything, you don't want to be stressed out and anxious when you are far from home.


Oh Thalia...I am so sorry about the spotting and that you are still dealing with this. Hang in there...it is probably nothing. Keeping you in my thoughts.

Mary Ellen and Steve

I am sorry that you are dealing with this Thalia. It just isn't fair. I hope that the brown stuff goes away soon. Send hugs your way.

Mary Ellen and Steve

I am sorry that you are dealing with this Thalia. It just isn't fair. I hope that the brown stuff goes away soon. Send hugs your way.


Ugh - lady, *I* am sick of the blood; I can't imagine what it's doing for you. Issue or no issue, it's just not comforting to see blood all the time.

*hug* I wish I lived nearer to take you out as well for a break... know I am thinking of you and hoping like I've never hoped that all continues to go well.

Despite the spotting.


Oh hell, Thalia, this is so crappy. I've gotten to a point where I'm just pretending like I'm not bleeding (red, not brown, but either way sucks). I've decided not to worry about my own bleeding, but it's so easy to say, and much harder to actually make it happen.

Be well, and take care of yourself.


Oh Thalia, this must be driving you bonkers.

My wish for you is that a year from now you will be commenting on someone else's blog and telling them how you went through a horrid brown-red-brown phase in your pregnancy and it was scary as hell but in the end the baby was born healthy.

Hang in there, Thalia, hang in there.


Good God. Can you take a couple of days off and just lay up on the couch? Take care of yourself!

fisher queen

Don't know if anyone's already mentioned this, and you probably already know, but drink tons and tons of water- more than you think you need. One of TR's nurses told me dehydration can cause spotting and cramping too.

Thalia, do you know that (harmless) cervical erosions are more likely to bleed during pregnancy? and can lead to exactly what you are describing? Hope its sorted soon...


Cervical ectropion? Polyp? Both harmless but worrying for you. I hope everything is OK x


I hope everything is ok. xx


I'm glad everything is fine with the baby. Don't fly. No point in taking undue risks. You'll just worry if you do.

Hang in there! I'm praying for you!


Thinking about you and hoping that brown crap has stopped. Not that I'm a great example or person to be giving sage advice, but can tell you that during my last pregnancy I did a lot of walking and then started to experience some discharge. The doctor said that sometimes walking/exercising/etc can tilt your cervix a bit and cause some discharge.

Anyhow, best advice I was ever given whenever I'd bleed/cramp/etc was go to the dr and not worry about being a pest. And that was from my doctor.

Hanging in with you.


Found out why I was Bleeding Thalia yesterday. I have a blood clot in my uterus, but no one knows how it got there. They said that the clot won't affect the pregnancy because it's not on the placenta and I will continue to bleed until it resolves itself. At least I know my baby is okay, but hell where and how did I get a blood clot in my uterus???

Maybe you should ask the Doctor to see if that's why you're bleeding.

julie B

as per Summer's comment, here I am myself, one year on from some horrid, scary bleeding episodes in my pregnancy, saying that it scares the hell out of you, but brown is good! - well, better than bright red. And weekly reassurance scans are great! Let's hope that next year you,like me, will have a 7 month old teething baby in the next room,and be making the same reassurances on another blog.


Hey I just caught up on your Blog, it's been a while. I am so thrilled that you are pregnant. This is such a scary time for anyone let alone people who who have experienced infertility and so much loss. I'm sorry you are having some discharge. It's hard to accept that it's often normal after all you have been through. I think I checked my underpants for blood every single time I went to the toilet for the first 30 weeks.Thats a lot of trips to the toilet! I have only recently realised that somewhere along the line I stopped. Try to be calm but I know it's so hard. Wishing you the best. Love Betty


I of course can offer no advice other than I feel your pain... me and that darn visitor "spot" or slow brown ooze or whatever you want to call the bastard are familiar - enemies not friends. I will keep my fingers crossed that yours goes away and stays away. As for what causes it - no idea... hopefully you are able to get an answer better than I have been thus far. Good luck and yes isn't it odd we are just a few days apart the 3 of us... in a good way of course :D

waiting line

...everything will be fine - but I agree just forget getting on a plane - send someone else! :-)

Pamela Jeanne

I wish I knew enough about what you're experiencing to comment intelligently. Since I don't I'll just send some good wishes your way...


You know, logically one would assume since you work twenty times harder than most women to get pregnant, you would have a much easier time once you managed to get that way! I hope this pregnancy gets easier soon!


Sorry for late comment - and hope the spotting has stopped now. In case it helps, this is my experience of spotting. I'm six weeks pregnant and have had brown spotting twice in that time. In both cases it was when I had done so much exercise I felt physically exhausted (I'm used to doing a lot and find it hard to stop now I am pregnant). I too got freaked by the brown - but have since told myself it's my body's way of telling me what it needs i.e. to rest up a bit.


I don't comment often but just want you to know that I check in on you daily and that I am sending you every single "healthy pregnancy" vibe I can possibly muster. Hang in there!

Urban Chick

you know, i check in here regularly

but no update since tuesday and you know what? i am pleased because i work on the basis of 'no news is good news'

long may you have nothing of interest to blog about (zat weird?!)



Hope all is well. Thinking of you.


Another one checking in to make sure all is well.


I hope things are OK with you.



Hi Thalia, thanks for visiting my blog! I have read through some of your story, and I am sending prayers your way for this pregnancy. It sounds to me as though things are progressing fine, if the docs aren't too concerned, and the fetus is alive and well. I'll be checking back soon!


Hope everything is ok!


I had pinky discharge at 20weeks after having sex (one of the the times in the pregnancy!). I flew to Oz when I was 19 weeks and I was a pit paranoid but it was okay. The jetlag was bad though!

tree town gal

Thinking of you. Hope all is well.

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