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Friday, 16 February 2007


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Thalia-Been a lurker for awhile. Thought I would tell you I know how hard it is to wait for a scan but also not want one. I had 3 miscarriages in 8 months and now we know why, I have APS.

So glad to hear you are still doing okay. I kept checking, praying to see good news. And here it is! :)


Prayers, finger-crossing, and waves of hope and joy for you coming from across the Pond. I know how hard it is to wait, and the fine edge one walks in these situations. Gentle days ahead for you...


Prayers, finger-crossing, and waves of hope and joy for you coming from across the Pond. I know how hard it is to wait, and the fine edge one walks in these situations. Gentle days ahead for you...


Longtime lurker coming out to say I hope things continue to go well. Would getting one of those at-home dopplers reassure you?


I was getting worried. I am so glad everything is going well. Don't complain about not being sick! Being nauseaus 24/7 IS NOT NICE. Keep us updated!


Delurking to say, this is fabulous news. I am so excited for you and have fingers crossed that all continues well. A heartbeat at 7 weeks is the best news of all!


Delurking, too, to say congratulations and best wishes to you! I know how hard it is to go without a scan, but the results of your scans so far are fabulous. Enjoy!


Such great news, and I pray that this is a stayer!!


Wonderful news! I've been anxiously waiting to get your update! Here's hoping things continue to go well.


My fingers remained crossed very tightly for you and yours. And I'm definitely sending you good thoughts.


Oh Thalia, this is wonderful! A strong heartbeat and the embryo measuring ahead is excellent news really. Lack of symptoms in this scenario is bad for you bcs you worry but not bad in itself - and I'm so very hopeful for you!


Congratulations! I'll be checking back often hoping for 7 more months of great news!

Lut C.

Good shape, I like to hear that. Wishing you a smooth ride!

I can imagine the lack of symptoms would make you worry. But I can't wish you any discomfort, can I?


gosh - glad to hear all is okay. I know what you mean about thinking that bad stuff may happen. I go for my 12 week scan tomorrow and despite having a good scan 2 weeks ago, I am absolutely terrified that my baby has died. (I guess after 3 miscarriages I am entitled to think that way). I hope it gets easier for both of us and that some time during these pregnancies, we can relax. Good luck


Congrats!!! Positive thoughts coming your way for a healthy and quiet 7 months... And happy (belated) birthday!




8 weeks and a good heartbeat, I am so happy for you and will keep my fingers crossed that everything continues to be perfect and normal throughout your pregnancy. What a lovely and memorable 40th present this baby is and will become.


Delurking here too (i guess its delurking week). I will keep my fingers crossed for you, you deserve this!


OMG! Thalia. How wonderful.


I am so excited for you! NBHHY!!

tree town gal

Oh, Thalia, very hopeful news... delurking again to celebrate the progress... fingers continue to be crossed... worried when we hadn't heard from you.


Such great news. Wonderful, wonderful news! Keep us posted--when you can!


Thalia - that gap between finding out you're pregnant and the theoretical 12 week mark is not the easiest. I think you are handling yourself very well and I pray for continued good news from you. Strong heartbeat and good dimensions during the first 8 weeks is a positive sign already. Hang tight and I look forward to more good news from you.


How exciting! I'll join the NBHHY chorus and keep everything crossed for you.


Thalia, I'm thrilled to hear your news! And a natural conception too? Wow!

I know you are scared. But please know that we are all out here rooting for you and your precious cargo. Wishing you continued good luck...


Oh sweetie, I am so excited by this news.... I have followed your blog/s for a time, and I am very happy to see you post this... I will keep a little prayer just for you every night!!!! Keep that chin up!


Yay for you!

My sis had NO pg symptoms AT ALL and gave birth to the healthiest baby ever.

Sending all best wishes...


This is too wonderful for words! I love reading all this from you! Hang in there- pg symptoms are overrated and only serve to make a woman miserable. Please keep us updated!


Congrats Thalia, this is truly fantastic news! Here's wishing you a truly positive and uneventful seven months, with just enough pregnancy symptoms to be reassuring!


Holy crap! That's awesome!!


oh my shit that is awesome! keep us updated!


WHA?!?! That is so great! Totally because you relaxed and went on holiday. *Ouch!* Don't hit me, I was TOTALLY kidding!

Congratulations and I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for a healthy rest of your pregnancy. You are probably just one of those peeps with no symptoms. This would be considered lucky in most people but in infertiles it is merely terror-inducing.

Hang in there.


That's so exciting!
I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you & the little bean.


Wow, Thalia! I'm just grinning from ear to ear for you!

julie B

god there are a lot of natural pregnancies occurring in the IF world at the moment! congratulations! my obstetrician did weekly scans until 25 weeks - he said patients from IVF often like to have that reassurance. Although not strictly speaking IVF, your ob might see things the same way?

Long-time lurker writing to say that news of your pregnancy is absolutely fantastic. I'm so so so pleased for you. I will keep my fingers crossed that this one will be the keeper. My thoughts are with you through the next few months.


I don't think I've extended my congratulations yet! CONGRATULATIONS! It must be nervewracking at the moment. Hang in there. Thanks for dropping a comment at my blog. Bre_astfeeding isn't easy but it really isn't as hard as I was bellyaching about. Don't let me scare you :)


Thalia: Hoping you get good news at the next scan! Best wishes.


Oh, wow! Congrats!!! So happy for you!!!


I have been going through infertility for quite a few years myself. The first time (13 rounds)with my first husband and now with my second husband (4th rounds). I wish everyone the best of luck. This ride is not an easy one. Wish I could talk and give my words of what I have gone through and am going through again, but right now, I really don't have too much time to type and I am quite emotional at this minute, going through my 4th round right now!!! good luck to all and I will send another email soon.

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