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Thursday, 25 January 2007


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Wow - stunning pictures! Looks like it was a really lovely trip. You urban legend, you:-)


I almost missed the really special picture in there. Congrats!!!


Oh, what a wonderful trip--and incredible souvenir!

Commencing the crossing of fingers, eyes, toes, etc. for this one. I'm soooooo hoping for you, sweetie.


Muy trickioso, you are!

Lovely pictures. Can you guess which is my favorite?


Amazing photos! Love the Pee stick! Good luck!


What?? You're pregnant? Nearly missed that one! Many congratulations and best wishes for a serence pregnancy.


Wha?!?!?! Holy Moly! Was this actually a go on a vacation and relax pregnancy?


Congrats!!! Very sneaky putting it way down there like that!


Ohhhh....very happy! Congratulations Thalia, really, first smile on my lips today, and it's evening. Thankyou!


Delurking to say, Thalia I am SO SO SO SO SO very happy for you! I saw this the other day and I just beamed from ear to ear for you both. After all you've been through, who'd have thought this would have been the one!? Keep us posted. Cause you know how much this community cares. *hugs*

Lut C.

:-) Nice how you snuck that in there.


CONGRATS!!! You are a sneaky one!


How did that happen?????? I'm all dizzy with tears in my eyes! Give us some more details please!


Love the pics. Especially the one near the end.


Sneaky, sneaky, sneaky!

You are such a talented photographer. These are beautiful pictures, though one far surpasses the others, don't you think?


I am also delurking to finally say Congratulations. I cried when I enlarged the best picture ever. May you be granted with a joyful pregnancy, something you so deserve.


Very sneaky.... congratulations.


Delurking to say WOW! You snuck that one picture in there. How wonderful. May this be the golden egg that becomes a baby to hold & cherish.


OMG, Pregnant! and I love the way you announced it. Very cool. I have all fingers crossed that this is the one.



Dead Bug

Lovely, lovely, lovely and more lovely. So nice to have all this company in the Urban Legend ranks!



So sneaky with that positive test. Congrats to you both!!!! Looks like it was a great trip.


Love it! Very sneaky!


Wow! Lovely trip indeed!


Congrats!! My experience is leading me to the conclusion that fecundity is increased exponentially as soon as you reserve plane tickets to an exotic local. I can't keep track of the number of girlfriends who found out to their shock and amazement that they were pregnant days before leaving on holiday to the sun or days after getting back. There might be something in these "procreation vacations" I keep hearing about... Whether it was the sun or not, I am very very happy for you.


Looks divine!

I particularly like the phallic cacti and the two plastic widgets !


That picture with all the blue lines in it was the best ever.


Wooooooooo Hoooooooooooooooo, congrates guys!!!


That's it. I'm going on vacation immediately, and won't be back until I can get my pee to do the same trick.

Congratulations hon! Everything is crossed for a safe and pleasant journey for the next 9 months and beyond.


OMG I did totally miss the incredibly special picture. I have looked at your blog 4 times since you posted the holiday pics and totally missed it.

Wow. That is amazing. Totally amazing. Very very special. Well done.


Delurking to say congrats!!!


Thanks for the nice post on my blog. Yes, marriage is hard even harder when going through all this crap. B and I put bandages on and are still a little wounded but on the mend. So when are you going to update us all about this picture huh? I'm dying in suspense.


Phoooar! Loved the photos and especially the nice little one of the pee sticks.... u take care and well done Thalia~!


ok....I'm at work now with goosebumps and tears in my eyes. This is just so incredibly amazing - I am totally delighted for you all!


A delurkers congratulations. I admit that when the photos went up I immediately did the where's wally for the stick. It took me to read the comments and another look before I saw it.

Looking forward to hearing the tales of progression.


Delurking to offer congratulations! Fabulous photos...

tree town gal

WHAT!! Oh so very happy and hopeful for you! I screamed when I saw THE photo. The others are nice but just a sneaky ploy...


I had to supersize that one picture!! But I am so happy for you. I am crossing my entire body that this one sticks!! Hugs!


My first thought...why is there a picture of a pee stick and then....oh my gosh!!



I almost missed it! I am thrilled for you, dear Thalia. Absolutely thrilled!


Sneaky girl! Drop that awesome pic in amongst all of the other gorgeous ones. Keeping my fingers crossed....



Baby Blues

Gorgeous, beautiful and breathtaking pictures! And yes the pee stick is the most breathtaking of all... Congratulations!


You're so sneaky! I hope this is the one that decides to stick around...you deserve it! Congrats!


Congratulations! You so deserve it!


Those pictures are lovely and . . . hey, wait a minute . . . congratulations!!!!!!!!!!! Crossing fingers, toes, legs, everything!


Oh by the way, probably the BEST online pregnancy announcement ever in the infertile blogosphere.

Drowned Girl

I keep checking to see how you're doing...


congrats to you both - brilliant news - please blog soooooon to let us know how you are - been thinking of you lots this week.

Drowned Girl

Please post and let us know if things are going OK...

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