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Sunday, 14 January 2007


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So happy to hear from you. Happy birthday!!


Happy Birthday!! x


Enjoy the sun! Happy Birthday.


Thanks for checking in! So glad that you got to go somewhere fun (and sunny!) for your birthday :) Hope it was fabulous!


wishing you a very happy birthday and a wonderful year ahead (the one you deserve).


Happy birthday to both of us--I had no idea we shared one!


Happy Birthday Thalia! I hope and pray for your dreams to come true this year. :)


Enjoy the sunshine, you deserve a nice escape!

Happy Birthday!

Lut C.

Happy birthday! May you get the best present ever, soon.

Betty M

I was wondering where you were. Happy Birthday! Hope this year is full of joy.


Happy, Happy Birthday! Keep enjoying yourself!


Happy Birthday!


Happy (belated) Birthday! Hope you're enjoying your hols. Being anywhere sunny and warm in January has got to be a good thing! All the best for the coming year. I hope it is full of wonderful surprises :)


Happy belated birthday....you share it with another one of my favourite people!!! Enjoy the sunny climes!


Happy Birthday!! Thanks for the advice about my hubby.


These pics are incredible!! I am sitting in cold, gray Washington DC wishing I was on your holiday!!!

Saw your post on Children of Men - interesting that they would leave out the fact that it was male factor - I agree that it is very political (particularly in the states). I would go as far as to say that the movies suggests that it was the women (but maybe I am reading too much into it).


Happy Belated Birthday! I love the pics on your site. So exotic!

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