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Friday, 15 December 2006


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DAMMIT! Why now? Why to ruin your holidays? Why can't you ever catch just one small break? Sorry, that's not very supportive - just feel so frustrated for you. I am sorry. So sorry.


Oh sweetie,I am so tremendously sorry. You're in my thoughts.


So sorry Thalia - thinking of you.


At the moment I feel like life is kicking YOU really hard all the time with no let-up, and I'm sorry.


I'm so sorry. Wish there was more I could say than that.


It isn't fair. This just sucks.
I'm thinking about you.


I am so sorry about this. You've been through so much.

Lut C.

It knocks the wind out of a person.


Oh, no. I am so sorry.

Lisa P.

I'm so sorry Thalia.


Oh, Thalya... dearest Thalya. I am so unspeakably upset for you.


Damn. Damn. Damn. That sucks. Yes, I feel like life is kicking me in the ass all the time with no end in sight but you my dear are getting more than any one person ever deserves. Damn. I'm sorry seems trite, but I really really am.


I'm just so very sorry. Damn. What else can I say?

Oh, and yes, I do.


Damn. I know there are really no words to ease your pain but let me offer my pithy attempt.

I've been in this place where you're at so I know it hurts like hell. I hope that you find peace with this soon.

If you drink then I'd also suggest a mind-numbing alcholic bender. It, at least, makes you forget for a little while.


Delurking to say, I'm so sorry Thalia.


Crap. Not fair at all. I'm sorry.


My heart breaks for you Thalia. You deserve a break- right now.

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