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Friday, 01 September 2006


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Wow! Nice follicles! Lining sounds good, too. I hope the stars align, and you get the golden egg this time...GL!


Very nice cohort and lining indeed! You have almost made it to the weekend.


Red 4 inch heels...what's that? 4 inch is one thing...but red? There are very few, if any, outfits that can handle red 4 inch heels...and i'm thinking an outfit that involves a white lab coat isn't one of them.

I am lucky enough to not know much about IVF (although that may change very soon)but, it sounds like things are moving along fine (it seems like they could be slightly better...but good still.)

Thanks for posting on my blog and for reminding me to let myself cry. It sounds obvious, but your post made me do exactly that this a.m. Its made my day better.


You could compliment her on the shoes and see what she says. Women at my former workplace wore heels, but that was in fashion advertising, so that made some sense. Carson from U.S. Queer Eye once quoted his mother on red shoes--that they were for hookers and children. I don't agree entirely (I own several pair, plus one pair of 4 inch ones) but they're like a strong spice--should be used sparingly. Could be that she went shoe shopping bc she didn't fit into her pre-pg clothes (shoes and cosmetics fit when nothing else does), or that her feet got bigger during the pg and they're the only ones she has that fit. But enough about shoes.

Good luck with the eggs, et al. Sounds good, even if not as good as you'd like.


It would be nice if she just fell off them darn heals and had to take a week of or something!

Good luck


Looking good in there! Hoping like mad for you.


I can't wait to hear if you ask about the shoe's. I am really hoping you get some good news with this cycle.

Those follicles look really great. Hoping for you...


Oh those numbers sound really solid and good! Sending you lots of good thoughts that everything keeps growing as planned.

Oh, and I think complimenting Dr. Condescending's shoes is a great way to figure out WTF she is thinking.


Naff red shoes aside, I am cheering for you like you wouldn't believe.


Thalia, I have been out of the loop and just coming back to blogland. Sounds like things are going pretty well. I'm keeping fingers crossed! (By the way, I agree: the red patent leather pumps are a bit much for 7am!)

Lut C.

No chance of you taking pictures, I suppose? Camera-phone?

I hope the results exceed your expectations, short term and long term.


I just came across your Blog and plan to check in again. You can read about my infertile journey at www.infertilespecies.blogspot.com (2 IUIs [maybe a 3rd tomorrow] and a tough IVF cycle). I'm a scientist by training so find myself having to understand ALL the details related to a cycle. It's maddening! Your numbers so far look good. Good luck.

fisher queen

Your numbers look great! I think you'll be able to get that many eggs for sure.

waiting line

looking good -- You are looking good, not Dr. Condescendingdontknowhowtodresslikeaprofessional.

you should definitely ask about those tacky red shoes at your next scan. I dare ya!! I can't imagine what she'll say . . . .


These numbers all sound great. It looks like a very good crop. Give them a little chance, they are all together which seems to be very important.

Good luck!


I'll be sending you good thoughts this whole weekend!

And, yes, please ask about the boots. Would love to hear the story on that one.


Nice follicles! I hope things continue looking good!


Hey everything looks great! Wow I'm really hoping you get 7 eggs AND they all fertilise.
Have to say, not that I wear them much, but I own a beautiful pair of high red shoes (M.Jacobs baby), not patent red though, I think that's a whole other ball game.


Everything sounds good! I'll be thinking of you. Have you considered getting your own pair of 4 inch red heels to wear on Sunday?


Red shoes on a Sunday? My Baptist self is aghast!

Your numbers look good to my untrained eye. I'm wishing the very best for you!


very nice follie count and lining numbers you have going there lovely, fingers crossed you get a great harvest next week.


Dear Thalia, sounds like everything's coming along slowly but surely. I'm hoping that means great things for the quality, so you get at least seven. That would be great.

I had a dream like yours too, the day before yesterday. Without the meeting and the bunsen burners, though. Let's hope they're prophetic.

P.S. What are you going to ask her, "I've been wondering. Are those good-luck shoes you're wearing?"


Good luck with your scan on Sunday... can't wait to hear about the results... and the shoes.


Weird mad scientist dream, but definitely interesting. (And I agree with Kristin above: Compliment Dr. C. on the shoes and see what she says. It's just too bizarre to let pass without comment!) The follie count and size sounds promising. Here's hoping!


Great Thalia - sounds like things are moving along well for this cycle!


Red shoes, no knickers is what I've always heard!

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