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Monday, 11 September 2006


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Wow Thalia, that is moving. What a great idea. I don't know anyone personally who died or lost someone as a result of 9/11 either. But that day was life changing. It was the kind of day that you never,ever forget. And the innocent people that died, they deserve to be remembered. Just like all the innocent people who die all over the world deserve to be remembered.

Good for you for doing this post.


Beautiful. Great you've got headspace for writing like you do in your 2ww...


Congratulations Thalia on a great post. Thankyou for celebrating Catherine and helping ensure her 'impact on the world does not go unnoticed'.

(PS. Has anyone told you recently what a really lovely and thoughtful person you are?)

Lisa P.

What a beautiful tribute, Thalia.


You never fail to amaze me. What a beautiful post. Today is such a hard day. I remember refreshing CNN like crazy 5 years ago. It was the one day where our employer didn't care that we weren't working.


Thank you for this lovely post.


beautiful post Thalia you may not have known her but you remember her with lovely style


Thank you for reminding me that although 9/11 was a tragic and horrific event, countless others in the world have and will suffer just as much, without as much attention or remembrance. Today and hopefully from now on, I will try to remember those un-named along with those who died on 9/11.


Thank you for such a beautiful tribute.

I think sometimes we focus on the overwhelming number of people impacted by that day, and forget that each one of those people lived a full, dynamic life before it was cut short. It's touching to spend a few moments hearing about one person whose life touched so many others.


What a moving tribute. Thanks so much for reminding us of the all we lost five years ago. So many incredible people. So many other lives touched by loss.


What a beautiful tribute!


That was beautiful- you really are a talented writer.


Thank you for this.


Very cool of you, Thalia.

How are you feeling these days? I am so very hopeful for you.


Wow, Thalia. That was really amazing. What a cool thing to do! Thank you. And glad you're feeling better. Keeping my fingers crossed for you!


My sister worked for Marsh as well. 96th Floor, Tower 1. A friend sent me the information about 2996 and I too decided to honor another life lost. It was therapeutic to me. My children were so young five years ago..they knew mommy was sad and then she went to NYC. This year I felt strong enough to go to a local memorial service....and took them with me. It was good....very good. It is something I will never "recover" from....but healing is making its way...and I live her legacy. She was an incredible sister and an incredible person...just as the person I wrote about. If you're interested here is the link...http://blog.360.yahoo.com/blog-Eqebk3s0baMAi7RfqJ1H1XD0G5R6G.E-;_ylt=ApffgMlcqaQ_gkIUh.TRpYy0AOJ3?cq=1


Thank you, Thalia for this.



I hope you are still remembering all those who died on September 11th, 2001 via a special commemoration of Catherine T. Smith.

I went to high school with Cathy, and although I didn't know her well, I can tell you that she went to North Rockland High School and graduated in 1974. She grew up in West Haverstraw, a small town on the west banks of the Hudson River. Cathy liked to play softball and I remember her always on the move, she was quick to smile and had a shining dark wing of glossy hair that she wore parted on the side.

I hadn't seen her in over 25 years but recognized her immediately while going through the lists of missing and dead shortly after September 11th, as part of my work with a disaster response agency. For me she is the face of those innocent people, who commuted to work that day, with no reason to believe it would be any day out of the ordinary work day, and were never seen again.

Thanks for this moving remembrance.

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