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Friday, 25 August 2006


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Each time you relate an appointment with Dr. Candour, I am amazed at what a great doctor you have. How wonderful that he treats your concerns with such attention. Though, I wish he would bend the rules and let you transfer 3.

Got my fingers crossed for your ultrasound on Sunday.

waiting line

he sounds like a very good doc indead.

looking forward to hearing about your upcoming ultrasound, and confirmation that you were right!


What a find - a doctor who listens, cares, and even remembers your past together. Good luck Sunday.


Best of luck on Sunday, I hope all goes well.

Lut C.

I remember the trainwreck incident, but I'm not sure I understand what happened to Kay. Something similar, I guess. Very sad.

I'm glad you're consult with the dr. went well.
Good luck on Sunday.


Thalia, I hope things look good for you on Sunday. I'm so glad they're agreeing to let you do more scans than "normal."

I wish, too, that I would be able to use the "future advances" like comparing embryos' DNA to that on a chip - that would be so cool. At least then we could say after a BFN - "it wasn't the embryo." Oh well, I guess we have to go with what we got...

Wishing you all the best!


Good luck on Sunday.


Oh sweetie, thank you so much for the kind words. I will miss my little corner of the blogosphere. And I had no idea about you (or Mare) and the T-wrex. I'm so so sorry about that.

Re: your meds -- on my last two cycles I was taking 375IU Follist*m which is recombinant FSH and (poor responder that I am) the RE suggested we also add in Men0pur/hMG -- basically he wanted to do an IVF stim for an IUI cycle. He also wanted to add in Cl0mid for the first 3-5 days of stimming. I can't remember if you've already talked with Dr. Candour about either of those things. I didn't go through with either protocol, so this is assvice of the highest order.

Keeping everything crossed for this cycle, and hoping for some good progress by Sunday :) Love to you & H,


sounds like a great doc and that you are in good hands.


Sorry I've been away for so long. I can't seem to keep on top of anything in my life these days....

Hoping that everything is looking good on Sunday!


I hope tomorrow is perfect... Good luck.


I really hope that your body is just taking things slowly, and best of luck for Sunday.
As an aside, if you're not happy with Sundays results, I would really urge you to push for having your fsh dosage upped. At my initial clinic I did 3 cycles at 300iu maximum, and only ever got a maximum of 2 or 3 follicles. At my new clinic I was allowed up to 600iu and responded beautifully. When I pressed my RE about the why's and how's of this, he explained that every now and again one person may respond magnificently to a higher dose, whereas in general most people have a similar response at 300iu as they would at 600iu. I ended up at 450iu and responded much better each time, but was told by many doctors that it just wouldn't make a difference.
Will get back in my box now! ;-)

Carrie P

It's good to know you're back.

That is *very* interesting about TopRatedClinic. I have long been suspicious about their stats, but I hadn't guessed at that particular reason. Are the next door clinic's stats even published? Are they dire?

Wishing you all the best for the rest of this cycle.


Dear Thalia, I'm so glad you're getting the clinic to monitor you more closely. It really does seem to make a difference. Your doctor is truly exceptional -- and I'm not talking about his vacation allowance. He's treating you as an equal (and well he should), and he's both knowledgeable and flexible. Plus, and this is the clincher, he's a Mensch. I've got severe doctor envy over here.

Rise, E2. Grow, follicles. Respond, ovaries. Waving my magic wand as I say those words.

By the way, thanks for your info on my blog about the E2 levels and the differences in the units used. I really should have posted the units and not just the numbers. (My high school math teacher would have strung me up for that.) They use the American system in Germany (pg/ml), so my E2 is actually high. Just outside the reference range for day 3. But I'm choosing not to worry about that. (You know me -- I'm so fantastic at keeping worries at bay!)

Womb in waiting

He does sound great...your dr....it makes such a difference when we have a dr we can openly discuss things with & trust. Well good luck & i wish we could benefit from the advances of the future....its a bummer us late ones will miss out.


I love Dr. Candor. And I'm hoping things get moving along for you by Sunday.


I'm glad you had a relaxing holiday and I wish you all the best this time round.
That is fascinating about the clinic next door. I have often wondered how they did it. Thanks for letting us know.


Good doctor. Nice to have one in your corner. Sorry about the 3rd embryo, though. Good luck with the scan tomorrow...


Your doctor sounds wonderful, and I think you've got a healthy working relationship with him.


Hmm, maybe i ought to consider trading up- I haven't even spoken to mine this cycle yet. I don't mind right now- I mean if he shows up for the important stuff at the end- I am cool with it. But it is nice that yours is so open about talking.


Good luck Thalia!!!


Best of luck on Sunday!


It's so great to have you back! Your trip sounded lovely and now you're all rested up and ready to go. I'll be here-- following, hoping, and keeping it all crossed!


I hope this doesn't come out as assvice, but being that I am nearly 42, and you are nearing 40, I would personally opt for the PGD primarly because you are limited to 3 embryos in your country. With PGD you'll be able to isolate those embryos that are more likely to implant/survive. I don't recall how many eggs/embryos you retrieved last time, but since you have nine follicles this time, you theorhetically could have as many as 6 or so embryos.

Here in the states the cost of PGD is about $3500, and the cost of a FET is $2600, and Assited Hatching is $600. So a total FET is about $3200, which is darned close to the cost of PGD at $3500. If you had 6 embryos and didn't do PGD, you'd have two transfers of three, right? But you wouldn't know which were normal or not. Normally 1 in 5 will be normal so it's possible that one of those transfers could potentially not have a single good embryo. If you do PGD, you would do a single transfer obviously but you'd be putting your best foot forward.

Okay. I pray that didn't sound too much like assvice...I'm only conveying the arguement that my own RE provided to me on PGD. We ignored him and now I'm agonizing over my FET of six embryos, and whether there is a good one among them. There probably is, but I just don't know for sure.

Can you override your physician on this if you so wish?

I wish you the best of luck with this cycle!!!

Lisa P.

Thalia, I am an idiot, because I didn't recall somehow that you were dealing with MTHFR too. What protocol are you on that the doc feels you're over-treating??

I'm very glad you're back. :)

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