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Sunday, 27 August 2006


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I'm sorry sweety, I know its very frustrating but I had slow ones on day 8 they boosted me up and bang in a few days up to 16 and 18 mm. Sending grow dust!!

Lut C.

That's a nice mantra, though I'm sure it takes a lot of repeating to reach a state of Zen. Hoping the next scan will be much more encouraging.


Keep on growing, follies, keep on growing! Good luck with the next scan.


Yeah, my brother was like that too -- a really slow developer. He even failed first grade. But look at him now -- he's 6'3" and very, very smart indeed.

This is my light-hearted attempt to say that slow doesn't mean bad, that you should try your very best not to worry, and that I wish you all the best of luck. Hope your follicles get a little wake-up call soon, and you won't have to postpone your days off.


I'll take slow over no in the area of growth-- so hard to be patient though! You'd think with all the waiting we do that we'd be really patient -go with the flow people. nah. Hope everything starts to move and all goes well for you!

My Reality

Your follies have lots of time to do what they are supposed to. Lots can happen between now and Tuesday! I will send lots of positive thoughts your way.


Damn stubborn follicles. Dr. Candour should have listened to you in the first place. Hope that they grow nicely for Tuesday's scan.


I am thinking round, lovely, follicular thoughts for you.


Maybe folicles are just taking it easy over the weekend saving up a burst of energy to show amazing growth on Tuesday. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!

Mary Ellen

I hope that your follies take off and look great by Tuesday. I know this is frustrating Thalia, but try to hang in there. I am thinking of you. Hugs.


Great news about your lining! Hoping that bumping up your meds really makes a difference for Tuesday's scan. Thinking of you, sweetie.

waiting line

I know it's hard but give it a litle more time. Your lining is growing (which is good, of course), and the fact that your ready to take a little more time from work is a great move on your part.

Anything nice you can do for yourself that will help you get closer to Zen? Escape to a quiet room and listen to relaxing music, splurge on some yummy-smelling shower gel or soap and enjoy a hot shower, or get a manicure/pedicure, perhaps?


I know almost nothing about this so forgive me if I sound like an ass. Is it possible that they will have a growth spurt and develop all at once? I'm going to hope that soemthing like that happens and it all works out okay. You've been on my mind.



If your lining was not increasing then you might be in trouble. I think you just have some slow growers in there. I feel your frustration, sweetie.


Just passing by, to wish you GOOD LUCK THALIA.

Alexandra/Infertile Gourmet

Thinking of you and hoping your follicles grow wiser. Fingers crossed.....


Hope tomorrow's scan brings comfort that things are moving along. My fingers are crossed for you--good luck!


I like the mantra too. I have also experienced the frustration of puzzling E2's and /or follie checks. I do recall a few cycles where there was a sudden growth spurt, so maybe follie growth is a lot less linear than we imagine?

Hang in there . . . hope the next check brings better news.


Oh, how frustrating to have to wait, wait, wait to find everything out. I'm crossing my fingers that you will get good news on the next scan...


Mine always grew more at the end...I think you should be fine (my uterus was the problem, not my eggs). Fingers crossed for you.


I know how difficult the follie scans can be. My follies always had a growth spurt after CD 9. Crossing everything for you.


I think your lining getting thicker is a very good sign. I have a feeling that your follicles will be starting to get nice a juicy by tomorrow!


How frustrating, but something is growing. Hope your next scan is more fruitful.


That sounds like a nice luscious lining...hope the follicles get their acts together by tomorrow.


Don't those follies know vacation is over? Hope the scan tomorrow proves reassuring.


Best thing is that there are 9 follicles. They seemed to speed up and grow faster towards the end of the cycle anyway.
Interesting about the E2 on the flare protocol.


thinking of you thalia, imagining those balloons and quietly hoping that this time is the one.



I'll be thinking of you this week and sending some good vibes to your folicles in hopes that they grow grow grow!! Take care.

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