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Tuesday, 25 July 2006


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I don't know if you saw the Independent cover earlier last week that juxtaposed Bush's "Every life is sacred" comment with pictures of dead children in Lebanon. It certainly made it's point very well.


Hmmmph. Don't get me started. Check out Cecily and Julie's blogs for fervent discussions on this topic. Obviously the American babies deserve to live but the Iraqi, Israeli and Lebanese ones do not.

Oooh, you met Kath. I am so jealous. Mind you, I would want her handyman husband as part of the deal too ;)

Womb in waiting

A quick reply about your refrain from telling the ivf nurse where to shove it???? i too often feel i am using all of my refraining powers & not saying what i wish i could - well done....but how frustrating it is?


I seriously would like to see him give a press conference with all of the suffering people behind him instead. And the completely, sickeningly blatant heartstring tugging for what should be treated as a complicated and multi-faceted moral issue....ugh. I hate him. Have I mentioned that?

As for your conversation with the nurse, you are, indeed, very brave and strong. I'd have shouted a bit. I like shouting. Makes me feel better when nothing else can.


Our politicians have gotten into the debate here as well. The problem with most of their arguments is that they have no f*ck*ng idea!

Hmmm ... I suppose that's just politics.

Sounds like you had a great day - I LOVE Modigliani. You guys get all of the fabulous exhibits over there. So few of them actually make it as far as Australia. We get the occasional blockbuster and assorted others, but I'd love the ready access that living in your part of the world would give me.

Glad you cycle is moving along (and that you didn't give Dr Candour too many rope burns!).


Of course American babies need to live- never mind the Afghan, Iraq, and Lebanese babies that are dying right now. Bush is a fucking wanker.

I marvel at your ability not to clock that nurse over the head. Good for you. :)


Don't even get me started on those pictures of Bush. And to top it off I had a "friend" send me an article asking me if I had looked into it. UGH! Also, one thing the article on these so-called Snowflake babies never point out is that thanks to the FDA (under Bush's administration) made it damn near impossible for someone to donate their embryos anonymously.

And what restraint when dealing with the nurse!


I am refraining saying anything about GW...since I have nothing nice to say right now. On the other hand, I am so glad that you are on your way with this cycle. Hoping for only the best!


W is the devil. Plain and simple. It enrages me that he saw fit to block that bill, which had support from HIS OWN PARTY, in the name of what he believes is "moral and righteous." If the embryos are going to be discarded anyway, why not put them to good use to possibly cure a disease? Ugh. I blogged about this last week thinking it would calm me down, and nope! Still angry.

And good for you for maintaining your composure with the nurse. What a stupid question to ask a patient.


I was rolling my eyes so hard at the Bush press conference that I couldn't even see the screen. Which was probably for the best.

And: You met Kath? In London? With tea? And a Modigliani exhibition? You have just described my dream come true. Even though it would sound like she would make me feel very, very short.


You "globe trotters" (meaning you and Kath) are so lucky. Once you meet a blogger, you want to meet them all!

And what's with that nurse? Couldn't she have even said "after your last cycle"? It's quite apparent what had happened, so avoiding the M word doesn't make it go away. What a dip.

just another jenny

I love the thought of meeting some bloggers some day, I am sure you girls had a great time. As for Bush, don't even get me started! I am glad to hear things are underway - I hope you get your reward here on earth.


Uh... glamourous? Muh-wah? Was it the decorative plaster spatters in my hair? Anyway, many thanks for the compliments, which I can return in kind! I had a super time. And do you know you were the not only the first blogger I met, but the first person to introduce me to cucumber sandwiches with the rind cut off?

I'm afraid I missed that press conference with the babies. But I'd be happy to hurl in retrospect. And I admire your restraint with the nurse. If only, every once in a while, one could let oneself use one of those satisfying repartees... sigh.


You may be getting your heavenly reward for not reaching through the phone and strangling that dumbtastic nurse, but W and his compatriots must certainly be headed straight to hell for their actions here on earth. I have to believe that. I have to.


We donated our affected and carrier embryos for research, couldn't imagine not.

You absolutely get a gold star for your dealing with that nurse! So glad you're on your way with the next cycle. Everything is crossed for you - I do so hope this is the one!

fisher queen

Lunch in London, with Kath, and good art, and cucmber sandwiches with the rinds cut off? And tea? Sniff. I wish I could have come.

Bush is not a nuanced thinker. At all. I think he has served the entire world very badly because of it.


I didn't see that GW moment - thank goodness! I'm glad I missed it, I just get way too worked up seeing him do stuff like that, in fact I'm so upset over reading it now, I can't even put it into words.

I usually end up yelling at the TV when he's on especially on certain topics like this one. It is such an embarrasment to our country.

Good job keeping it together with that nurse, I'm sure it took a lot of restraint!

'Nilla @ Vanilladreams

I can't even think about George W., what a moron -- I'm just so glad I'm Canadian, that's all I can say. How many years in his term does he have left now, anyway?!?!

Wow, Thalia, I am impressed by your handling of that nurse! I probably would have given some kind of snide reply. You are a better person than me!! :)

I'm so glad things are underway for now.......When did you say you thought ER might be??

I hope this cycle goes extremely well for you!

Am very jealous of your lovely lunch in central London! My old haunt!! I can't wait to go back to London and take my Hubby with me...show him were I worked, and where we lived (very dodgy neighbourhood!!), and visit all my favourite places! LOL

Who knows!? Maybe ONE DAY we can return there with our son or daughter?!?!?! ;) Wishful thinking, I know!

Take care!


Wow, I can't decide who is a bigger moron...That nurse of George W. It's a toss up, in my book.


I often agree with the Dixie Chicks, both about Earl having to die and being ashamed of Dub.

All my best for your next cycle.


Good luck with your cycle! I think you should have told the nurse what you really wanted to say! :)

Take care


Good job with the nurse! I have days where I restrain and others where it all just comes out!

As for Bush, when I saw the news coverage on the press conference that night I almost threw the saptula I was cooking with at the TV. It is unbelievable what he deems moral. How many more years, 2?


Bush is continually a raging embarrassment. He's really horrifying, it's true. I'm so jealous you got to meet Kath! How fun! Sounds like you had a great time. It must feel good to be starting protocols again.


YES!! I am SOOO jealous!!! I wish I had been there with BOTH of you!

And yes, Thalia... you demonstrated absolutely saintly restraint. I'm very proud of you.

Mary Ellen

Good for you for not telling that nurse where to go! Who does she think she is? What an idiot.

Speaking of idiots.....That press conference made me ill. It is truly a travesty that we have such an asshat for a president.

chee chee

Sounds like you had a great get-together with Kath. I totally agree with you on the Bush stunt. He's an idiot.

VERY nice of you.


Dubya is an asshat. Plain and simple. It's embarassing that there is such a fool in charge-ergh. Hopefully the pendulum will swing the other way and in two years there will be someone with more compassion and intelligence.

Good for you on the restraint with the nurse. I would have torn her a new asshole, but I'm just a bitch that way. And, I'm glad that you had a great time with the lovely Kath. Now, if you could just cross the pond and visit NYC again soon, we could get together for some booze and food.....


Ah, the RE staff and their inane questions. My favorite was when the clerk asked me how it felt to write out a check that big...


George Bush with the "snowflake babies" made me want to knife someone, until I saw Jon Stewart and he made me feel better about the whole thing. I wish Jon Stewart was our president.


Ooooh, how jealous I am that you met the lovely Kath!

I try to avoid all things related to GWB, as when I think of him my blood boils, and I start spitting and muttering profanity. It's not a pretty picture.

Oh, silly nurse. I would have paid good money to see the look on her face had you actually said what popped into your head.


thalia, i want to offer a public apology for any frighteningly stupid, chirpy, "positive" b.s. comments i may have ever made on your blog. thank you for not telling me to stick it.

this whole IF thing sucks so thoroughly. now i get it.


I wont comment on GW nor on the pathetic (yet working remarkably well) attempts to manipulate the general population via cute babies and charming toddlers, into believing stem cell research is a bad bad thing. it makes me furious and sad that there will be people watching those media snippets who will swallow it hook line and sinker.

So glad you had a lovely lunch with Kath it's magical to meet up in person after only having read text isn't it.


You have very impressive powers of restraint! I'm not sure I could have held my tongue with that nurse. Your upcoming holiday sounds wonderful. I hope you and H have a terrific time!


Yes, please don't get me started on GW...
As for Kath, I'm green with envy! Glad you two got to meet. Good job with the nurse also!


Just stopped by quickly to check in. Your London afternoon sounds lovely. I was just back in London last Fall. I spent a semester of college in Oxoford and if I can convince my hubby to move to London I'd be your neighbor in a heartbeat. The current state of my own country's presidential mornoic-ness is yet another reason why I'd move to england. Don't even get me started on the simplicity and stupidity of Dubya. Whoever said Jon stewart for president - i second. Also, your ability to bite back with the nurse is amazing. More power to you.


There are over 500,000 frozen embryos in the US. There have been 130ish "snowflake" children born. I hate Bush and his sick pandering.

The holiday sounds wonderful.


W's message might have been taken differently if one of cute little babies was revealed to have an impairing genetic disorder. He makes me soooo angry sometimes!

And congrats on starting a new cycle!

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