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Sunday, 09 July 2006


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Ah, Thalia.. the delerium of family... I can never decide whether the madness is a good thing or not. Hope your mother's 7oth is a little less intense. Have a great week :)


Your Saturday morning sounds absolutely lovely - Saturday afternoon, somewhat less so. I hope that the training goes well and that you're able to rest some after your mom's birthday.

Womb in waiting

oh thalia, those family do's can be so hard, especially when youre forced to wear a brave face the entire day & answer inane questions...i hope it was all bearable & you get some you time in austria or wherever you can squeeze some in.....hope the training all goes well x


You sound busy busy busy!! I hope this week goes well for you.

I love a drunk MIL. I am lucky enough to have two and both of them are hilarious while under the influence. At a wedding we were at earlier this year, step-MIL had a few too many and wanted to share her musical 'talents' with an audience. She kicked the drummer off his kit, ripped her shirt off (she had a camisole underneath) and proceeded to bash the drums indisciminately without rhythm or any connection to the rest of the band. Needless to say she was very embarrased the next day.

I'm glad you at least had a moment of amusement in what could have been a completely difficult day.


Yup. Big family gatherings with tons of kiddies -- and you're the only couple there without any. UGH. Been there, done that. It can be...so...crappy. (But the drunk MIL part sounds like a hoot. At least it was distracting!) Anyway,I hope your mom's b-day and your trip to Austria go well. Thanks TONS for stopping by the new blog and for being so kind. I really appreciate the welcome!

Take care,


What a busy weekend. Hope you have a great evening!

waiting line

it doesn't sound like you wanted to kill anyone so, all in all, I think you came out of that family gathering quite well. :-)

have a good, productive week. we'll be here for ya when you get back.


Hope you have a good week. Hugs.

Lut C.

Gosh, and I can't even handle a small family gathering with no more than two kids. Granted, two infants, but still.


Oh, what a nice thing for your client to say. Clients just don't say things like that often enough, if you ask me. Yay you!

Hope your week in Austria goes well. Hang in there.

Mary Ellen

I am sorry that your Saturday afternoon was difficult. I hope you enjoy your trip to Austria. Hugs.


Geez, that all sounds like quite a lot. I hope you are able to find some time for you in there.

just another jenny

Flying to Austria? How posh! The parties sound like quite the affairs. I hope mummy's party went well, despite the less than perfect nails.


*Sigh* Family-can't live with 'em, can't leave 'em at the side of the road later, either....

I remember as a kid that whenever something was burnt (whether it be on the grill or toaster), my grandmother used to tell us that it was fine, because the "burnt was good for you-it settled your stomach" Uh, wha? We haven't eaten anything yet to give us a bellyache!!! Maybe the burnt bits cancelled out the possible salmonella exposure, who knows.

But, drunk MIL's are always a plus for entertainment, especially if they drool-that's the BEST-and you have it captured on film. Priceless. I have a few rolls myself, tucked away "just in case".

Enjoy your trip!


Drunk MIL... must have made the craziness a bit easier to deal with.

Hope your trip to Austria is enjoyable.

Take care


Hate the large gatherings of procreatively gifted relatives, especially with the concerned/questioning looks. Blech. But at least you had some fun entertainment.


I am jealous about your trip to Austria....Not so much about your in-laws! :-) Take care,


I am tired just reading your post...

Enjoy your trip to Austria. I hope you get some time for YOU sometime there!



Wow, Thalia! You are busy! Hope you have a good trip - can't wait to hear about it when you get back!


Oh Thalia I'm glad I'm not the only horrible person who lies about having run benign errands.

You're a brave woman.


I am so sorry to hear about your news Thalia. Sorry I am a bit late to drop by - was away and tried to get the baby thing out of my mind.
Will be thinking of you. Take care of yourself.


Thanks for your inpiring works Thalia. You shook something loose with your comment on my site that I will have to think about.

Thanks again, looking forward to your next blog.



I just stopped off to see how you are and was heartbroken to read your news. I'm glad to see from this post that you're finding ways to bear up. Have miscarriage, grit teeth, get manicure. They really should be sure to add that tip to the handbook.

We had 3 46XYs before Turtle finally arrived, so I feel your pain. When my husband, a "junior," wanted to name Turtle "Husband's Name, the third" I nixed the idea by pointing out that Turtle would actually be the sixth. Hope that somewhere down the road you'll be able to have such a bitersweet discussion...


Oh sweets, I know family is sometimes awkward, but they are entertaining in a rubber neck accident sort of way. Of course my family is super small and you cannot escape my father doing the moonwalk about the backyard, even if you want to. Have some fun in Austria, eat some choclate covered prunes or something.


Thalia, I'm hoping that Austria is treating you well this week. Sounds like you needed to get away after all the in-law antics.

(I can't believe he put the cooked meat back on the same plate that it was marinating on. Yikes!)

Rest well and looking forward to hearing from you when you get back.


Drunken MIL...maybe I should try that on mine. Make her and her little comments easier to take.

Take care of yourself in Australia. I hope it's at least a little bit fun for you.


Growing up as an only child from a VERY small extended family, I have always had this idealist, notion of "family" but now that I am a part of a slightly larger one through marriage, these sorts of gatherings do tend to make me wonder why I wished so hard for them in the first place!

Have fun in Austria!


hope the birthday was a good one and you had a bit of fun, good luck in Austria enjoy yourself all the other stuff can wait until your back and ready to face it again. have fun chickling!

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