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Sunday, 04 June 2006


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I'm just so sorry and angry that you're going through this... whatever the outcome is going to be, THIS is torture.

fisher queen

I am sorry you are having such a hard time Thalia. I've been thinking about you, and will hope for the best on Tuesday.


I didn't realise just how big my breasts had become until after they went back to normal. Normal is really small (and the nipples too). If they're still big, there's still a pregnancy - I hope (hope) that you are on the right side of those statistics.

But if you're not I would definitely recommend the D&C. Not because it was a pleasant experience, mind you, but because I was the only thing in all of this I could control. It took some of the fear of when and how away it was going to happen and meant I could start getting back to normal again sooner.

I know this time is crap - I hope the distractions are proving enough.


I just realised that the last sentence of that second paragraph is a bit twisted - feel free to put the 'away' in any appropriate place!


I am keeping everything, I mean absolutely everything, crossed for you. I hate the agonizing waits. No one should have to be tortured that much. Good luck on Tuesday!


Dear Thalia, I'm back home now and catching up. I'm so sorry you have all those family responsibilities and now a speech to take care of in addition to your huge load of limbo. The strain must be excrutiating for you and H.

Hang in there, my dear. It's not much longer now.


I often thought of limbo when going through infertility; we found out two weeks ago in baptism class that the Catholic church did officially abolish limbo. However, they also described it as a "happy place" and "like heaven." Yeah. Right.

I'm thinking of you, Thalia, and am sorry that you have all this family stuff going on right now. Take care of yourself.


I hate that you have the family stuff adding to your already heavy load - it makes things even harder. I hope those two sleeps go by quickly and that you will have resolution shortly. I desperately hope for a positive resolution for you, dear Thalia. Thank you for being so supportive of me during your hell week - I can't say thank you enough. Good Luck with the speech as well.


I hope the next two sleeps go by quickly and with better dreams.

I'll be thinking about you on Tuesday, I hope all goes well, and better than you expect.


I'm Catholic and the thought of abolishing limbo just seems so wrong- like the Pope suddenly deciding to do Mass in jeans.

I can totally relate to this post. The weeks of blighted ovum limbo, the limbo between cycles, the limbo between do an FET vs. adoption- I feel like I've spent years of my life in limbo.

I'm sorry you have to go through this. Hope the weekend was okay. Am also feeling a bit aggrevated with family obligations, so I can relate.


Limbo is a terrible place to be because there is nothing to do and everything seems to be beyond your control.

I chose the D&C for the same reason and it was something that I could control. Generally I don't like surprises and would much rather get it over with than to have it drag on.

Thailand is one of my favourite places in the world. Which spa did you go to?? I would love to know because we had planned on going back again this fall.

Take care and I hope that Tuesday will come quickly for you so that there will be some answers.


Yep Limbo Land is the absolute pits, I'm sorry about what's happening. I hope you don't have to make the decision, but I opted for the d&c as well, I had had a chemical prior to a 9.5 week m/c and that wasn't very pleasant.

Hoping Tuesday comes quickly and brings good news for you!

oh and you never know with symptoms - I didn't have nausea until 7-8 weeks and then it was pretty much nothing.


Thalia, i am thinking of you. Limbo is the worst. Perhaps, though you can't escape it until you get more information on Tuesday, try indulging in an alternate outlook. it might help take the edge off a little. (?)

that is to say:
1) fact: you will survive this and move ahead, regardless of outcome. look at your track record and interpolate.

2) fact: what is already is. the next 2 days of waiting won't change whether your pregnancy is viable or not.

i am thinking of you and hoping for a good outcome. i think you should plan on Thailand regardless. ;) after all, there is life to be lived. hugs

Mary Scarlet

This place you're in stinks (to put it very mildly) Thalia. I am still hoping wildly that Tuesday will bring good news for you. I will be thinking of you.


This is awful. I'm so sorry. I am still holding out hope and praying for a positive result on Tuesday!!


You know that my thoughts and hopes are with you, my friend.


I hope the next two sleeps pass quickly--and that you get some rest. Limbo is the absolute worst place. I know longer even wish it on evil SILS.

I hope you get good news very soon. Mostly I hope that you get out of limbo. Thinking of you and hoping like mad for you.

(And v intereted in any Thailand info/tips as we're going there in December)

AnnMarie@come undone

Fingers crossed...I'm thinking of you.


I just wanted to pop in and say hello. I have no words that will help or make you feel better. Take care and I am thinking of you

Mary Ellen

Oh Thalia, I am so very sorry that you are going through this. I hope that the time between now and Tuesday passes quickly so that you can get some answers. Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.


I very much feel your limbo pain. I have very bad feelings about my Weds. ultrasound. And I have my list of whys and why nots as well. I'm so sorry you are having to got through it too, it really really sucks

Lut C.

Ah yes, the symptoms game. I'm trying very hard not to play it, then again the stakes are still very much in terms of hypotheticals.

What you have is real. That makes facing losing it all the more excruciating.

Limbo indeed, more like the Spanish Inquisition!


Oh, Thalia, it's a wonder you and H are able to do anything at all. I'm sorry you are having to go through this, but I too am holding out hope for you on Tuesday.


Thalia, I just hope that your lack of normal syptoms is your own unique response to pregnancy and that all is well. May Tuesday come quickly, bearing good news, so you can leave this state of limbo behind you.


I am Catholic and this is the first I am hearing about doing away with Limbo. Although, clearly, Limbo still lives on your blog. I would love to meet up with you when I am next abroad. I plan to be drinking some danm alcoholic drink while I am bringing you some crappy Malvern water or something of the sort. Am thinking of you v. much.


..Thinking of you, Thalia...


*hugs* What a nightmare. I'm hoping against hope for you, even though I know the chances are slim.


What a nightmare indeed. I'll keep my fingers so crossed for you tomorrow. What more to say? Nothing that would make anything any better, except that I keep my hopes high for you!



Not being constipated doesn't mean shit (no pun intended).....I've been more regular pregnant then I was not pregnant.

Still holding out hope for you.......

Carla Hinkle

Thalia, we all will be thinking about you tomorrow -- hoping against hope while planning to be there no matter what. Take care.


Thalia...just one more day...I will be thinking of you tomorrow! Hang in there.

Gravida Zero

I will be thinking of you tomorrow and keeping my fingers crossed. I hope that H starts to feel a little better, and you too.


Thalia - still thinking of you. At my 5w4d u/s - all the RE looked to see was if there was a gestational sac. No looking for yolk sacs or fetal poles or anything - so I'm hoping that the 4 days difference really is negligible and that tomorrow's u/s shows you only reasons to celebrate.


Hope you sleep well tonight, my dear. Good luck with your speech, and above all good luck tomorrow with your ultrasound. I'll be thinking of you and sending you all my best supportive vibes.


Thalia I am thinking of you anxiously. I hope you get good news tomorrow.


I just wanted to let you know I'll be thinking of you tomorrow and will have all crossables crossed.


Thinking of you today Thalia!


which thai spa resort did you go to ? i am in need of exactly what you wrote about it, but could not find on the internet yet.

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