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Tuesday, 27 June 2006


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Vivien Jane

Hi Thalia
You make me feel thick!
Can you give me a link to the stuff about miscarriage, as it affects women losing the 'empty gestational sac' (doesn't that sound soulless?) I think that's me, and if there is any more I can understand about it, I would be grateful. This is the first time I have ever heard a distinction made between the two.
Thanks for all this, but I fear you have made a rod for your back!


#2 & #3 under miscarriage are most relevant to me- particularly the bit about having a boy first may activate the immune system. Interesting...


Wow . . . Doctor Thalia, impressive and informative summary. Thanks for taking the time to share it with us all!


You have missed your calling. Excellent summary. I had no idea that endo affected egg numbers. I wonder why.

Gravida Zero

Wonderful summary!!! I didn't even feel stupid when I read that...Yay!


Thalia, thanks so much for this. Now I can go to the titty bar without sifting through all this on my own!


My brain hurts.


Good info! Thanks for netting it out for us like that.

My brain hurts, too :-) I'll come back to read a second time. Haaa.


Thalia, you are full of useful information.


Wow... very impressive and interesting. Thanks for sharing with all of us! Would you post a link to the PCOS info... I'd like to have that information since I still battle PCOS after my successful IVF.... having a baby doesn't cure us infertiles and our issues! Have been reading your blog for a few weeks, as well as your archives... thank you for blogging and sharing your life and experience with us. Hoping that you will have success soon so that we can celebrate with you when the time comes. In the mean time, I hope that the knowledge that others are thinking about you will help you find peace and give you strength in the days ahead as you take your next steps! Kristin

kristin - again

DUH! You did link to it... I'm such a block head! Thanks so much... I'm off to read about PCOS ... let the fun begin! Kristin


Thanks for posting this. Very informative. #4 under Genetics has been my theory about why my husband and I have had so many failed cycles.


Wow, that's a lot to take in. Some of the stuff is stuff I've read and some is new. All helpful. For the most part, the numbers make me lose the will to live too...


Thanks so much for the summaries!

W/ regards to the behavioural therapy, this isn't the first study to find that in women with FHA, behavioural therapy can and does help. But that doesn't mean that every case of FHA is due to stress, nor does it have anything to do with any of the myriad of other infertility diagnoses out there. I really wish that the media would do a better job of distinguishing!


Good stuff, Thalia! Many thanks for sifting through all that and putting it out there so succinctly.

There's a lot of stuff to think about there, but unfortunately my warped mind is focusing on the hilarious question of whether any gynos or REs go to titty bars, after a hard day of looking at cooters.

I hope you're doing OK.


thanks, Thalia! I will print out your summary and put it in my ever growing folder.


Thalia--first of all thanks for sharing all this info and taking the time posting it. Second of all...I have to agree with the other women...my brain hurts, but in a good way!


Immpressive summary. You must have put a lot of time into this, and I hope it'll be helpful for you and others (even with all the contradictory stuff).


Thanks for spending the time to write out summaries of these results.

Now, let's hope all our RE's are keeping up to date with this as well.


Fantastic summary of such a wide range of topics! Thanks so much for putting this together!


Impressive distillation of what must have been lots and lots of articles. Thanks!

Mary Ellen

Wow this post has a lot of wonderful and helpful information. Thanks so much for taking the time to summarize and share it with us!


Wow, Thalia!

Thanks SO much for distilling all of this information for us!! It's fabulous, and very interesting.

How are you doing though??? I've been wondering how you are and what's going on.

I've been checking for "updates" daily, but I guess now I know what you've been "up to" these last few days -- sorting through reams and reams of abstracts!! ;)

I hope you are doing okay though, given everything you've been through lately.

wishing you the best,


tremendous post - an excellent summary. i have been reading a lot this week but missed a lot of that. fascinating.

yes, i would like to know how you're doing as well. thinking about you. hugs


T, I hope you are doing OK.

fisher queen

Wouldn't it have been interesting to be around for that conference (and not just for the purposes of punching the clown people)?

I was encouraged and discouraged at the same time about the research being done on implantation. It's such an important part of the process, and they seem so far behind. But wouldn't it be fascinating to learn more about cell division?

-The endometriosis stuff sounds right on target, as does the research on protocols.

-For the life of me, I cannot understand what "aneuplody" means, even when I looked it up. Said the never had anything to do with science or math woman.

-Is PGS the same as PGD in the US? A lot of this would suggest that screening embryos before transfer might be beneficial to more IVFers than previously thought.

I hope you are doing OK too. Given what little I know, I think throwing yourself into research has helped you in the past. I hope it has helped a little now.

Ellen K.

Thanks, Thalia! Great summaries. I'm off to look up the male factor stuff.


Impressive! I know I just wouldn't have the patience for something like this - thanks for sharing.

I hope you're travelling OK and the hormonal crash has been gentle on you.


Damn, you're good! This is exactly why I read people's fertility blogs--hoping to learn something I don't already know. Many times this doesn't happen, but your post has given me at least two questions to ask my doctor. Thanks so much for being such a smart, pro-active person. I have a lot of respect for you.


great stuff thalia. you rock!


Thanks for all of the info!!


So when are you opening your own clinic? Thanks for the informations!


This is excellent! Thank you!


What a lot of good information! Nice summary!


Thank you for the summary - very nicely done.

Lut C.

Thank you for putting your time and effort into this post. This is going into my 'keep' folder.


my gosh.useful clear wonderfully written. thanks.


Thank you so much, Thalia. Really really interesting and informative. x

Womb in waiting

thalia - a huge thank you, I feel as tho I were a delegate at this conference,.....I'll digest it all & hopefully this new info will be helpful for all of us. Thank you. And also - it wasnt a stupid question -whether id read the coming to term book - believe it or not, despite my being thorough in researching RPL - id never seen this book. Most of my research was on the net. Nikole told me abt it only recently & ive ordered it thru amazon - thanks again x


Is it mean if I say that I wish you were male factor so I could benefit more from your super smarts? Wow, you probably could do your own cycles if only you had a didlo cam!


My head is spinning. Very impressive summary. Thanks for this. Not sure what it all means but I also hope that our RE's are keeping up with all this new research. It's encouraging and discouraging at the same time.

My hubby always asks what golf course my RE is on when he's out of the office, but I like the idea of him being at a titty bar much better -- trading cooters for hooters!


Well, my brain has recovered enough to post but not enough to say more than thanks. Great information.

Dead Bug

Wow. This is absolutely fantastic information. Thank you, thank you, thank you for putting this together. I had found some of these articles but not some of the most interesting ones. I am bookmarking this post.



Thanks for the interesting information!

I am just back from my vacation and am catching up. I am so very sorry about your loss.

Take care


Any chance you're an RE and just haven't told us? You explain everything much better than the professionals!


Wow, Thalia, I'm impressed! As I was reading I had a flashback to the blogger's luncheon in D.C. where you told us that your degree helped you understand scientific studies to see whether the researchers were lying or not. You weren't kidding! You must have worked hard on this post...thank you.

It's all a bit much for me to take in at once but I think I'm going to make a permanent link to this post on my sidebar. This is a great reference site. Thanks again!


Thanks so much for all of this information. You are amazing!

Suparna Tyers

Hi Dr Thalia,
could you please tell me if DHEA is still considered beneficial forn women with age relatied fertility issues about to undergoing IVF? I did an IVF cycle recently and no eggs were foudn in the two follicles that developed.

kind regards,

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