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Tuesday, 13 June 2006


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I'm so very, very sorry. I've been thinking of you and H and glad things went as well as they did. Rest up and take good care. I'm just so sorry. Here's to healing and next steps.


Glad this is over and went well.

You might find yourself dashing to the loos at work a few times, but slowly you'll start feeling better.

Take care.


Thalia, I am so sorry that your pg ended like this; it just isn't fair. I respect and admire you for wanting to continuing trying and have faith that it will work for you. Take care of yourself.


I'm so sorry. This wasn't the way it was supposed to go. Take care.

Rachel Inbar

You've got a great attitude. I hope your next cycle will be the one :-) Take care of yourself!


I am so sorry, Thalia. Please don't try to do more than you can right now, trite as it sounds your body will take a while to recover. I overdid it a bit and found myself in pain and bloated all over again. The crying thing was very disturbing, I felt like a complete idiot but couldn't help myself at all, I simply had to cry bcs we didn't have ice-cream or what have you. I do admire your strength, very much.


Dear Thalia,
I only just read this post. I am so sorry that you had to go through this.
i am glad that the doctor thinks that it is worth you trying again.
Good Luck to you, and I hope you recover soon.

Sunny Jenny

Thalia - thank you so much for opening a window into your life.


So sorry, Thalia. I'm glad that the doc is hopeful you will get pregnant, but it must just be so hard for you and H right now.

Lisa P.

Oh, Thalia, I'm so sorry for your loss.

I hate that this has to happen to anyone, but it seems especially bad when it happens to one who's had to work so hard to make it happen in the first place.

I wish there were something better to say, and I know there isn't. I'll just be keeping you in my thoughts.

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