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Tuesday, 13 June 2006


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I'm so sorry that your first pregnancy ended this way. My heart goes out to you. I'm glad that Dr. Candour is optimistic about your future chances, and that you haven't given up either. Big virtual hug!


Lets do sad and lonely together, sweetie. I am glad that you made it through. At least you now have a full stop at the end and I agree with Dr Candour that there is hope for the future. I am thinking of you and H.


You've been incredibly strong, Thalia. Were all thinking of you.

AnnMarie@come undone

I felt like I was reading my own story...just breaks my heart. I won't tell you to feel better and look on the bright side. I know how important it is to just feel. Be sad. Be depressed. Cry. Do what you have to do to properly mourn this. We're all here for you.


I'm glad you've taken some time off work; the hormones crashing can be a bit much. I'm also glad to see that your RE still has faith and remains hopeful for you. I’m so sorry once again Thalia.


Thanks for the update, dear Thalia.

I'm glad things went well (although using the word "well" in this context is pushing it) and that you've got a bit of time off now.

I'm also glad that Dr. Candour was able to reassure you about the future. I like him.


Your Dr Candour sounds wonderfully reassuring. He even reassured me too! I spent my days post surgery reading and watching trash. I had some work to do as well, but I just couldn't bring myself to face it. Try to take this time just for you ... work will still be there when you return. I hope your review goes well. I think mine will reflect that I've been a bit distracted this year...


I'm so sorry Thalia. I am glad your doctor provided you with some hope, and my wish for you is that you hold on to and remember this hope as you mourn your loss.

fisher queen

Thalia I am so sorry. I wish this had turned out differently.


Thalia, I'm so sorry. This was the outcome I expected, but I still had hopes of a last minute miracle. Poor you, poor H... I wish there was something I could do.


I'm so sorry. You will carry that sadness around for a long time. It gets better, but it doesn't go away. About the genetic testing, we didn't have the first one tested (too early), but we did for the second. By the time I had my D&C (I had to wait over a weekend) the embryo had already been reabsorbed. But they were able to test parts of the placenta. Hopefully it will give you some answers.

I've been thinking of you. *hugs*

Mary Scarlet

Thalia, I'm glad your Dr. has given you a good prognosis for future cycles. I'm so terribly sorry that this has happened. Glad you're off work for a few days; the emotional pain is enough without any physical problems, but I'm glad you don't have any of those.


I'm glad that things went smoothly for you though I very much wish none of this had to have happened at all. Rest up during your days off. I hope the weather stays cooler for you.



Just wanted to let you know that I am thinking of you and am relieved to hear that you seem to be OK. I know the pain and sadness come in waves, but I'm glad to hear you talking of the future. Wishing you all the best.Take care of yourself.


Thalia, I am thinking of you. I'm sorry for the day and all of it. The whole bit. Take care of yourself.

Emma B

I'm sorry, Thalia. Please take care of yourself and H.


Thalia-I am glad you are taking a few days off from work. bad TV and chick novels can be very theraputic.

I so wish this had not happened to you. Be good to yourself. Thinking of you.

Carla Hinkle

It is just so not right that you have had to go through this. You've shown incredible grace and we are all proud of you.

Robber Barren

Oh, Thalia, my heart is breaking for you. I wish, I wish, I wish I could undo all of this and heal your pain.


Oh Thalia--I hope you realize how strong and brave you are. I just want to let you know that I've been thinking of you. Take care.


THalia - I hate that you are going through this. I hate that I understand exactly what you are feeling. I hate that neither of us want to give up but neither of us really will ever feel hopeful or confident in our pregnancy. This sucks.


I'm just so damn sorry that you had to go through all of this, Thalia. I'm thinking of you so much.


i'm very sorry thalia. very, very.


I'm so sorry you had to go through all of this. I'm glad Dr. Candour was able to give you hope for the future--he sounds amazing.


I'm so sorry.

Mary Ellen

I am so sorry that you and H had to go through this Thalia. You are in my thoughts. Hugs to you.


I'm so sorry for your loss. Please take care of yourself and H.


I'm so sorry. I think you should take at least a week off - I took two the first time and a week this time. Your mother would tell you the same...


I'm so sorry about your loss.


I'm just so sorry that things turned out this way for you. Sending you healing thoughts and hoping the opulently clueless stay far, far away.


I'm so damn sorry.


I admire your strength. I'm glad that you're looking to the future, too. Please take care of yourself. The hormone dive is killer, I've heard. Try not to blow snot bubbles on Polish man...but if you do, that's ok, too. Big hugs to you Thalia. I'm sorry we didn't meet in person, but I feel like I know you.


I'm so, so sorry Thalia.


Thalia, I'm so sorry for you - I am relieved for you that this "ending" is over, and that hopefully, in your own time, you will be able to again think about "beginning" again. Take as much time as you need.

It will happen for you, Thalia.

Thinking of you and your hubbie.


Again - I'm sorry. I know that's not enough, but I can't fix things like I want, so it'll have to be "I'm sorry." This stinks. I'm glad you are on the mend, feel free to vent as needed and know we're all here for you as you and your hubby cope with this loss.


Well I guess Dr Candour answered my question of the day - better at least to have been pregnant. I am so glad you are already thinking of the future. Hope I guess will keep you going. That tiny feeling of hoping that against the odds the scan might show things to be OK after all, I recognise completely.
I am so sorry you are going through this. I hope you don't have a bad hormone wind-down or the Polish bloke will be in for it! (Not that I care about him, but I know how humiliating all these tears in the office can be).


Your story reads so much like mine. I'm glad that the really hard part is over (the surgery) now onto the real healing. Rest well, my lady. *hug*


I'm so sorry for the way this turned out. Your strength is truly inspiring.
Be well.


At least now you can start to heal, physically at least. And here's to hope for the future. You're not out of the game yet.


Cry. Read. Sit in silence. Do whatever you need to do. This is a time to take care of yourself and let H take care of you. And breathe. When all else fails, breathe.


Thalia - I'm so sorry. Thinking of you. {{hugs}}


Yes, it's amazing what power is in the words "But, you got pregnant".
This time around I'm taking the route of not grieving, at least not visibly, but just sinking into mindless sewing or tv watching or working. That route may not work for most though. Hoping you find the best way for you to cope with this.

Lut C.

Thalia, I'm so sorry your first PG ended before it had good and well started. I'm glad you were in capable hands (mostly), and grateful that dr. Candour had an encouraging message for you.
I wish for you that you never ever have to go through something like this again.


Thalia, I am so sorry that this is over, but I hope that this was just preparation for the next pregnancy and that will go well. You are creating some gorgeous embryos so it doesn't sound like your eggs are any type of problem. That is great news. Right now it seems that all the good news is little teeny pieces and hopefully they will all come together next time for a successful pregnancy.

I know the hormone crash is going to be horrible. It seems alright at first because it is gradual, but then it all comes crashing down. I hid under a blanket for days in a grey fog. I don't really remember much of it, which is probably a good thing.


Like you, it's one of those things I still hold out hope for. I was kind of hoping that it wouldn't be over for you.

Thinking of you.


Oh Dear Thalia, my heart breaks for you. I wish I could make the dull ache of sadness you wrote of disappear. I admire you for being able to look forward - and am also so glad to hear Dr. Candour's optimism about future cycles. You write with such composure and strength - it's evident that you will be a wonderful mother when (not if - for one way or another I know it will happen) the time comes. Take care now and go easy on yourself. And give H a big hug. I'm glad he's there for you. And you for him.


I was so hoping for different news for you, sweetie. Please know you're in my thoughts.


Thalia, I am so very sorry about all this. My heart is breaking. Im thinking of you. Hugs


I am so sorry. I don't even know what to say. It's hard to know what to do at our age. I'm 41, two years ahead of you, and we're still forging forward, but it's a different path for each of us. You'll know what to do when you're ready to make that decision. For now just rest and heal the body and the heart.

Have you heard of Dr. Beer's work? He has a place in your area for doing testing that you might be interested in when you've recovered from this loss...he's since passed away but his work is being carried on. www.repro-med.net. If they took an endometrial biopsy while they were in there these folks can take a look to see if there was a diagnosable problem.



Thalia, I am so sad and so sorry for all that you and H. have endured in the past two weeks. I have been thinking of you the whole time. You amaze me with the grace and strength you have as you grieve your loss and plan for the future. Please be well.

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