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Wednesday, 07 June 2006


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I understand their caution too but it does not make it any easier, sweetie. That poor woman probably had a natural conception where there might have been a dating discrepancy? It does not matter really, does it?

You are in my thoughts, my friend.


Oh dear, here's hoping for resolution, sorry that you have to wait the weekend...


waking up and remembering what isn't,is the worst.
I hope monday as hard as it will be, brings the start of closure and the beginning of healing for you both, I can't say sorry enough this is so not fair. You are in my thoughts


I hope you can have an end to this uncertainty on Monday. Whilst not particularly comfortable, we have been through equal - if not worse. You are strong, but this absolutely reveals our vulnerabilities and then, our determination. Take the time you need. The end does arrive.


I'm so sorry. I hope Monday goes smoothly so you're not in limbo anymore. I'm thinking of you. I'm so sorry.


Oh Thalia - waking up means that you aren't just forcing yourself to get through this one little period in the day, but instead having to deal with the what isn't. I always found I could deal with anything if it was for a set period of time - its the extended grief that hurts the soul and made me blog. The universe owes you big time.


Waking up is so so hard. I know exactly what you mean. There were many mornings I woke up and wished I never had.

Sending you all my love


I'm just so sorry, Thalia. But so glad that you have Dr. Candour to respond and explain and fit you in ASAP.


It's understandable, but it's still a part of the awfulness. I'm sorry.


I'm sorry defensive medicine is dragging this out for you. I hope you can take some time off and get away.

AnnMarie@come undone

Again, I am sorry you have to go through this. So sorry...and angry, but that's just how I deal with things. You are in my thoughts.


That poor woman, to have had it happen twice. Amazing how her experience has influenced yours.

I hope things work out for you on Monday as planned. I'm glad you're being tended so closely.

Waking up for me really sucks these days. I'm in the bathroom at the identical place each morning when I remember my loss. It feels like Groundhog Day.


I'm so so sorry. It IS hard. And it takes so very long to feel half normal again. I'm thinking of you. *hugs*


Oh Thalia. I'm so very sorry.


Dear Thalia, it really is the aftermath that is so hard to deal with. We are programmed to deal with shocks and pain, but when it comes to long-term grief, our systems fail us. Every day.

I'm so glad Dr. Candour is in your corner. And I wish there were much, much more to be glad about right now.

Thinking of you with affection and sympathy and impotent rage.


Thalia, I am so sorry. I know that feeling of waking up in the morning and realizing that it's just as bad as you remembered. I'm so sorry for this loss.


For some reason, this foul news sent me to your archives, to read the very beginnings of the story I missed (joining about a year ago). Thalia, your voice has changed much, become stronger and somehow more balanced and kind and reasoned. I am not saying that these experiences have improved you -- I don't think any one of us is really deeply better for our infertile miseries. But I do think that the person you seem to have become will withstand this current cruel turn. I am so sorry it is happening, so angry with a universe that decided these fine June days would be the worst for you, and for P and M and Z (and... and me... and....) You and H have my empathy, no less felt for being virtual.

Robber Barren

Thalia, I jsut want you to know I am thinking about you constantly.


I'm so sorry that you're in the place where waking up is hard. I've been there and it is a terribly painful place to be. Thinking of you and sending all the love and strength that the internet can stand.


Thalia--I've been thinking about you and can't get you out of my mind--I am so angry and upset that you are going through this and it is just not fair. You are staying to strong and brave and you have no idea how much that inspires me--I still see you commenting on people's blog(and my blog) after all the stuff you are going through. I just want to say thank you from all of us--you are truly a selfless, caring person. Take care of yourself. You are in my thoughts and prayers.


I'm so sorry Thalia.


I'm so terribly sorry Thalia!


Waking up sucks, it's like a really bad dream that you wish was only a dream. Thinking of you...


Poor dear. I'm glad Dr. Candour understands and is willing to work with you, however.


In my experience it does get worse before it gets better, and waking up in the morning was hard for weeks on end for me. I'm sorry. I'm glad Dr. C was able to give you some semblance of logic beyond "we like torturing you." Thinking of you.


Thalia I am so very very sorry. I hope Monday brings you some kind of closure even though the grief will still be there.


If nothing else, I hope the limbo is over for you soon. I am so incredibly sorry, although I know this means nothing to you right now. Please know that there are many, many of us out here thinking and praying for you.


Thalia, no words other than "I'm sorry", and you're in my thoughts.


Oh Thalia... This is horrible. I'm sorry. It all seems horribly unfair.


Oh G*d, have I been where you are. And it is a really shitty place to be. I'm so sorry you are having to go through this.
The only thing I can think to say that might be even slightly helpful is that it will get better.


While I'm glad you're closer to ending a wait like this, I'm sorry that it's ending. *sigh*. Thinking of you.


It is awfully shitty, isn't it? I'm very sorry to have you for company in this. I'm glad you'll be able to put the physical stuff behind you on Monday. I wish the emotional aspects were dealt with as easily. Thinking of you.

Mary Ellen

I am so sorry that you are going through this. Thank goodness that Dr. Candour can get you in soon so tha tyou can start putting this nightmare behind you. Please know that you are in my thoughts. Hugs!


I am glad that you will be able to put this behind you very soon because I think that it is easier to deal with the emotional part once the physical is taken care of. I had to wait a week for a D&C and it just seemed so surreal. I can't tell you how sorry I am that you have to go through all of this.

That moment just between sleep and consciousness where you have forgotten the hell of real life is such a relief. Sometimes I wish that we could just stay in that moment for the whole day. Take care of yourself while you begin to heal.


I'm so sorry, Thalia. This must be so hard. Know that I'm thinking of you.


Thalia. I am SO sorry. I am thinking of you.


Much love, Thalia.

Much love.


Thinking of you, so much.

B. Mare

I'm late catching up with the news, but...damn. This is why we blog indeed- so you know you are loved, and that there are so many of us thinking about you as you go through this.


I am so deeply sorry.


I logged in from afar, and I'm sorry.

Lut C.

I'm at a loss for words. I'm very sorry such grief has fallen upon both of you. The utter unfairness of it makes me angry, though that doesn't help you in any way.


Just posting to let you know you are in my thoughts too. I just don't understand how life can be so damn unfair. Thinking of you...


I am not surprised it hurts more to wake up today. It is so hard to wake up to a broken heart. I hope that as time goes on, you can find the words for your grief.


I'm so, so sorry. I wish there were more I could say.


Thinking of you...*hugs*


Oh, my dear.

This is really hard.


I wish I had some eloquent suggestion to help you fill the days before you can begin to heal. You're in my thoughts.


I've been taking a little break from blogland, so am just getting caught up with your news now. I am so very sorry Tertia. We had our transfers and Betas on the exact same day. I was hoping that things would turn out differently for you. I am so sorry.


dammit. you don't deserve this, Thalia. and the protracted limbo is simply uncalled-for, even though with the explanation the doc gave it does sound fairly prudent and reasonable.

I know it sounds so trite to say "hang in there" but that is simply and exactly what you must do. and soon you will feel the earth return under your feet and you'll continue on your journey. know that i (many of us) continue to draw from your strength and pragmatism.


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