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Wednesday, 03 May 2006


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Hurrah for Buffy and Faith! I need no schooling in the buffyverse, my dear.

It is so frustrating but there is no arguing with the HFEA's protocols. Even I, at the age of 40, am not being allowed to transfer 3(for medical reasons).

Just lie back and let H take care of you. I do hope you have the rest of the week off to let Buffy and Faith settle in and ward off the advances of Spike.


I know nothing of Buffy lore, having been a hater of Sarah Michelle Gellar for a most of my lifetime. But I am a big fan of your embryos! May they stay for the full term of thier lease. In the mean time, rest and take it easy. Let H wait on you hand and foot, like the queen you are.


I know Bill and Ben!
De lurking to say I have everything crossed for you


Oh, I hope they snuggle right in. Really praying for you, T.


Thinking of you today and hoping you're being well cared for .... burrow little ones...burrow!


Please let this work for Thalia, oh fertility gods! The embryos sound great... will you get to freeze any or is it too early to tell? Your husband sounds like a genius with the PIO!


I'm so glad you had two good ones to transfer. Go Buffy and Faith!

As far as the self injected PIOs go, this is how I've done them. I lay on the bed on my side with my legs bent and with my upper body propped up with a pillow. Then I twist around and inject. It helps to use your dominant hand to inject, so I've always laid down on my left side, stretched the skin with my left hand and injected with my right. Some people do them standing up while looking back in a mirror. Good luck if you decide to try it.


I'll trade you BuffyFaith for PIO tips (maybe I gave you these already?) Warm washclothe to tush for several minutes; stand next to mirror viewing side; lift heel of side you intend to inject (to keep muscles relaxed) and keep weight on other side; aim needle at area right above jean pocket (circle w/marker if necessary); hold syringe w/thumb on plunger and "pull" needle into hip; dispense PIO; withdraw and press site; follow-up with another warm washclothe to help disperse oil.

Breathe after holding breath for what seems an eternity. If you are right-handed, do that side first before tackling you least dominate side.

Good luck in every way.


A quick note to Buffy and Faith: stick around, it's really fun here!


Yay for Buffy and Faith! And be sure to let them know that that whole "only one slayer at a time" thing was COMPLETELY out the window by the last season, so they're welcome to both make their way into the world to kick some ass.


Yay for Buffy and Faith! Yay for you and the mister. I'm crossing EVERYTHING.


Yeah for Buffy & Faith. Sorry they wouldn't let you do 3, but I hope one or both of them stick so that becomes irrelevant. Sending sticky thoughts your way.

PIO- never did myself, always had DH or friend who was a nurse, or MIL who is a nurse do the injections.


Dear Thalia, at least you KNOW there aren't going to be any vampires in your uterus now, with the formidable duo on board.

Stay. Stay. Please stay.

Wishing you every ounce of luck. I'm hoping so hard for you I could crack.


I like Bill and Ben... and they were very ambiguous, really. Our first pregnancy was Nigel and Delia (from Shameless).

If I was in the position to transfer 3, I don't think I could do it, and I have read it doesn't increase live birth rates anyway.


Yay for Buffy and Faith. I think you've got couple of good ones on board.

And just what does it take to get an 'excellent' grading from your clinic? 0% fragmentation and the right number of cells all looking good doesn't get it? Jeez, they're tough.

I don't know Bill and Ben but would love to meet them.

As for self-injected PIO I heartily recommend a very public bathroom. It gets you over the hump quickly. Seriously, I'm a big fan of standing in front of a mirror, pointing my toes inward on the side I'm going to stick the needle in (keeps the gluts relaxed on that side better than picking the foot all the way up), and darting the needle in. The hardest part for me is pulling the plunger back but you get better at it.

Wishing you, Buffy and Faith the very best.


ahhhh memories of lil weed!

wishing you a very easy very productive tww. may your faith and buffy both find the accomodation to their liking and both take out 39 week leases.


I'm thinking warm, snuggly thoughts for you, H, Buffy and Faith...I've never given myself a PIO, sorry I can't help. Awkward angle is right!


How can you go wrong with the Chosen embryos? Go Buffy and Faith!


Nice and representative names. There's some inside crack about them both being slayers as well, only the question is what kind-history slayers? Bad lining slayers? Slayers of bad puns?

Welcome to the 2 week wait.

I'll put aside some Havarti for you.


I'm sending sticky vibes to both Buffy and Faith right now. I hope they both make a nice happy home inside you for the next nine months.


Love the names! We already know that Buffy can kick everyone's ass, but I always thought Faith had a great deal of potential but was just misunderstood. So I'm hoping Faith The Embryo will live up to her wonderful potential.

I am keeping my fingers crossed for you during the 2ww!


I am so glad to read that youo have Buffy and Faith on board. They sound great! Take good care of them!!!! I am so gald that everything went so go for you so far.....

Take good care of yourself and good luck with th PIO shots....hope you manage to give them yourself without throwing your back out.....ooo what a horrible thought.....take Hs' help!!!

Good Luck


So glad the transfer went well!

Good Luck!!


I am so happy to hear that the transfer went well...and I like Buffy and Faith. Stick little ones..stick...Take care of yourself, get as much rest as you need. Hugs!


Hooray for Buffy and Faith! I'm sorry that you weren't able to transfer three, but Drusilla wouldn't really have gotten along so well with the Slayers.

Wishing you all the best.


Wishing on eyelashes and stars that they both stick...


I could never bring myself to do my own PIO shot, but good luck. I hope Buffy and Faith are settling in for a long, long time.


Buffy and Faith!! That's perfect. A friend of mine nicknamed my transferred embryos Spike and Angel. About the PIO shots, I used the large hotel mirror usually by the TV and got some ice from the hotel dispenser (the sleeve inside the ice bucket works nicely as a bag to hold it). I positioned the ice against the spot until I couldn't feel it, turned, and stabbed. I usually preferred my right side so I could hold the needle in my right hand. I hope that this helps and am wishing you the very, very best.


Good luck! Wishing you success!


I mostly had H do my PIO but he travels for work a lot and is conveniently in another country just about every time I need to do them. I will tell you what to avoid...

If you do research on the internet you might find that you can do an injection in the upper thigh or even the meaty bit on the outside of the shoulder. DO NOT DO IT!!! I injected into the thigh thinking it would be easier and I could not walk for 2 days, the pain was amazing.

It is awkward but easier than you think.

Congrats on the 2 gorgeous girls. They sound terribly impressive. I think you are doing great. Good luck.


Let's go buffy and faith! Hoping for you Thalia!

I always did my own PIO - it's easy once you get the hang of it. Lay day on a bed and twist or have your butt toward a mirror, twist and shoot - good luck!


Grab on Buffy & Faith & get comfy! You SO want this gal to be your Mommy.


Glad transfer went well and hoping/praying Buffy and Faith stick around for a very long nine months.
Self injecting assvice- This might be covered already but here is how I like to do it. Sit down, take the weight off the side you are injecting, twist around and stick. Don't forget to pull the plunger back, that sometimes is a little tricky. I actually prefer to self-inject. Good luck!


Hoping that Buffy and Faith kick some uterine ass :)Wishing you all much luck.


As you once reminded me: There now in the best spot where they can possibly be... Go embies!
Why do you need the PIO shots when you can have the pessaries?


When I had to do the PIO myself, I did them standing, in front of a mirror. J had drawn circles for me to use as targets - once I got comfortable I think I could have done without, but it was a nice reassurance that I was in the right area. I prepped all my stuff on the counter, warmed the PIO slightly (rested it on a small heating pad thing), then swabbed the area. Twisted around, so I could sorta see. Bent the leg on the injecting side to relax the muscle. Poked in the needle - somewhat awkward at first, since it's a different angle than you'd use on your stomach. Pulled back to check for blood (though it was hard to see). Injected the damn oil (took longer than I'd have thought - that stuff is slow!). Pulled out, stuck on band aid, tucked small heating pad into underwear to help disperse oil, went to lie down for a minute. Cleaned up later. I only ever did them on the right b/c I couldn't figure out the logistics otherwise (I'm right handed). If H can do at least some of them, it will help you rotate injection sites. (Sorry to be so long about this, but when I was trying to figure it out, I really wanted the step by step, so here's mine in case it helps.)

Thinking of you and Buffy and Faith - good names for the determined, long-lasting fighters who stick it out for the long haul.

Alex/Infertile Gourmet

I am keeping my fingers crossed for you and hope those two do their thing. Please keep those embryo arms in the ride at all times please thank you. Hoping and hoping some more.


Hope those girls snuggle in and get nice and cozy. As for self-administered PIOs, there's no "right" way - just luck on the angle and lots of rubbing. Hugs and all is crossed for you.

Julie B

over here in NZ, they say that your E2 level before egg collection corresponds with how many mature eggs they hope to get [it doesn't seem to be information that they leap to tell you though; perhaps because we'd be so crushed knowing the odds?]. best of luck - if it helps, I'm pregnant with a singleton that was one of 4 embryos [2 transferred at Day 2], from 8 eggs, from 12 follicles.


Good luck Thalia!!


Crossing everything that is remotely crossable... don't even try to picture it... it's really not a pretty sight. Trust me.


Hey Thalia

Everything sounds really good. Just think happy baby thoughts. We do this together.

Will be thinking of you and hopefully both of us will get good news.

Lv Drew

Hopeful Mother

Best of luck to you Thalia! I'll be thinking of you and praying for at least one of your little embies to stick!


Sweet Thalia....my heart is full of hope & prayers for you!


You are off and running! One day ahead of me. I'll be thinking of you each day as we both head off to betaland. I was reading some other peoples' comments about doing their own PIO shots...OMG...I can't EVEN imagine doing a PIO shot myself...I think I'd pass out dead cold. Shudder.


I'm hoping so hard that this will work for you. Settle right in there, Buffy and Faith.

chee chee

Totally hoping for the best for you!


Buffy and Faith! LOVE IT :) Good luck to you!


Congrats on your transfer. May they lie down to bed.

What of the other three? How do they look? Have they been frozen yet?


2 for joy.
Good luck Buffy,good luck Faith.

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