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Thursday, 04 May 2006


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Of course, you are not sitting there relaxing and enjoying a break away from work. No, you are too busy about planning for the twins, frozen cycles and/or another fresh cycle haha! Give yourself permission to just be, my dear.

And are you a Borg???? Blogland must know.

Mary Scarlet

Ya, that is a "just relax" in disguise. They must be new to this. Glad to hear you've got six in the freezer, but really really hope you don't have to think about using them for quite some time. PIO kinda stinks no matter what, but sitting on a heating pad afterwards always helped me, as did getting the injection as high as possible. Good luck, Thalia.


Every time someone gives me the just relax assvice, I remind them that women in war torn countries, abused women, victims of rape, etc all get pregnant, all the time and I seriously doubt that "relaxing" had anything to do with it.

It's the worst of all assvice because it makes infertility our fault on some level.

OK, I'll quit ranting in your comment section!

Good Luck this cycle!!! I'm REALLY REALLY hoping there's some good news all around REALLY soon.


I really really really hope that Buffy and Faith stick around. Great names, btw.


Very exciting to find out that you have 6 frozen embryos, but hopefully you won't need them. I hope Buffy and Faith sticks around..you gave them such cool names, I don't see why they wouldn't want to make an appearance! Good luck and I am thinking of you! Hugs!


Yeah, asking for something to curb endo is a definite tempting fate balance to wondering what kind of twins you might have. I think you're covered now.

(I'm opposite in preference - I had my 30 week u/s for the sole purpose of determining sex - so I could work on being prepared if it were a girl!)


I hope this works for you. Twins and all.


I really hope that this cycle is the one.


Glad to hear that you have a few on ice, although hopefully you won't need them. Good luck with your cycle!!


I am so sorry that you have to go through all this. Take care and I wish you the best.


hmm...but know that you have gone with buffy and faith as names how weird would it be if one/both were boys? would you change to spike and angel?


I'm so with you on the whole wishing for twins thing. And taking off a whole week from work seems to me like a luxury! Don't feel so badly about going back to work. I'll take retrieval day off and transfer day (knock on wood that I should get there)and that's probably it.

So hoping the slayers grow to their full potential.


I'm crossing my fingers for you, Buffy and Faith, Thalia!!! And enjoy your time off while you have it!!


Good luck... perhaps it would be not so bad to use the frozen ones instead of having twins? but everyone's attitude is different... not sure how I personally feel on the twins versus only child thing. Not that I'm ever likely to have twins!


Dear Thalia, you sound a lot like me in the covering of all eventualities. Exhausting, isn't it? I wish I could turn that off sometimes, but I admit it's impossible. I do hope you manage to enjoy your days off a little, and do things that are good for the soul.

Sending a message of hope, implantation and growth to your two little borglets.


Shame on your clinic for telling you what you should be feeling! I always wanted twins as well, boy/girl, get that perfect family and be done with it. I hope you get your wish.

fisher queen

Good luck!


Yeah, think abundance, think twins! The boy/girl combi has a 50% chance, boy/boy and girl/girl 25%...
By the way, I read an interesting article that said that stress causes the same low birth weight as smoking. So it might work the same for trying to get pregnant. I think it's a good idea to cut back a bit on stress and have some time of. IVF and the 2ww take so much of you...

Julie B

the PIO experiment is a good idea; I was on suppositories and in spite of a Beta on Day 14 of 241, and a Day 16 of 650, I started bleeding heavily on Day 16 - which continued for 2 days, until I started on PIO and the bleeding stopped within 4 hours. I stayed on PIO until 10 weeks [I figured, what's a sore, lumpy ass, if it keeps the little critter in there]. best of luck


Sneaky aren't they with that euphemistic "just relax". My dr tends to go with the PIO for the same thought - just in case. I am furiously hoping for good things for you.


I hope you get the boy/girl twins you want. Enjoy the rest of your week off. Maybe you can take up quilting. ;)


Thalia, I feel the same way about twins. While I understand the "high-risk" part of it, part of me thinks that a boy/girl combination would be some kind of "reward" of having to go through this, and then we would be done trying for more kids.

I know that twins are completely different than a singleton, in terms of keeping the parents BUSY but that's a "sacrifice" I would be willing to make if it meant not going through this again (and I haven't even started, really!)

I would be aboslutely thrilled with one baby, too, just as long as it sticks around!

I don't have any advice for you on the work/no work part of things. I haven't decided yet how many days off I will be taking. Hopefully I can be flexible with work when the time comes.

Thinking of you!


Keeping everything crossed for you in the hopes that Buffy and Faith grow to be the beautiful boy/girl twins you're hoping for.


I've been aggregiously behind in reading and commenting...and OMG you're already there! Keeping all digits crossed for you. :)

FWIW, I've never done a PIO shot myself, I don't really know how people do it. My technique is to lean againt a counter, cock my hip to one side, the side that isn't getting shot, put all my weight on that side, completely relax the side that is getting shot and breath out as the husband puts the needle in. It still hurts, sometimes more than others. And it hurts more the longer you have to do it because you develop this pad of scar tissue. But I've found this is the way it works for me. (early on we tried the shot in the thigh....nope, not for me)


I was off the day of transfer and 3 more days, then I was back at work (office job). Can't say if that was a good or bad idea, I'll know soon enough.
Wishing all the best for you!

chee chee

I am completely with you on the twin thing. I would love boy/girl or even girl/girl twins. I would happily hang up my needles, kiss my RE goodbye and call it a day. Bob/boy on the other hand would leave me completely outnumbered. My husband and I share joint custody of his son, so with my husband and a grand total of 3 boys children, 4 since dear hubby is just a big kid anyway, it would be a real blessing but VERY overwhelming for me. Besides to whom would I impart all of my womanly wisdom?


I oscilate between pessimistic and optimistic at least every 10 minutes. PIO is a blast, don't you think?

Lut C.

I'm thinking of you. Good luck!


Shame on your clinic for sneaking a sly "just relax" - they should know better!
After my 24 hours of bedrest I was off and running so who can say what works and doesn't. Do what makes sense to you.


That's the sneakiest "Just relax" I've ever seen! And the dirtiest. What a nerve!

I rather like the Borg titles, being a Trekkie.


Glad things went well. Crossing my fingers that Buffy and Faith stick. I can relate to you wanting twins, boy/girl would be great! Hope your wait won't be too stressful.


I am praying for twins, for you and for me. I also prefer a boy-girl set so I don't have to do this again, but I'll take anything I can get at this point. I totally believe there is a mind-body connection and despite the fact that women do get pregnant under stressful circumstances, rates in those circumstances might be terribly terribly low. Being the data freak, I wonder if there are studies? I hope that you take it easy as much as you can despite your work situation and get through this 2ww. I've got everything crossed for you girl.


PS, accidentally typed in wrong email address. hope this one comes back right.

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