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Monday, 01 May 2006


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Wonderful news, Thalia! I can imagine you feel a bit deflated -- it happens to me when the emotional build-up to an event was incredibly tense, and there's a sort of hangover afterwards. But nine is fine!

Take good care of yourself and rest if you can, my dear.


I think 9 is great! I know it's hard to focus on the positive right now, but you have to stay positive at this point. Fingers crossed!


Nine is great. It IS a lot better than last time. But you know all that... and it makes complete sense to feel deflated afterwards despite the good news.

Can't wait to hear reports and transfer plans!


Thinking of you hon.


9 is a great number, and I'm glad you are feeling well physically. Just think, you can already mark off Fear #1 from your list from yesterday. One day at a time, Thalia. Thinking of you and fingers crossed for a great fert report...


9 is brilliant. 9 is great. Don't feel the drama is missing, the 2 week wait is still ahead and that's one giant episode of East Enders.


Nine is really, really good & no drama is excellent. I want it to be boringly smooth & textbook for you now.

I'm glad that you're in less pain as well.


Nine is fantastic! Worry list: 1 down, infinity minus 1 to go.


Thalia, nine sounds great! I am glad to hear that you are not in so much pain..that is great news. Grow embyos grow! I will be waiting for updates!


I'm glad your aspiration went well and that you are resting easily.

Have you mentioned yet how many they will let you transfer?


Congrats on your nine! It's funny that we can never predict how we're going to react to this stuff.


Gah! I know that the numbered transferred also depends on the fert report. But if we are being optimistic and you have 9 fert, what's the MAX they will let you transfer?

There. I think that made better sense...sorry.

Mary Scarlet

Thalia, congratulations on getting 9, that's a very nice number. Glad to hear you're not too uncomfortable this time. Hoping for a great fert report.


9 is sublime, tho I can understand why you're feeling a little weirded out by the lack of drama. That's such a rarity in the IF world. Good luck w. the fert report and transfer!!

Mary Ellen

Nine is a great number! I hope that you get a great fertilization report! Hugs!


Congratulations! Glad to hear that things went well for you and that you are not suffering too much. Good luck with the transfer!


Great news. It seems like this protocol has worked much better for you than the last one did. Hoping with all my heart that it keeps on working!


Nine is a good number. Awaiting your fertilization report. Good luck with the transfer!


Nine is beautiful, Thalia. I'm hoping for outstanding fertilization and plenty of growing embryos.


I'm glad to hear it went relatively smoothly. Hopefully things will continue that way.

Wishing good things for your nine!

Carrie P

Nine is lovely. Hoping for all good things during the next stage.


Thinking of you.
Also thinking how great 9 sounds!
will be sending GROW vibes your way for fantabulous embies.


I do like the number nine. Thinking of vigorous fert reports for you.

One Half

Nine is great! I think so tooo! Wonderful news...also that you are seemingly doing so well! Hope it prevails.

I hope you got very good fertilization news later on too. I keep my fingers (and and wht the fuck...everything else too) crossed for you and your 9 eggs :-d



So glad to hear the good news - 9 is fabulous! I understand why you may be feeling deflated - and unimpressed by the result. But you can only compare it to YOUR last round - not what others have done. You are in great shape for getting what you want out of this - and that's worth celebrating. Hoping the fertilization goes swimmingly.

fisher queen

Nine is good!! I hope you can rest a little after all the pre-retrieval worries.


Fantastic number nine! Fertilization news will be amazing and you'll do great... this is the one!!


9 is great! I can relate to your deflated feeling. Can't wait for the fertilization update.


I would guess that lack of drama at retieval is a good thing! I'm glad things went smoothly....

waiting waiting waiting... for the next update and wishing you tons of good luck!


Fantastic news!!


Wishing you lots of luck . . . I think nine is a great number . . . but I can relate to the deflated bit too. There is so much build up, etc., Looking forward to your fertilization report. Good Luck!

Take it easy in the mean time . . . now the real fun begins . . . waiting. Ugh!

Be right behind you tomorrow.


YAY to nine! I'll be anxiously awaiting your results, crossing my fingers, etc. Good luck!!!


nine sounds great. here is to great fertilization, growth and transfer! clink.


Nine is great. Nine is a whole baseball team over here. I'm so glad you're feeling better. See, more eggs and feeling better? Both great, great things.


Super news! Keep the good stuff coming...one step at a time, one step at a time...(easier said then done, I know!)


Double from last time is fabulous! Nine sounds like a great number.
Drama - you mean like being told there was no sperm in the first sample right after ER? You don't want drama! You know better than that. No news is good news!


Nine is great- keeping my fingers crossed for the fertilization report!


That's great Thalia! I'm so glad it's better than last time.


A 50% improvement is fantastic!! Nine is great and I will be hoping they all fertilize and develop beautifully.
Rest up and be easy on yourself.


Holy smoke, 9 is excellent. I didn't even realize you were going in for ER yet. That was quick, I've been an extremely bad blogger. Rest up and I hope that all fertilizes for you. Thinking of you!


I'm thrilled about the 9 and 50% more is always a good thing. Can't wait to hear the transfer plans!


9 is really good. Hoping for you.


9 is great!! And if you're up 50% from last time, it would seem your body really did respond better to the new protocol. Are you doing a 3 or 5 day transfer???


Oh! I didn't realize you said 2 or 3 day transfer...wow! I wish my doc offered the 2 day!


NINE! that's great. and NO DRAMA is exactly what we want. :) hugs


Nine is wonderful. Less pain is wonderful, too. My fingers are crossed for a great fertilization report.


Wow, exciting!


A 50% improvement - now that's something to be proud of! Hope you're taking good care of yourself after the retrieval. Look forward to more news.

waiting line

Way to go! Rest up!


9 is amazing! And 50% more than last time is even more amazing!
I'm glad to hear the retrieval was physically a bit easier this time. I hope you're still lounging on the couch allowing H to wait on you!
I'll be standing on my ear waiting for the fertilization report!

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