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Monday, 15 May 2006


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Beta on Wednesday then? The number is very good and I hope that things look even better once you have another number to compare with. Could the bleeding maybe be related to the Heparin you are taking too? Thinking of you, sweetie.


I think that number is VERY hopeful! Hang in there.


Sounds like a fantastic number to me. My 1st beta was only 187 at 12dp3dt. Hoping, praying, and sending good thoughts your way!


Wow, that number is high! Continuing my full-on hoping binge, with even more optimism than before. Please, please, let this work!


I am uplifted, too. Cautiously, guardedly optimistic.


I'm just catching up now and I'm so sorry about the frightful bleeding. I know I was freaked out when I started spotting the day I had my beta. I am so relieved and happy to hear you had such a fantastic beta result today. It really is a GREAT number. I hope a second beta brings you some further reassurance.


That is a nice, high beta for 14 dpo. Still very hopeful... and really glad you took the day off work. And that the bleeding has slowed. Please, please, please let this have worked!!!


I think this sounds really good. I am very optimistic. I am thinking of you and keeping you in my prayers! Hugs!


That is an excellent, lovely number. I will continue to think hopeful thoughts. And a note about FRERs--many find them extremely variable w/r to the amount of dye on the sticks. It is also the only brand with which I have had defective tests (even the control line never showed up), so a less-dark FRER needn't mean anything.
I hope, hope things will get better and better from here.


That's a pretty fabulous number. Not to blow sunshine up your ass or anything but I think I bled almost every day of my first trimester... I think some people just bleed. And didn't some wonderful blogger dig up some research on bleeding and IVF pregnancies, the gist being IVF pregnancies are even more likely to have bleeding than the other kind? I think the bleeding was thought to be a result of w. drawal to stims or something and otherwise completely harmless. Anyway... I hope that the repeat beta (should you go for it) will ease your mind a great deal.


Great number. I'm inclined to agree with the doc, with that sort of first beta. Please keep doing what you're doing, and definitely get another beta drawn on Wednesday, just to get more information. Good luck, Thalia...you can't believe how much I want this for you. BTW, I'm in your neck of the woods, Sunday, all day, if you want to meet for a "cuppa?" Email is on my blog, too. Take care...and cautious congrats.

Robber Barren

I know absolutely nothing about beta numbers or anything, but I want you to know I'm thinking about you and hoping that it all turns out well.


Oh, and like Pamplemousse, I thought of the Heparin, too. I've been bleeding like a stuck pig, if I so much as scratch myself, since about the 2nd or 3rd day.


Hooray for a good beta! And double hooray for slowed bleeding. Did they up your dose of PIO because of the bleeding? I'm not sure if that's something that would help or not but I thought I'd at least ask.

Good luck at work today. Try to take it easy as much as you can. Hang in there until your next beta.


Dur, just read your previous post. You're not at work. I assumed because it looked like you posted from the Blackberry. Sorry about that. Take it easy anyway.


This is just what I was hoping to see this morning -- beautiful beta, slowed bleeding, hopeful Thalia. I'll be checking in on you.


YEAH, I am so glad to see that beta number. I hope you are able to take it really easy this week and I hope that we get only good news from here on in.


251 is an excellent number for 14dpo - things sound so much better - get in redone in a couple of days & go from there. I wish this could be a moment of unguarded happiness for you, but I've realised they don't come very often in IF-land.


I think going in for a second beta in 48 hours would help answer some of your own questions. Thalia, I am just so happy for you right now as I really think the number is good.

And the HPT? Don't compare the line's color/thickness to "how pregnant" you are. You don't need them anymore so no more POAS.


Fantastic, fantastic number. Woo hoo! Good luck with beta #2 should you decide to do one. Finding out how things are rising would probably be good info to have. My fingers are most definitely crossed.


very promising number!

and get the beta on wednesday, it will tell you much about where you are. but it seems that you have reasons to be optomistic!

Lola badeggs

Damn, Thalia. I miss my usual blog checking for a few days and all hell breaks loose! I am keeping everything crossed for you.


So happy for you! I'm just back in town so I missed all the scary bleeding but I hope it's just like the others have said--ivf-related bleeding.

Carla Hinkle

So wonderful to wake up (in California) and read this.

I think you might want the beta, too. If so you should do it for sure.

We are all thinking about you, all over the world.

Cat, Galloping

Hang in there, Thalia. Thinking of you.


Honey - I am so sorry I've been away from the computer and missed the excitement of the past couple of days. So, belatedly - congrats on the test (I never managed to take one of those digital ones because I feared the definitive nature of the negative, but it's gotta be cool when it's positive); holding your hand for the bleeding; for all the good points, I've also had wimpy lines on a FRER with really good actual numbers; glad you didn't go to work; and 251 - wow!

Hang in there, continue resting, and yes, I think a repeat beta might be just the thing. Sending loads of hugs in the meantime.


Definitely get the 2nd beta. Hoping that a nicely doubled number will help to put your mind at ease a little.

Not sure if this helps or not but I'm on heparin too, and my doctor told me break through bleeding is quite normal.

Thinking about you...


I somehow missed the super happy post about 3 positive sticks!! And what a wonderful beta! You should go in on Wed just so you can see the number rising and set your mind at ease.

This is wonderful news and good luck!


OH - definitely go for another beta. That's a great number, and I'll be crossing my fingers for you.

Hoping that the bleeding is nothing important.


That's a good number for where you are - I went for three betas and had bleeding as well. I would go for as many as you can. I'm thinking and hoping for you.


I have no idea if that's a good number so am taking your word for it... hang in there till the scan...


Wow that's a great beta. But the key thing at this point is doubling, so I'd go in again on Wednesday just to get a sense of things, particularly if the bleeding continues.

FWIW, I bled with my son a lot. I had a hematoma and spent most of the first trimester on bedrest, but the embryo kept growing and now he's five.

I'm really hoping that its a hematoma or a vanishing twin and that all is well with at least one of those little guys (or girls).


Wishing you all the best!! Praying for you.

Take care


There's definite potential in that number. Oh, the hope. I agree with the suggestions to do another beta on Wednesday. Thinking of you.


Wow, I take a 2-day break from blogs and miss all the drama! Thalia, I don't know much about beta numbers, but hope you get some reassurance from your follow-up beta. Thinking of you.

fisher queen

You most definitely should go in on Wednesday and I would go Friday too. This is sounding very hopeful Thalia.


An early congratulations, wonderful numbers, and I hope all continues to progress nicely. I argree with the others, please go for another beta!


wow! that's a great number. And the bleeding has slowed? Sounds v. good to me!!!

I think, I have to go and get my endometrioma drained as well before my next IVF :) Seems like it's a good idea.


That number does sound great! I'd want another beta too, 48 hours after the first. Congratulations!


Audible sigh of relief here.

What a lovely number, Thalia. Definitely get the second beta - it will help allay some of your fears. Interesting point about the heparin from Fertility Faux Pas, it may be something you want to ask about. Optimistic for you.


Um, yeah, I'm thinking you might want. How else are you going to know which way the numbers are going?

I know blood is scary, but I would take the fact that it's slowing to be a very good sign.

I believe that you most definitely could still be pregnant. Never easy, is it though? I do hope you get some additional reassurance in a couple of days.

We're all here pulling for you.

chee chee

This is a great number! I am so hoping that you were just experiencing some normal IVF pregnancy bleeding. We are all pulling for you. Take care.


Well, that's great news! I don't know how you could NOT go in for another beta. Hope the bleeding has stopped for good and that your hope and happiness stick around.


Whoohooo! 251 is fantastic! Probably just some normal PG bleeding. (Says MD Amyesq). I am thinking a beta on Wed is a very good idea. And in the meantime, have we told you to take it easy enough?


Thalia, you have to go in for another beta! (Please excuse my pushiness!) I hope that the bleeding stops and your happiness continues. You definitely deserve it.

Take it easy, and keep us posted.


That's an awesome number. I'm so relieved for you. I hope you're taking it easy.


My beta was 142 at day 14. 250s sounds good and definitely go in for another beta in 2 days. BTW, the lighter HPT is probably from all that water. Hang in there.


Thalia - I hope it's a lovely sunny day and you're relaxing, looking out at the world and thinking happy thoughts.

Can't wait until Wednesday!


Now, THAT is a fantastic number! Definitely goes to show that those FRER lines can't be trusted. I'm so sorry for the spotting, but I'm inclined to think that things are going to be ok with a beta that high at this point.


God, it's never easy for us, is it? Thinking of you and wishing you such good things.

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