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Tuesday, 23 May 2006


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Carrie P



That's what it is about, wanting a child with the man you love.
Congratulations on 2 years, and happy anniversary.
I hope the dreams come true for both of you.


It's like putting on a warm jumper on a cold day. Plunging your feet into your cosy woolly slippers that have moulded to the shape of your feet. And reading your favourite book only to discover new and wonderful things that you hadn't noticed last time you read it. Love's like that ... and the security of his hand to hold through this is what keeps you wishing, hoping and achieving. Congratulations.


It sounds like you are well on your way to having your best year yet. Happy anniversary and good luck!


Happy anniversary, Thalia. It sounds like you have a wonderful relationship, and if anything is needed for battling the infertility struggle we all know so well, it's a supportive, loving, and equally dedicated parter at our sides. He is as lucky to have you, as you are him.


Happy Anniversary, Thalia. Sounds like you have a lovely marriage; such a rarity these days. Enjoy each other today (and always!)


Happy anniversary! You two are lucky to have each other.


Happy Anniversary. I'm glad you have something so wonderful this year to celebrate.


Happy Anniversary, dear Thalia and H. Wishing you a wonderful third year of marriage, with more joys than you've ever experienced before.


Oh, I'm all weepy. Happy Anniversary!


What a great tribute to what sounds like a great marriage. I hope with all my heart that this third year does bring the life you're dreaming of.


Happy Anniversary Thalia! This is a wonderful post. I hope you guys have a fantastic day and go out and enjoy each other!


Happy anniversary! Sorry I missed you the other day...would have been fun...but the weather was miserable, and it was good that you stayed in.


A beautiful post. Wishing you and your husband a wonderful anniversary. It sounds like you are both very special people.


Happy anniversary to you both. I am laughing now about the other pink wedding!

k #2

Happy Anniversary. If you can survive IF coming out stronger, then the path ahead looks awfully bright!


Your anniversary must be so much sweeter this year. I hope you have a great day together.


First of all congratulations on the pregnancy Thalia – your good news came at exactly the same time as my negative cycle, so I’ve been licking my wounds, but I’ve been following your blog for a while and am truly delighted for you (just sad for me).

Secondly, and not to take over your blog, and sorry if I, at all, add a sour note to such an uplifting post (and on your anniversary too) but can I please just comment on what Vivien (comment 2) said above. No, wanting a child with the man you love is NOT what it is about for the less fortunate amongst us. Infertiles are always so ready to bitch about clueless fertiles but sometimes I wish clueless couples (fertile or not) would take a lesson in tact. Some of us got to our late thirties, without meeting Mr Right (whether our own fault or just pure fate), and we have to deal with all the same infertile crap but with the added extra of having to work with either anonymous sperm or the sperm of a friend. For me, having a child with a man I love is not something I can wait around for without further heightening the risks of never having a child at all – so it’s not what "it’s all about" - I have to grab at something less, a child where I may only ever like, not love, the father.

This is not a dig at you Thalia. It was a lovely post. And your relationship sounds wonderful – good for you. I know from previous posts, you found H late, and had to go looking for him. I guess the "that’s what it’s about" just got under my skin. I don't think it was tactful on an infertile site, when I suspect many infertiles are also struggling with lack of a partner (or maybe I'm just being touchy).

Thanks again Thalia for all of your posts - so often you’ve helped me think my own life through.


Hey! I got one thing wrong at least... it's not an infertile site any more!

fisher queen

Happy anniversary Thalia. I am so glad you have each other (and baby!)


Happy Anniversary and wishing you all the best for the year ahead


Happy Anniversary Thalia and Mr T!

it is so very lovely to read of how much you adore each other, may the next 12 months bring you peace only broken by a contented bub demanding dinner.


Happy Anniversary!


Happy Anniversary Thaila,
Here's hoping for the best and another happy 12 months!


Happy Anniversary! May is a great month!


It's a wonderful feeling knowing that whatever happens, the person beside you will always be beside you. I'm glad you have each other, and I really hope you can be one of those with the fabled happy ending.


Happy Anniversary, Thalia!

Lut C.

Sigh. :'-)


Happy Anniversary, you two. I'm so glad that you've gotten the gift you both so desperately wanted. It's clear that you guys have a truly special relationship, and I'm sure the next year will continue to bring you closer.


Have a wonderful anniversary! R & I celebrated our 4th after my 1st positive beta with Ben; you've got two under your belt! Congratulations and have a wonderful (and exciting) 3rd year of marital bliss! : )


Happy Anniversary!!! I hope it's a great one.


Happy Anniversary to you! We celebrate our 9th tomorrow!


Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!

AnnMarie@come undone

Happy Anniversary! I pray that next year's event will be attended by a screaming bundle of joy with your eyebrows!


Happy Anniversary. I hope that the next 12 months are that much better than the last 12 months.


Happy Anniversary to you, Thalia and H. May you have many more wonderful years ahead, full of love and happiness.....


Awww, that's beautiful. And you know what? It shows in your interactions with each other (at least the little bit I saw). :)


Happy Anniversary Thalia and yes may this third year be the best so far (3 years...3 of you...)

waiting line

Wishing you a very happy anniversary and phenomenal 12 months!


Happy Anniversary!

Dead Bug

What a lovely post, and a belated congratulations on the lovely beta numbers and the cessation of spotting.

Best to you both on your anniversary. May this year bring you both expected and unexpected joys.



Happy anniversary, and what a lovely post. I know what you mean about the eyebrows, though. You shouldn't be able to braid them.


Is your new reality sinking in a bit? Lovely to read how happy you are. I hope the both of you have an amazing year with all your dreams coming true.


Beautiful post. May your next year of marraige bring you all that your heart desires.


I loved this post. how beautiful. please keep posting, Thalia - you give me so much hope :) your man sounds wonderful (eyebrows aside)... and this reminds me how wonderful mine is, and i should tell him today.

chee chee

Happy Anniversary, Thalia! I hope that the next twelve months will exceed your wildest hopes and dreams.


Happy anniversary - I guess the gift arrived early this year - happily. I hope you have many more happy day years together as a family.

Mary Ellen

Happy Anniversary! I hope that this is the best year yet! Hugs!


Happy Anniversary Thalia. I won't say anymore because it seems I may say the wrong thing and upset somebody.


Congrats Thalia. I'm a bit behind my blog reading now that Baby Akimbo has arrrived. I am so thrilled for you.

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