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Tuesday, 16 May 2006


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I slept quite badly after about 6 weeks in the one that got that far - even though, at the time, I wasn't anxious at all - it could be at least partly hormonal, as I was told that at the time.


Stay well, my friend. I would definitely go in tomorrow for another beta. There is no point not knowing, is there? We know you better than that.

PS I just googled "cramps 3dp2dt" and guess who popped up? You! No-one else, just you. So can you give me an answer? I hope you are still at home with your feet up, eh?


I know the fear of not wanting to know. My mantra is still 'just survive today', not very helpful though. More likely than not tomorrow will bring good news.

The combination of high progesterone & early pregnancy terror is not conducive to sleep.


Dear Thalia, normal is right. I am so sorry about all the anxiety but so utterly thrilled at the promise of it all. I hope you can sleep better tonight, and that your beta brings great news. It might lift some of that anxiety a little.

I said "a little." Don't make that face!


Definitely get that beta. At this point, I think knowing (one way or the other) will soothe your mind. I love the hope I'm reading in your words. And yet I know all too well the feeling of absolute terror in thinking beyond the present-to baby names, and how life will change. Us IF-ers are a strong lot, though, and you've got it in you to get through whatever life is throwing at you. And I am hoping and praying that you are finally being tossed a softball.


Thalia..I think it is a good idea for another beta tomorrow. I hope you can rest better after the second beta! Thinking of you and sending positive vibes your way! Hugs!


I'm a little late, but wanted to send you a big congrats! What wonderful news! I know how stressful these days are and will be-- there's almost no avoiding it after all that you've been through to get here-- and I'll be thinking of you and sending all of my most positive vibes.

Cat, Galloping

Here you go, When IVF Works



Good luck at the beta tomorrow. I'm glad that you're able to feel happy in between freakouts. :-)


Chiming in a bit late here to say congrats on the positive news. Here's hoping the numbers continue to double and you have much joy in front of you!


What a nightmarish few days! I would also get the beta tomorrow. I really hope (pray, have my fingers crossed, wish on stars) that it provides you with the wonderful news we all want you to get. Hope you are able to get some more rest. Good Luck!


I can't imagine the anxiety right now. You are so close to getting off this crap coaster but not quite far enough to give a sigh of relief. I am thinking of you and hoping for the best.


I can't wait for your second BETA Thalia. This should be good news. If your blood is brown, don't worry. If it is pink or bright red, worry. Yours seems to be ok. Your first BETA is excellent. Mine at 16 DPO was 344. Hang in there. Are you taking any progesterone? Perhaps you need a boost of that?


Thalia, I am so sorry that you had such a restless night, but I am thrilled that you are happy (even cautiously happy is a good thing). I was so very thrilled for when I saw your beta levels that I called Himself at work to tell him - he sends congratulations your way as well. Hang in there and take it easy - one foot in front of the other. Definitely get the beta tomorrow. Thinking of you and hoping that you keep focusing on what the world will look like when this all works out.


Sending you positive thoughts.


Doesn't no bad news = good news? I'm thrilled that the bleeding has pretty much stopped and that it's not red. Thinking good things are in store for you - but not jinxing anything.


Thalia, I am wishing and hoping the best for you and that the next beta will be just as positive.

Susan / HoldingPattern

Hoping for you, Thalia. Hang in there.


Sending positive thoughts, prayers and hugs your way. Hang on in there. :-)


I think about you an awful lot. I hope it will help! Good luck with next beta count.


Praying for you - good luck w/the beta. We could really use some more good news around here!


Did you go, did you go?? Sorry for the anxiety, but beta in the 250's? Sounds pretty good Thalia!


Hang in there and wishing you well! Good luck with the beta, if it makes you feel better I definately would go for it.

Take care

Kim Goldman

Thinking of you! I know lots of women who bleed early on, a friend of mine says it's a part of the Worried Wipers Club. Sorry to say it sounds like you're a member. Hope you're doing well. I listed you in my blogs of the week, so hopefully morepositive thoughts your way.


Oh wow. I haven't checked your blog since last week. Sounds like you are having a rollercoaster ride-and not the fun kind. I'm sure everyone has a story about a friend who bled throughout pregnancy, but I'm going to add to the pile and tell you that she has a beautiful little 6 month old girl now. I wish that for you as well.
I'm crossing fingers and toes for your next beta.


Thinking of you and wishing you all the best. So glad your next numbers will come so early my time.


That is such a great first beta to get! Congrats!! I hope that you are taking it easy, I know, easier said than done. And it can't be easy to relax when you're not sleeping well. I hope that you'll be getting another beta so that you can set your mind at ease.


Yeah, in my earlier posts on my blog - like Sept12-20, I had bleeding and so lots of posts on bleeding - the good, bad, ugly. Even some cramps. Many times (as is recorded) I thought - "it's all over" and here I am, with a healthy Monkey, due any day. It can happen to you, Thalia. Hoping like hell it does.

Lut C.

My goodness! I wish this were going easier. Hang in there.

fisher queen

I am so looking forward to a nice second beta from you. I would go ahead and repeat on Friday, just to rule out any other worries at this stage. BTW, I was crampy, sometimes very much so until about 8 weeks, so try not to overanalyze all those twinges and feelings of pressure.


That first beta was so amazing ... congratulation! Hoping for a great follow up.

Understand your anxiety completely, but it just seems that it can be totally normal to have bleeding - I know my sister had several incidents - and some of it bright red blood(!) and had a perfect baby.

Good luck.


You're right to focus on the postive and pray the negative doesn't happen. Other than that - we have no control. I 'm hoping everything gets a little less stressful for you.


So hoping you get a good beta, thinking of you and praying that everything is okay.


Dear Thalia, my belated congratulations! I have been reading your recent posts with my breath held for you. I know this must be an incredibly anxious time but I can't help feeling purely excited on your behalf. I have no encouraging personal experiences to relate, but I do know that with names like Buffy and Faith these embryos must be ass-kicking survivors. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Hang in there! Love, Elizabeth


I have been lurking from the other side of the world for a couple of months now, following your journey and feeling inspired by your thoughts and experiences. You have helped me to feel normal about the way I feel and the way I cope with this whole process and right now, I am hoping with all I have that this is it for you. You deserve this happiness, especially after all of the support you have given for others. All of my fingers and toes will be crossed.

Carla Hinkle

Hang in there. Get the beta on Wed.

I had an extremely scary bout of bleeding (BRIGHT red and in the middle of the night ... spotting didn't stop for days) at about 7 weeks. Baby was (is) fine ...

Sending you good thoughts ...


Oh my god I just read your last 3 posts and my nerves are a mess. Good luck good luck good luck, you must be beside yourself!

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